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Free Spirit

The hero's soul is capable of independent existence in the real world. The Free Spirit can leave the hero's body and travel independently; it is often mistaken for an Astral Body. The Free Spirit can even survive the death of the physical body without being immediately drawn into an afterlife dimension; this requires a red Power FEAT at the time of death (more on this later).

Free Spirits possess all the Mental Abilities, Talents, and Powers of the whole being. Health remains unchanged although now it is more of a measure of how well the Free Spirit can resist entering the appropriate afterlife.

If the Free Spirit is still in his original body, that body may either retain a share of the overall consciousness when the spirit is away or the body may lapse into a coma at these times. There is an equal chance of either, although the player should choose 1 at the time the hero is created. If the original body is dead, the Free Spirit can develop bonds to 1 or more new bodies, dwelling like a tenant in each but tied to none. The Free Spirit cannot Possess the body or in any way hinder the real owner's abilities. They do share a telepathic bond that extends into shared dreams. If the Free Spirit possesses Powers that require a physical form to use, he can lend these to whatever body he is occupying. When this Power appears during the character generation process, the player must decide whether the body the Free Spirit is occupying is his own or a loaner he picked up along the way. In the latter case, the player will then have to generate 2 complete sets of statistics, those of the Free Spirit and the real owner of his current body.

Free Spirits can be created later on. Any character who dies in a campaign has a chance to become one, even if he did not possess this actual Power to begin with. The transformation is accomplished by making an Un Psyche FEAT and expending all the hero's Karma.

The Nemeses are Summoning and Spirit Storage.

Range: None.