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Energy Doppelganger

The hero can generate an Energy Body from his own body. This Doppelganger can have Powers of its own, including those characteristic to the type of energy of which the Doppelganger is composed. The Doppelganger automatically has the Power of True Flight. While the player can decide which Powers are possessed by whom, a rule of thumb is that the majority of physical Powers are assigned to the Doppelganger. The player must also decide whether the Doppelganger is simply an extension of the hero's will or if it has an independent, but obedient, mind. If the player chooses the latter he raises the Power rank +1CS; he can raise it another +1CS by having the lapse into unconsciousness when he uses the Power, since his mind is directly tied into maintaining the Doppelganger's existence. Any damage to the Doppelganger is subtracted from the hero's Psyche.

Rank determines the duration of the Doppelganger and the minimum ran any Powers it possesses. Normally the hero can generate only 1 Doppelganger at a time. At extremely high ranks, the hero can generate additional Doppelgangers. The number is equal to 1% of the Power rank number (round up). For example, at Class 1000 rank the hero can create 10 simultaneous beings.

Such beings have a decreased Resistance (-2CS) to plasma-based attacks since these disrupt the energy field that forms the Doppelganger. They possess an increased Resistance (+4CS) to attacks based on Light, Heat, Flame, Vibrations, and Sonics, since they have no solid mass to affect.

The Nemesis Power is Plasma Control.

Range: Column A