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Dimension Travel

The hero can travel into a number of other Dimensions. Transit to a random dimension normally occurs automatically but the Power is weakened by adrenaline. If the hero is in any kind of precarious situation, he must make a Power rank FEAT. He must also make a FEAT if he is trying to appear in a specific dimension or alternate timeline. Specific locations in the other dimension require a red FEAT. The return trip is easier. Returning to a random location on the homeworld is automatic. Returning to a familiar spot on the homeworld is a yellow FEAT.

The hero initially has 2 dimensions he can travel to, his home and 1 other realm. Additional dimensions can be reached by developing the trips as Power stunts or by dropping the affinity that permits effortless travel to either of the 2 original dimensions. ("What do you mean, you don't remember how to get back to Earth?")

Range: See Above.