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EtherealThe hero is an intangible, disembodied spirit. He can be a ghost who once possesses a mortal shell, or belong to a race that always exists in this form. An Ethereal can drift about in any direction he chooses, and can pass through solid matter without any effort. The visibility of an Ethereal varies according to his whim; he can be invisible, transparent, translucent, or opaque.

If the Ethereal is a ghost, his form resembles an idealized version of his old body. The ghost's appearance is actually based on his self-image and thus reflects the ghost's attitude toward himself. This is why ghosts are usually either very beautiful (or handsome) or quite pathetic.

If the Ethereal once had a solid body, he might not necessarily have died to reach his current state. He might have become an Ethereal by being directly transformed from solidity to ethereality. Such transformations can be magical, scientific, Power-based, accidental, or deliberate. The Red Ghost is an example of a Normal Human directly transformed into an Ethereal as a result of a scientific mishap.

If the Ethereal possesses Alter Ego or Lifeform Creation, he can create a living body for himself. If he possesses Mind Control - Possession, he can possess a human host.
Fighting: is Shift0 in the Earth Dimension, unless the Ethereal is fighting another Ethereal.
Resistance to Physical Attacks: Ghosts are immune to most physical attacks with Intensities less than Un(100). Physical attacks are -9CS on Ethereals.
Weakness: They are vulnerable to Mental and Magical attacks, especially by Powers that affect the spirit. Either Psi or Spirit Vampirism can destroy an Ethereal.

While Ethereals are intangible on the Earth Dimension, they regain solidity in other Dimensions. In such realms Ethereals are vulnerable to all Powers except those that specifically affect Ethereals and other disembodied beings; these Powers are Spirit Summoning and Storage, Reincarnation, and Exorcism.

Spirit Vampirism completely destroys Ethereals. Psi-Vampirism destroys the self-image and reduces the Ethereal to a mindless Poltergeist.
Contacts: At least 1 Contact can be a Spiritual Medium.
Ethereals roll their Ability Ranks on Column 1 of the Random Ranks Table.