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Spirit Vampirism

The Mage can drain the Intuition and Psyche from a target and use the absorbed energy to increase his own Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and other Powers he possesses.

The higher ranked Ability of the victim determines what Intensity FEAT is required. A successful FEAT enables the Vampire to drain energy from both victim's Psyche and Intuition in equal amounts. The amount drained per turn is equal to'this Power's rank number. The Vampire can drain this amount each turn that he makes a successful FEAT. He can voluntarily stop feeding at any point by making a Psyche FEAT of any color except red. A red FEAT means his hunger is beyond his control. He has entered a feeding frenzy that cannot stop until the victim's Psyche and Intuition are completely drained or the Vampire has been repulsed.

If the Vampire fails to make a FEAT at any stage in the feeding process, he is instantly repulsed from the victim. He can never re-establish his attack because the victim develops an instant immunity to any Vampiric attack from that specific Vampire. The victim can be the target of attacks by other Vampires later on.

The drained energy is added in equal amounts to the Vampire's Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and any Powers the Vampire has. The exception is this Power; no Vampiric Power can ever be increased by the Vampire himself.

Example: Madame Arcania is a Gd Clairvoyant and In Spirit-Vampire. She has Fb Strength and Endurance and In Psyche. She normally feeds on the customers who come to her Tea Room on the East Side. Today she gets a surprise, as her target is a disguised Mesmero, who possesses Ty Intuition and Am Psyche, among his other Abilities. Madame Arcania is surprised to discover she must make a red FEAT to initiate the attack but she feels up to the challenge. She makes her first FEAT under the pretense of reading his palm. Mesmero's Intuition immediately drops to 0 and his Psyche drops the remaining 34 points to Ty. Arcania's abilities and Powers all rise 10 points; she now has Gd Strength, Gd Endurance, Am Psyche, and Ex Clairvoyance. Normally she makes only a single feeding attack on her victims and she decides to stop feeding. Her player makes a Psyche FEAT to see if she can quit. Unfortunately, he's rolling the dice too well; he makes a red FEAT. For Madame Arcania, the feast is too much to resist. She makes a green Power FEAT (based on the Mesmero's now-Typical Psyche) and drains the remaining 6 points. Mesmero's Psyche is now at Shift-0 and he collapses. Madame Arcania summons her servant to dispose of the debris.

Spirit Vampires lose energy at a dreadful rate. Their rank numbers for Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and all their Powers except this one drop 1 point per hour. The Spirit Vampire must feed in order to bring these back to at least their original levels.

Even if deprived of victims, a Spirit Varnpire will not starve to death. When all his atfected Abilities and Powers reach Shift-0. he enters a death-like trance. His vampirism continues to function and will try to drain anyone who comes in contact with him. When the Vampire's Abilities return to Fb, he regains consciousness.

When creating a Vampire, the player must select and use a weakness. He can increase the Power rank by +1CS for each additional Weakness he chooses, up to a maximum of 4 weaknesses in all.

Spirit Vampirism is communicable. A victim who was completely drained as a result of a feeding frenzy must make a mandatory Psyche FEAT roll. A red FEAT transforms the victim into a Fb Spirit Vampire.

Example: A street punk named Raoul spots Mesmero lying in an alley. Raoul decides to strip the body of any valuables. As soon as he touches the body, Mesmero's new Vampirism lashes out at Raoul and begins to feed.

Spirit Vampires can be repelled by such Powers as Force Field vs. Magic, Resistance to Magic, and Magic Control.

The Optional Power is concurrent Bio-Vampirism.

The Nemesis is an enhanced Psyche.

Range: Column A.