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The hero can summon and control extra-dimensional, corporeal beings. Such beings are commonly called "daemons" but may be of any nature or disposition.

The Power enables the hero to summon any known extra-dimensional being, provided his Power rank is higher than the being's Psyche rank, on a green FEAT. Equal ranks require a yellow FEAT. Trust me, you don't want to summon beings more powerful than you. They might answer), but if you do it anyway, you need a red FEAT. The summoned being is instantly teleported from its home dimension to a spot chosen by the hero. Once summoned, the being must perform a single task ordered by the hero. The being must immediately set about fulfilling the order. If successful, he can immediately depart for his home dimension.

Players should refer to MHAC9, Realms of Magic-Manual of Mysticism, by Kim Eastland or this site's Magic Rules section for a detailed list of beings this Power can summon. Normally, heroes will only summon magical creatures like daemons and elementals. If a hero feels particularly confident, though, he might be able to call magical characters like Clea and D'Spayre. Heroes can never summon entities, although one might pretend to answer a summoning on a lark.

This Power summons 1 being at a time. Each additional being decreases the Power's rank by -1CS.

Remember that most magical beings are intelligent and that many are hostile to humans. The being a hero summons today might hold a grudge against him for eons to come.