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The hero can release a being from any external domination imposed by a third party. Such controls include Possession, Mind Control, Serial Immortality, and Magic. If there's a control, this Power can break it. This Power rank is compared to that of the Power controlling the subject. A Ty Intensity FEAT can sever a lower ranking control Power. A Rm Intensity FEAT severs a controlling Power of equal rank, and an Am Intensity FEAT severs one of 1 or more ranks higher. Upon severing the being's control over the subject, that being is immediately teleported to its home dimension.

This Power commonly appears as a spell used by sorcerers and holy men.

The hero must be within 10' of the subject in order to perform the Exorcism.

The hero can use this Power to resist the initial attempt by another to control him, but if this attempt fails (as per the FEATs listed above), he cannot Exorcise himself later.

Range: See Above.