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Normal Human

Normal HumanThe body is completely normal and possesses no detectable abnormalities. Any Powers the hero possesses have left no visible mark on the body. Normal Humans can increase the initial ranks of Primary Abilities in the following combinations:Normal Humans have the following limts to their Stats:
Fighting: Am(50) Agility: In(40)
Strength: Ex(20) Endurance: Rm(30)
Reason: Am(50) Intuition: Am(50)
Resources: Resources are +1CS.
Powers: Normal Humans can only use the following powers naturally or through special training (Any other powers must be equipment-based):
Resistance to Physical Attacks: up to Ty(6)Resistance to Toxins: up to Ex(20)
Resistance to Disease: up to Am(50)Resistance to Energy: up to Ty(6)
Resistance to Mental: up to Am(50)Abnormal Sensitivity: up to Am(50)
Sonar: active only, up to Gd(10)Hyper-hearing: up to Rm(30)
Tracking: up to In(40)Berserker: up to Ex(20)
Martial Supremacy: up to Am(50)Weapons Tinkering: up to Am(50) or Un(100) if specializing
Hypnotic Control: up to Am(50)Magic-based powers: can use all magic-based powers
Clairaudience: up to Am(50)Clairvoyance: up to Rm(30)
Hyper-Intelligence: up to Am(50) or Mn(75) if specializingHyper-Invention: up to Am(50) or Mn(75) if specializing
Iron Will: up to Gd(10)Postcognition: up to Rm(30)
Precognition: up to Am(50)Speechthrowing: up to Ex(20)
Total Memory: up to Am(50)Hyper-Speed: up to Pr(4)
Stealth: up to In(40)Hyper-Leaping: up to Rm(30)

Weakness: Normal Humans can have a variety of weaknesses, from Asthma to Schitzophrenia.
Talents: Normal Humans initially gain an additional 3 talent points.
Contacts: Normal Humans initially gain 1 additional Contact point.