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Dormammu's Wraiths

Dormammu has at his command, a host of Wraiths that do his bidding. These Wraiths are normally used for surveillance and attacks outside of the dimension in which Dormammu is residing. Dressed in sinister black garb, they appear as the astral forms of humans. Usually dispatched singly or in groups of 10, they are completely loyal to Dormammu and no attack can be made against their minds or emotions. The Wraiths' deep-set, hollow eyes may give their identity away. Their use can be loaned to a minion if it will further Dormammu's plans.

Their statistics are as follows:
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Gd(10) Strength: Ex(20) Endurance: Gd(10)
Reason: Pr(4) Intuition: Rm(30) Psyche: Ex(20)
Health: 60 Karma: 54
Astral Projection - Permanent: Un(100). Wraiths do not normally have a physical body.
Eldritch Beams/Bolts: Rm(30). They can strike from the astral plane into the material plane.
Flight: Mn(75)
Sensing - Danger: In(40)
Magic Detection: In(40)
Weakness: None.