Cult of Sligguth

This cult has branches all over the world. Its symbol, called the Mark of Sligguth, in an inverted cross over a great, writhing serpentine creature. Sligguth is the dread god of the shadowy Serpent-Folk of pre-Cataclysmic Valusia. Wherever Sligguth is venerated lies an atmosphere of utmost evil, of darkest depravity. While the Serpent-Folk are human looking, they do all resemble each other with their squat, long heads, low, sloping brows, a hunched walk with neck and head jutting forward like a reptile, and pupils that are reddish in daylight. Their skin is pale and, upon close inspection, scaly. Once they join in their rites to Sligguth their appearance alters even more, as they become more reptilian (green skin, claws, needle teeth, and slithery tongue).

The Cult of Sligguth is dedicated to his return to power. To do this, they must support his one-time master, Shuma-Gorath, as he attempts to retake the Earth. Doctor Strange has stopped the nest in the New England town of Starkesboro in recent years, but undoubtedly there are other branches seeking to return Sligguth and Shuma-Gorath to power.