Sons of Satannish

This cult of humans who worship the extradimensional daemon Satannish, wear red robes and hoods with yellow gloves. They have very little personal or universal energy powers, but can link themselves directly with Satannish's dimensional energy. Fortunately they have little mystical might and know very few spells not linked to Satannish. Unfortunately, Satannish has granted them the ability to easily create magical artifacts like the Satan-Sphere, the Wands of Satannish, and the Crystals of Conquest which make up for the knowledge they lack.

In exchange for their life essences, Satannish grants them a lifetime of power unleashed, each weaker than a Master but, when combined, almost powerful enough to defeat the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Asmodeus, who was the head of the clan in New York, wished for the Sons of Satannish to rule the Earth, then the dimension, and eventually even Satannish himself.

As a whole, the cult could create rings of "negativistic, nihilistic force" from afar which could crush a target or astral projection (treat as a combination Bands and Eldritch Beams power with a power rank of In(40)). They could send this attack through the Satan-Sphere.

The founder of the Sons of Satannish was Doctor Benton, the once respected medical colleague of Doctor Strange. He drained the powers of the other Sons and tried to crush Doctor Strange, but was defeated. Satannish himself banished the remaining Sons of the New York cult to the 6th Dimension, there to be enslaved by Tiboro. Whether another cult exists is as yet unknown.