(Sometimes mistakenly called the Minions of Dracula, which is actually a sub-sect of this cult.) The Darkholders is a cult that has existed ever since its creation (see Darkhold). They seek to restore the Darkhold to its former power so that they may use it to set themselves above their fellow men, especially through the use of its dark spells. It is the Darkholders who first created vampires. They thought these powerful undead would be under their constant control, but they were overconfident and the living plague was unleashed upon the Earth. It is impossible to determine how many other obscenities they have unleashed on the world in their quest for domination (some scholars believe that lycanthropy, the disease that turns a human into a werewolf, may have also originated from the Darkhold).

Because the Darkhold cannot be destroyed, it was unbound and spread throughout the world centuries past. 1 of the goals of the Darkholders in recent centuries has been to gather the complete Darkhold back together into its former condition. It was recombined, for the most part, in modern times but was eventually captured by Doctor Strange, who used it to completely wipe out vampirism from the Earth dimension.

Since that time the Darkhold has been kept under spell, lock, and key in Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. The Darkholders have since gone underground once again. Though the main tome has been secured, they have fragments that were only recently found, providing them with enough power to try and free the Darkhold. Those Darkholders that have recently tried to free the tome from Doctor Strange's possession were destroyed, but others undoubtedly exist. Their level of mastery in the mystic arts is usually as an Adept, but as more fragments of the Darkhold are found their status can increase.