Project Infinity: Kitty Pryde Logs: December 2002

December 2002: Downside Up

These are logs of roleplay on Project Infinity, a text-based online RPG. I play Kitty Pryde there, a young woman sometimes better known as Shadowcat. Kitty is not by any means my original creation; she belongs to Marvel Comics. The take on her is original, though, as this Kitty's timeline diverges from mainstream continuity close to twenty RL years' worth of comics ago.

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December 2002

Note: I've started labeling logs that relate particularly to the ongoing plot around Claire St. Thomas. These logs are marked with: A Murder of Angels. Just because a log's not marked doesn't mean it's not related; the logs that are tagged generally have significant information or input from Seravina's player.

'All the strangers look like family / All the family looks so strange / The only constant I am sure of / Is this accelerating rate of change...' - Peter Gabriel, 'Downside-Up'December 1: "I promise this thing isn't explosive, cursed, demonic, poisonous, occult, deadly, or destructive in any way. The wrapping paper won't hurt you, either." Jack drops by to consult with Kitty and Pete on another Claire-incident. He's going, alas, to regret it. Constantine also stops by - Kitty and Pete are going to be the ones regretting that. Mild language.
"Only thing travels faster than light is gossip." After the visitors are gone, Pete and Kitty discuss ... wedding invitations. Beacon Harbor complicates the weirdest things. Language, family issues, some angst but in odd directions.

December 2: "You don't really want to be here, do you, peachpie?": (First part.) A Murder of Angels. Kitty and Kate bring Jack to Caritas. Probably the person most happy about this is Lockheed; he finally gets to see another reptilian type again!
"You dream of the roses but you can't reach out and take them. You won't even try." (Second part.) A Murder of Angels. ... and, as could perhaps be expected - say it with me now! - Everything Goes Horribly Wrong. Poor Lorne. Mild language, one sexual metaphor.
"No. No, it won't be long, now." A Murder of Angels. Never, ever think that just because there's been one bout of weirdness another can't be right around the corner. Jack and Kitty encounter Claire - and the warning is much more direct, and much more immediate, than usual. Dream-logic. Gore.
Interlude. Jack gives Kitty a ride home, and goes to gibber quietly at his own place. Kitty - Kitty's got other work to do, and a few other problems to face up to. Asking for a hand with her notes on Claire's visions is just one of them.

December 3: "But it's not Christmas. Not that Christmas is a big demon holiday." The evening of checking-up begins with a visit to Lorne before Caritas opens. Fortunately, the Host's okay, mostly.
"Kate, if I were a vampire, you'd be dinner right now." The trip continues with a stop in at Kate's, and some attempts at explanations.
"I don't feel quite myself." Saving the hardest for last: Kitty finishes the round by visiting Jack. He's not doing at all well.

December 4: "I'm rather dubious about calling the hospital." Kitty receives a phone call: Celliers has found Constantine, not in good shape. Actually, not remotely conscious. Oops.

December 5: "Heaven? I'm in Heaven? There must have been a mistake." A Murder of Angels. Kitty brings Liam over to help the comatose Constantine. Information gets passed around, and maybe some things get figured out. Certainly Kitty under the effects of Liam-induced clarity has come to some decisions - remarkably few of which actually get mentioned in this scene, alas... Mild language, some mildly sickening bits, some adult themes.
"I would positively relish going up against a mundane opponent. Something that bleeds when I shoot it." Ten hours or so later, Kitty calls Jack to fill him in on what happened. The man's really got to stop making wishes.

December 6: "It's gonna need a few helping hands." Weasel's called Kitty in for a meeting. Speaking of mundane opponents? Apparently the Fist of Humanity's served its purpose. Time they were taken out of the picture. And guess who's getting asked to do the honors. Language.

December 7: Interlude. A news article from the morning papers.
'What are we doing tonight, Brain?' 'The same thing we do every night, Pinky:  a high-powered divination ritual on an uncontrolled clairvoyant!' - Kitty Pryde"Yeah, I'm goin' in. I'll even unlock the door, if you ask nice." (First part.) The plan's all in place, and the team is set: Weasel's got help on hand, Pete and Piotr and Kitty, and they have a whole set of plans and tricks to make sure that the Fist of Humanity goes down quietly. It's a pity that nobody thought to tell Kurt about the plan. Illegal drugs, explosives, violence, language, adult themes.
"Only other bomb is right here." (Second part.) Kurt's set up explosives in the building, intending to take himself out along with the terrorists. It's a strange and unusual thing to find Mystique genuinely, even for a few seconds, on the side of the heroes. Illegal drugs, explosives, violence, language, adult themes.
"I promised you some explanations, didn't I." After everything's settled, Piotr and Kitty talk. And drink. Because wow, they need a drink.

December 8: "I've never tried for happiness. Except with Marley." One of the other news stories of the weekend was the reported death of Marley Shaid. Between that and the Fist's being out of commission, Kitty's prompted to go looking for Seravina. Slight problem: Sera's moved. And thus Kitty winds up visiting Lindsey, Marley's ex-husband, instead. Mild language.
"Come on in. I take it you, uh, ahem, read the papers. Gimme drugs." The third news story of the weekend - okay, the biggest, actually - was the battle royale between the Hulk, Superman, and the Green Lantern. Thus: Kitty stops by Erik's place. Ninja Burger delivers! Language, codeine, nonexplicit ow.

December 9: "That's a part of the States I have absolutely no interest in visiting. Anywhere where dogsled is generally a viable means of transport." Jack and Kitty run into each other in Beacon Park. The two of them do get onto the strangest topics.

December 10: "It's all very peculiar." A Murder of Angels. Seishi comes over to talk about a friend of hers and his experience relating to the Claire situation. After a while, though things start wandering (as usual) into the oddest places. "Holmes can cook?!" Some cussin', mostly at the radio. No, seriously.

December 11: "Are you implyin' that you like this weather? Because I must note, lass, mental illnesses of that sort are in due need of a healer's attention." More catching-up, this time with Liam. Flying in the snow: brr.

December 13: "I think we can give each other more credit than that." After everything's settled down from the Fist of Humanity's downfall, Kitty and Mystique meet once more to tie up a few loose ends. Mild language.

'It is the city of new beginnings.  But the past is seldom far away.' - Raven DarkholmeDecember 16: "Imagine our books will last longer than we will." (First part.) Jack Celliers, visiting London, meets with Romany Wisdom in the Imperial War Museum. Oddly, they have a few things in common.
"Cancel my subscription to the resurrection." (Second part.) Romany's divination for Jack proves a little more accurate than either of them would probably really have liked.
"Well, you can promise him that none of these dragons will bite." (First part.) Kitty drops in on Kess - and is given an impromptu dress-fitting? Mild language.
"Do people try to protect me, Kitty?" (Second part.) The girls go into more serious conversation - neither one of them deals well with feeling helpless, and for Kess, that's been a major theme lately. Mild language.

December 18: "Quite a few of my exes have really got something against me." Constantine and Lena run into Romany while visiting London. The conversation stays relatively polite, but definitely not tactful. Language, threats, nonexplicit references drug abuse and so forth.

December 19: "o/~ Come and knock on our door... o/~" Erik clarifies the Ria situation to Kitty, and the two of them come to a horrifying realization about Erik's life. Mild language.

December 20: "Oh jeez.. he's not still.. I told him I was gonna behave." (First part.) Kitty finds Ria in the Badlands, to check up on her mental state as per Erik's request. Oddly, Erik isn't the only acquaintance they have in common... sort of.
"... and together we're better than we are apart." (Second part.) ... and neither are acquaintances aren't the only things the two women have in common. Also, Ria does Kitty a small favor.

December 21: The time has come for bitter things. A Murder of Angels. On a cold evening outside St. Asta's Cathedral, Timothy and Kitty encounter something ... bad. Language, violence, death.

December 22: "Odds're good that whatever... killed her... will be comin' after you." A Murder of Angels. Kitty and Liam talk in the Badlands. Liam learns that he's not, after all, the only one like him - too late. Kitty learns just what happened to her the night before.
Interlude: Lindsey's voice mail.

December 24: "Because I would like one night that's not full of angst, blood an' death, an' I'm sure you can agree." A Murder of Angels. Liam visits Kitty in the morning for once. The black-winged creatures have shown up again - targeting one of the people they'd both have most wished left out of this. Language.
"The rest'll sort itself out. And if not, I'll bang heads till it does." After Liam leaves, Kitty calls Kess over. Somehow, death, destruction, weddings, and nightclubs fit into the same conversation, and most of it manages to be ... cheerful?
"Yeah, Christmas came with a vengeance around here." In progress. Kitty talks with Kurt for the first time in ... quite a long time. Things don't go smoothly. Language.
"Oh, she has it and we wants it, precious?" A Murder of Angels. Jack's back from London; Kitty drags him over to Erik's, fresh off the plane, to get all the explanations done at once. Speak of the devils and you see their wings? Language, violence.

December 25: "This fortune cookie will self-destruct in five seconds... four..." In progress. Out hunting Chinese food, Kitty and Pete run into Amy. Almost literally. Mild language.
Interlude, unplayed: Though Lorne was far from in the mood to be around people, Pete and Kitty and Liam spent the evening eating vegetarian food (over Pete's protests) and consuming large quantities of alcohol. And then Kitty, at least, spent most of the next day hung over...
Interlude: Seravina's voice mail.

'And they all fall, one by one, and there's nobody left by the time the Tower comes down, and then.  Then you'll see.' - The HostDecember 26: "I suspect that I'm doing something phenomenally stupid, really." Seishi stops by to talk with Kitty; she's headed to Japan in a hurry, and there are some things that need to be taken care of. Mild language.

December 27: "I'd love to oblige, but I don't think some of the things you asked me to do are physically possible." A Murder of Angels. Constantine's back from London, and looking for information. Kitty's none too pleased to see him... no, really. Honest. She isn't. Language, somewhat graphic threats.

December 28: "Right now I'm hovering between traumatized and fine, and I expect to be back to perky by the time the weekend's over." A Murder of Angels. Kitty looks in on Lorne, after he didn't make Christmas, and the Host ... takes a thoroughly unexpected stand.

December 29: "You're moving kinda funny, like you jumped off a train or something." Erik and Kitty go out for coffee - in the middle of a snowstorm. Oops. While there, they encounter a rather inebriated Celliers, and Beacon Harbor's resident lunatic sysadmin: Vesper Antagonist. Kitty and Erik have met her once or twice before. What Vesper doesn't know is, she's met Kitty rather more often than that - they have a private little online rivalry going on over the security for the University physics department's fileservers. Though Vesper's starting to catch on... Language.

December 30: "Much as I appreciate your obeyin' the dinner rules, I might've liked to be told about our black friends what attacked you" A Murder of Angels. It's still snowing, but that doesn't keep Liam from dropping in to chide Kitty for not telling him about the Christmas Eve assault on Erik's apartment.

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