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Roleplaying Section

I've (relatively) recently discovered fantasy roleplaying games. I mainly play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, (2nd edition and now some 3rd edition) though I've also played a little bit of White Wolf and Star Wars. As you can probably tell from my URL, I love the concept of half-elves, especially half-elf rangers. My very first character was a half-elf ranger named Sanlashok (nicknamed Shok) in the DragonLance setting. If you want any more information on any of the campaigns I'm in, go to my character description page. There you will find links (if available) to the DM's webpage.
Here's the best picture I've found of a half-elf ranger on the Internet. It's not exactly what Shok looks like, but it's the closest I've come across online so far.

Here's me getting a bit too much in character one night.

My (small) DM Appreciation page.

Some of my pictures from GenCon 2000.

Here are some interesting links I've found so far which relate to AD&D:
TSR's Official Site WebRPG (with very funny Top 20 lists)
M.J. Young's D&D Materials (character creation steps, What is an RPG, great stuff) Mining Co.'s Roleplaying Games Site (lots of info 
on lots of games)
RPGnet Role-Play News
Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie Gen Con Game Fair 2000 (August in Milwaukee)
Blue Troll's Netbooks Web Page Ray's Realm
Rondak's Portal Magefire's AD&D Page
Panamon's AD&D Page with generators & more The Dragonlands
AD&D Resources with a humor section Unofficial Planescape Page
Pandius Nostradamus Vault
Game Guild (great store in my home state! 
Can also shop on-line through WebRPG)
Common / Elven Dictionary
Alignment Test Gamer Purity Test
The Gazebo Story D&D Funnies
White Wolf Phorums (different forums for WoD)
Knights of the Dinner Table (RPG comic)
 Knights of the Dinner Table  Hoody-Hoo Cartoons (includes 
awesome Shockwave animations 
of select KoDT comics)
Kenzer and Company homepage  Knights of the Web (some 
great song parodies!)
KoDT Yahoo! Club

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