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The Astromountie Page
What's New?

I've decided that I really need a "What's New?" section, if only so I can remember what I've done recently to my web page. If you care, great. If not, oh well.

March 23, 2002
Honest, I've updated between now and last April, I just forgot to do this page. Sheesh, I don't even remember what's new anymore. Um, I added some pages onto my Star Wars page for my new costuming obsession and also for my X-wing squadron (with some fanfic). I've gotta add some new links onto the Star Wars page. I updated my MLP trade list, want list and collection list, as well as my RPG character page. Upcoming projects include updating my TV page and Astro- page. Oh yeah, not all my pages reflect this yet, but my new backup e-mail addy is

April 8, 2001
Okay, I've finally started moving my pages over to Angelfire and updating them a bit in the process. I have more room here, so I'm trying to make my pages a bit better (expanding some pages, adding some new ones, and putting up more images). Any suggestions on how to improve my site? E-mail me! I'm not sure when I'll have all the pages transferred, but hopefully it'll be this week sometime.

February 5, 2001
Put up two new pages: Lab Fairies (linked off my misc.htm  page) and Weird Calculations (linked off my kt.htm page). Updated my MLP collection and want lists. Also uploaded my new and improved resume (linked off my main page).

October 8, 2000
Updated most of my pages, mainly with minor changes. I hope to have pictures of my MLP collection available soon, and also some pictures from GenCon.

March 25, 2000
Made major updates to my Television page--added a couple shows, put new links on almost every show, and removed a couple dead links. Made minor adjustments to my miscellaneous page.

January 28, 2000
Today's the anniversary of the Challenger disaster, in case you didn't realize that. Yesterday was the anniversary of the Apollo 1 fire. Anyway, I updated my Misc. page, my Fantasy page (and put my AD&D stuff on a separate page linked from there), my More about Me page (I put up a picture of our new cat, Maggie), and my MLP collection listing. Woo hoo. Man, I need to update my Astro- page badly....

December 23, 1999
I'm trying to update again. I removed the links that weren't working from my TV, Miscellaneous, and More about Me pages, and put a couple of additions on here and there. TV: Added Third Watch and Crusade. I'll try and get some more links to the other shows, especially the ones that no longer have any links listed. I also put movie links on there instead of my Misc. page.

September 29, 1999
Finally got around to making some much-needed updates on all of my pages.

July 15, 1999
Updated my Astro- page with stuff about the next two missions and also the Apollo 11 Anniversary. Revised my MLP collection listing and want page.

July 5, 1999
Did a lot today. I updated all of my major pages except my B5 page (an update of that will come when I find some Crusade links). Notably, the shuttle status has finally been updated, and yet more Star Wars links went up on my Misc. page.

July 3, 1999
Oops. Haven't updated this recently. Anyway, I updated my MLP trade list, threw a few more Star Wars links up, and put a "Happy 4th of July" message on my Fantasy page. I have to get in there soon and update the shuttle status on my Astro- page.

May 28, 1999
Put some Star Wars links on my Misc. page and made a minor correction on my character page. Updated the shuttle mission information on my Astro- page. What else? Oh, yeah, I put the show
7 Days on my TV page.

May 23, 1999
Finally, my My Little Pony trade and want lists have been updated.

May 21, 1999
I updated my shuttle launch information and put some more links on my Fantasy page. I also created a small page with information about the characters that I role-play, linked off of my Fantasy page.

May 16, 1999
I created this section and put links to it on all of my pages. Hopefully when I'm feeling more creative it'll look better than this. I put a link to the Sanity Test on my Misc. Page (a necessary test for all people like me. <g> ) and updated my Fantasy Page and More about Me Pages a bit. Soon I hope to get the new launch date for the shuttle up on my Astro- Page, as well as something from Star Wars on my TV or Misc. Page. I discovered that my Turnbullisms pages were one and the same, so I fixed that too, I hope. A lot of my pictures got messed up, and I'll try to fix that by tomorrow.

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