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Katie's RPG Characters

Here are some brief descriptions of my characters in various campaigns, if anyone ever reads this. Gretchen has a page with anecdotes from two of these campaigns, so where it's appropriate I'll put her URL where you can find them. And yes, some of my characters have working e-mail addresses, which I use to write in-character e-mails to other players. It's fun.

Shok      Retired
Shok (Sanlashok Keffer) was my first character. She's a half-elf ranger in the DragonLance campaign setting who walks with a limp. Once per day, she can summon a winged unicorn, Crescent. Trolls are her species enemy, and her god is Habbakuk. Every so often, she has to fight an urge to drink more than can keep her sober.
Anecdotes about this campaign are available here under the character Drielle.
I do have to throw in one story, though. We (the party) were in an inn, and were coming down in the middle of the night (following the gully dwarf again...<g>). We got downstairs to the tavern and found that ghouls were busy eating what was left of the patrons and the bartender. Our DM started setting up the battle map of the tavern, using torn-off pieces of Hershey's chocolate bar wrappers to indicate bodies, tables, and chairs. Quite by accident, this is what was chosen to represent the bartender:

It was quite ironic that it had "Nutrition Facts" (since the bartender was being eaten), and also "Serving Size 1 Bar." Maybe you just had to be there, but it was quite funny.

Yes, the drawing curse has struck. I've drawn two pictures of Shok. One is just a portrait, and the other is her with Crescent. As with all pictures on this page, please do not take them without my permission. Thank you. They may not be great (especially compared to the drawings on Elfwood) but I'm rather proud of them.

Senesta        Retired
Senesta Starkeep was my second attempt at a character. She was an elven psionicist in the Planescape campaign setting. After she was rescued from the so-called "Psychic Friends Network," I inadvertantly blended her a bit too much into the background; unfortunately, it took me way too long to get the hang of this character, and shortly after I began to get the hang of it a bit, she was killed in the final battle with a demi-lich.
Anecdotes about this campaign are available here under the character Rono (3rd level).

Beryl        Retired
Beryl (short for Beryllium, though she doesn't let anyone know that) was my third character. She's an atheist, illiterate half-elf thief in a world created by the DM. My other characters so far were relatively serious, to varying degrees. Beryl was not. She was my happy-go-lucky, carefree character who would not (and did not) hesitate to annoy her party members with ventriloquism (when she passed her checks, anyway).
The other weird thing about Beryl was her golden apple. At one point towards the beginning of the adventure, the group came across some objects (an apple, a skull and a rose) that had been turned to solid gold by an alchemist. Beryl kept the apple, and was convinced (and didn't let anyone tell her otherwise) that it was magical. She was constantly trying to figure out what the apple did, even though it really was not magical at all.
I played her in two different campaigns, plus a one-night campaign at GenCon 2000. Unfortunately, both of these campaigns are now no longer going so I don't get to play her anymore. I enjoy writing (and reading) fictions based on her and her party members, though, so in some ways, she's still around.
Another attack by the drawing demons. Here's my portrait of Beryl. And here's a snapshot of her Golden Apple.

Tasha Yar        Retired
My fourth character was Tasha Yar, a, um, human thief in a high-level campaign module. Tasha started out as a woman, had an unfortunate encounter with a gender-changing portal (woman to man, then back through to return to a woman), was killed by a minor death ("Oh, you mean if I help him fight it, I get one too?" <g>), and was reincarnated into a human man. She later chose to be polymorphed back into her old body, which lasted for a couple of days at most. She was brought down to zero hit points by a ghoul attack, which put her back in the man's body, though s/he still thinks s/he's a woman. Needless to say, even I had trouble keeping track of it, though it was an interesting challenge. <g> After all that, s/he was a bit pessimistic. This campaign ended once the module was done, and the character was retired with it.

Ashley Cummer        Retired
Sergent Cummer was a fighter (a security officer, anyway) with a psionic wild talent for time travel (with limitations). She's from a place and time very much like Babylon 5 (yes, I love that show. That's no secret), but has traveled back in time to help the party. Cummer was known as Syrka to her party members, which consisted of a witch, a good-aligned lich, and a mentally unstable thief. DM's page is here.

Forsyth        Retired
Forsyth was a fighter in a campaign setting created by the DM. I can't really write much about her history that will make sense to people outside the campaign, but basically she was trying to find a way to stop a race of demons from coming to the surface of her world. I don't think I've ever had a character that went through as much as this one did. Between being a subject of necromancy experiments early on in the campaign, having her first spirit "familiar" getting killed in a battle, having her home moon being overrun completely with demons, falling hopelessly in love with another player character later on, and then having most of her memory wiped out after that, she had some pretty rough times. Towards the end of the campaign she became a Lupinal Guardinal (all the party members became some kind of Celestial) and helped to defeat an avatar. By that time (and thanks to the infamous "Whale Bomb," or W.A.L.E. [Weapon Against 'Loth Enemies]) she was about 20th level, and boy, few things are cooler than rolling a handful of d20s for damage rolls. <g> After the defeat of the avatar, the campaign ended, and the character was retired to finally get some peace and quiet.

Semoran Fyrlief        Retired
Semoran was my first AD&D 3rd Edition character. He was a red chestnut centaur ranger (pathfinder) who worked as a guide for people in the areas around his town. I'm sure the other players got some amusement out of watching me try to roleplay an arrogant character.

Casey Atkinson        Retired
Casey was my first White Wolf character, a veterinary assistant-turned-Hunter. She fell in with a group consisting of a wraith, a were-raven, a mage, a werewolf, and some other assorted people. She did not take her imbueing well, and freaked out whenever yet another person shapechanged in front of her.

Jake Galveston        Played once
I've only played Jake once. He's my character in a Mage: The Ascension game, a Dreamspeaker treehugger who works as a strapped-for-cash artist. He's never quite sure if he's awake or asleep. The memorable thing from the game session we'd played was when I got to summon Lycos, the black labrador from the Lycos commercials, in the spirit world.

Darin Stanic        Active
A year ago I played in a Star Wars RPG for the first time, and Thumper (Stanic) was my character, a Rebel X-wing pilot. He's a good pilot (as shown by him being in Rogue Squadron), in spite of the fact that I keep botching my rolls throughout every gaming session. For much more information than anyone would ever want to know, head on over to my Corona Squadron page. This gives a lot of background on him (fan fictions and such).

Andruum Malone    Active
Private Malone is a Star Wars Rebel Fleet Trooper of mine. I don't have a lot of background set for him yet, and I've only played him twice, with no set plans to continue the game.

Well, that's it for now. More may be coming soon!

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