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Welcome to Sector 83x9x12
Where absolutely nothing ever happens
Don't believe me?

(But, before something does happen, let me say that Babylon 5, its characters, and its universe all belong to Warner Brothers, J. Michael Straczynski, etc. etc. I don't mean to steal them, and I'll put them back when I'm done.)

Hi! I'm Pvt. Katie Zajdel (that's me on the right. Isn't this a cool picture? My best friend Gretchen did it for me. TYK!). Sgt. Zack Allan assigned me to monitor all happenings in Sector 83x9x12. I don't know why he picked me to do this. I must have done something that made someone mad. Anyway...

Actually, this assignment isn't half bad. Because there's nothing ever going on in this sector, it gives me an opportunity to check out other happenings in and around Babylon 5. This page hooks you up with some of the things I've discovered while exploring the universe of Babylon 5. Enjoy, and please let me know if there's a problem with any links, or if you'd like your page linked here!


These are the places which I feel offer the best and most for their bandwidth. Also the most informative sites I've found.

Official Babylon 5 Page           need I say more?

TNT's Babylon 5 Page

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

Ghostheart's Babylon 5 Quarters           tons of Starfury information, uniforms, and too much to list here

Still want new Babylon 5 adventures, even though the series is over? Read some fan fiction.

Alternate Universe Today           huge fanfic archive

Babylon 5 from a Different Perspective

Babylon 5.14159

Yahoo's Babylon 5 Fanfic Index

Looking for the lighter side of deep space? Check out these sites!

Babylon 5 Turns Feline

Babylon 5 Humor site           everything imaginable

B5 Humor site

The Wonderful World of Flarn

I've always thought that B5 was a very philosophical, thought provoking show. Want to see what I mean?

Babylon 5 Quotes

Internet Movie Database's B5 Quotes

Compilation of other great sites.

Babylon 5: Docking Bay 3 and Security Office

Babylon 5 History Page           chronology, prophecies, astronomy, and more

Babylon 5 Image Gallery           pictures galore!

Babylon 5 Rangers           Ranger role-playing

Babylon 5 Spoiler Junkies Page           chock full of spoilers. You're warned.

Babylon 5 Vault

Corwin Homage Page           tribute to Lt. Corwin

Crusader's Babylon 5 & Crusade Page

Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5           Want a sound file? It'll be here!

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Babylon 5

Gray 17           TNT's secret page

An Interrailer's Guide to the Babylon 5 Galaxy

Kerri's Babylon 5 Addiction

If I have used your picture on this page, please e-mail me so I can give you credit. I don't mean to steal anyone's pictures.
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