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The Astromountie Page
Miscellaneous Section


 This page contains links to some of my varied interests that don't quite fit anywhere else on this web site.

* My family's homepage

* Precision Star Whacking is here! Check it out!
Outlet Mall Sonar * Gretchen Carlson's homepage
* Chris Davis' homepage
     * Chris's Elfwood Gallery
* Amy Kim's homepage
     * Amy's Elfwood Library
* Ryan Jackson's homepage
* Matt Daniels' homepage
* Art Tetterton's homepage
* Beth Finn's homepage
     * FCHS Alumni Connection
* Mary Scheive's homepage
* Eriks Teranis' homepage

Anyone else I know want their page linked here? E-mail me!

* The Real Way to Do Homework (I got this from Katherine's page)

* 50 Ways to Fail an Exam

* Thoughts on College

* Sayings, Phrase Origins, lots more

* Sanity Test

* The Lab Fairy page. Ever wonder why your lab experiments always go wrong?

  A link to my favorite 
        comic strip, FoxTrot. 
Grimmy--Toon In
Calvin  Another of my favorite strips, Calvin and Hobbes.


Culver's--the best restaurant around Anaheim Angels baseball team International Wildlife Coalition
Field of Dreams in Iowa Shoeless Joe Jackson's Virtual Hall of Fame Standardbred Retirement Foundation
Archive of Misheard Song Lyrics Six Flags Great America (and other parks) Animorphs
Vooodu's Cavern of Fun Quotable Quotes Animated gifs
Twinkie Experiments National Archery Association Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Rodimus' Commodore64 page Toronto Tourism page GIFworks, online .gif editor
American Merchant Marine Vets N'tl League of POW/MIA Families RealLife Comics - hilarious online comic strip
Peace Corps

Want to see my Babylon 5 Halloween costume from 1998? My Mountie one from a few years ago? Or my
Star Wars one from 1999 (after a little photo editing, of course)?

Ducks are kewl.

If I have used your picture on this page and you would like credit for it, e-mail me. I don't mean to steal anyone's pictures.

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This page last updated September 12, 2003.