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Grenn and Asia is the story of
two supernatural people trying to live
out their lives out normally.
And, of course, insanity ensues.

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I got my first peice of fanart! Thanks Rednic!
Happy Birthday to me, From Rednic

The Most Recent Insanity

Story Five: Romancing the Werewolf
Remember Her?
The Truth Comes Out
Meanwhile, somewhere else...
Not much furniture yet...
You knew this was bound to come up again.
Loving an alligator..?
I pity Grenn, plus, Sheniqua's oblivious.
Gross, yet true.
Asia has a problem with geese.
Would you ask a dog out?
Grenn's Issues.
Andrea's Issues.
Further proof that Grenn's a geek.
Queer Eye..?
Meddling brat that she is...
Talk to the animals..
Me, worried?
And they're off.
Asia's Job (Or, Breaking the Forth Wall for Fun and Profit)
Minigolf + fencing = Minifencing?
He's serious.
I wish this place was real. Really.
Everybody's got their thing.
I don't know the first three rules.
Some things carry over.
The better to hear with.
Silver can be an issue.
Comes with "Nice Guy" description.
Abnormal people, normal lives.
New York has lots of crazy people.
He's in for it (Or, God didn't hear, Gaia did)
Grenn's decision. Posted 9/5/04
There's a reason most vampires RUN from werewolves. Posted 9/13/04
He's being mild. Posted 9/27/04
Oops. Posted 10/10/04
Andrea's bewilderment. Posted 10/10/04
Props to Baldwin's Bruno. Posted 10/20/04
Grenn is stressing. Posted 10/25/04
Elian doesn't believe in closets. Posted 11/8/04
He has a right to worry. Posted 11/17/04
Andrea, Asia. Asia, Andrea. Posted 11/23/04
Starr = Asia? Yup.
Werewolves don't exist, right?Posted 12/29/04
On differences... Posted 1/03/05
She's evil. Posted 1/12/05
Eeep!Posted 1/21/05
You'd laugh, you know it.
More human then human?
Werewolves on love.
The deal.

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