Level One Fetish ~ Todd McFarlane's Last Laugh

Gnosis: Three
Willpower: Four

Another highly undignified but greatly useful fetish, this is a highly simple one to create. It requires some sort of toy (jointed action figures work best, hence the name) and a little patience to find a minor spirit willing to go along with this purely for laughs.
The creation of the fetish binds the spirit into the toy (if the toy is destroyed, the spirit is released). The binding of the spirit changes the original materials into something stronger, it's not all that uncommon to see the toys suddenly become diecast. Other then that, the toy seems normal.
However, when activated (by gently blowing air across the face of the toy), the fetish becomes a small, demonic little guardian, willingly watching over its sleeping owner and attacking intruders with a vengance. Many stalwart shapeshifters can be thrown a bit off by a small Alien figure gouging chunks out of their shoulder. It only takes a few rounds of bashing to destroy the fetish, but they generally move fast and in groups.
These fetishes are generally intelligent, but can only take simple orders, and cannot speak. Also, people can be introduced to the fetish to make the fetish ignore them (preventing your girlfriend from loosing an eye, etc.).