Future Insanities

A list of what to expect in the future, so you know this comic won't up and die. With the exception of those already announced as pending, these are in no particular order.

Romancing the Werewolf
What's a lupus to do when he's dating a human?
Especially when the human knows nothing about what he is?

And Now, The Explosions Shall Commence
About time we got some action in this story. A local Pentex chain is ignoring all pollution laws, and the local shape shifters have had enough.

The Dice aren't Chew Toys (working title)
We all know Rebecca Ring-of-Shadows is nuts. Maybe that's what possessed her to have a Dungeons and Dragons slumber party.

It Came from the Umbra
Grenn gets hired by Rebecca to help her write a translation program... for a creature she found in the deep umbra.

Beware the Woodchips
It's a bird. No, a lizard. Ok we give up, what the hell is it?

One gigantic fight. One split pack.

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