About the Author

"Where is the Creator?" ~ A homicidal robot, StarFox64

The Basics
I'm a 20 year old girl attending DeVry University in Addison, IL. I live with my boyfriend Will, as well as a guinea pig named Morse Code and two cats named Blaze and Belle. I drive a 1995 Mercury Tracer and speed a lot. Thanks to choir, I'm loud and more then able to project my voice. I talk a lot and have a bad habit of sticking my foot in my mouth. Authority can bite me.
For hobbies, I write, draw, and doodle comics in my free time. I have not been published yet, though someday I hope to be. I listen to all kinds of music and play my stereo as loud as I can. I'm a furry, so I attend conventions when able to.

Under the Surface
So now that the basics are stated, let's get a bit more complex about it.
I'm a writer. Not by choice, but by drive. I have to write, I spin my tales because they spin themselves and come to me as the weaver. I don't control what I write, I just provide the vessel so it can reach other people. To this end, there are some downsides... I can't control my writing, and even I don't necessarily know what happens next. But it provides me with a wealth of ideas, and the pure basis of my existance.
What's the scariest story you've ever read? Pet Cemitary? IT? To hell with Stephan King, my version of hell was detailed in Fairenheit 451. My life depends on my ability to write, my lifeblood is text. The idea of books being banned terrifies me. I also have a phobia about my hands--I can't watch people hurting their hands, even in movies, because it makes me paranoid. Through my hands comes my existance, and without my hands I would probably be cut away from my lifeblood.
To accompany my writing, I also draw, though not quite as well. I always have, I inheirited that from my grandpa Russ. Though I can only the do the most basic of drawings without a source to base it upon, I do have a bit of pride in what I've managed to paint. Sometimes I can do something really good, but like my writing, it comes and goes. If I'm not in the right mood, I can't draw at all.
I hate cars. Really. Or I did, I'm not sure. Either way, I'm stuck with a four-banger Tracer that has a hex on it. I really would like a sportscar, something that can drive fast, but that's an easy way to get more tickets I guess. I've had one ticket and one warning since I got my license, and the ticket was for doing 19 over in a 35 zone. A frigging four-lane street, 35 miles an hour. Oh well. Regardless, I love driving fast, the stereo thundering. It's the only way to fly. That's the only good thing about Chicago: no one cares if you do forty over on the highways (which are only set for 55, anyway).
Bizarre fact: I'm a mom. Yes folks, I've had a kid. He lives with his father. I'm not going through that again for a long time if I have a healthy choice in the matter..
Do I exercise? Not often. Tai Bo, but that's about it. I'm naturally skinny, even post-pregnancy. Don't ask me how I pulled that off.

I guess that covers about everything.

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