Level Three Talon~ Shimmer Blush

Gnosis: Two
Willpower: Four

This is any person's way to keep out of sight. Disguised as a makeup case of blush or concealer, it pats on in a thin layer over the face. After this, the user meditates for five minutes, and the makeup disappears. While the user doesn't see the effect, no two strangers who see the user will be able to agree on what exactly the user looks like. While the effect can be disappated by extreme concentration (staring at the person for long amounts of time), doing so generally lets the user notice and leave before the illusion breaks. Note that the differences are minor.
A conditioner has been created that echoes the effects of this talon, but applying it to hair. Rumors of contacts or eyedrops also abound.
Note, however, that none of these products change the user's scent or aura, so supernaturals won't be fooled if they're really trying.