Old Strippery

Act One: Dance Like You Mean It
Story Cover
Party On, Dude
Steeped in Tradition
"Rat" is an actual totem
No, I don't know
Drink the night away
Hey Macarena!
Baka baka baka!
This stuff ain't goin' away
This guy is asking for it
My Hero
The Knight and his Shining Chevy

Act Two: Random Acts
Coyote Ugly. Sorta.
Gratuitous Shower Scene One
The Nice Guy
Gratuitous Shower Scene Two
Breakfast and Backflashes
*munch* Vroom!
Parting of the Ways
B-Ball in da hood
Little Slice of Life
Wet Puppy
That's the truck laughing
Speculation, and a rescue planned
My Hero, part two
Well, *I'D* wonder
Steam Dry
Don't ask how he gets away with this..
A Pack Formed

Act Three: Werewolves Don't Chase Frisbees
A Weekend Gone To The Dogs
Dead Meat, Pilgrim
The Plan
Evil Birdy!
He deserved that, folks.
Too much caffiene
Clear as Mud
Unanimous Opinion
Intriguing Scent?
Puppy Love
Thwow the Frithbee
Fast Traveller
Overzealous Showoff
One Last Straw
Veil, Snapped
Explaining, Part Two
That's, ahem, not a nice thing to say
Poor Andrea
We did NOT need to hear that
Decor, sorta classy

Story Four: Luna's Light Internet Service
Urban Safety, Ignored
The nose knows
The voices in my head don't like you.
Never seen it? Your loss.
Protecting the inner child.
Wince factor.
Five bucks on the chick.
History lesson.
Cardiac Arrest
She'll pay for that..
The girl who knows every everything.
Cardiac Arrest, Part Two
Planning a Meeting
Enter the Matrix?
Flashbacks and Hash Browns
A cute secretary, typical right?
I'm not sure this could really happen.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T. *humming*
Introductions, sorta properly.
The issue.
Grenn VS. General Tso's Chicken
Uh, what the heck is that?
My stick is supersized!
The plan.
The explanation.
The conclusion. In color!

Interlude: Radio Wars
Does she ever use a door?
More fun then a cardboard box!
Game on!
Maybe they should just put the radio on scan.
Author's Note: Creativity issues. Someday this will finish. I swear.

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