Welcome Aboard Shadow's Base

Your fighter coasts to a halt in the posh docking bay of the cruiser. There are a few other small craft here, and their makes are almost all exotic--not one Federation ship, only one Terran. You leap out of the cockpit of your fighter, and a robot tows it to one side of the docking bay.
"Welcome aboard."
You turn and see a door to the main ship has opened, and a female Lylatian panther, short of statue, is leaning on the doorframe. She nods to you.
"I don't rightly care which Government you fly for, but you're welcome to walk around. Beware, though: This ship is set up a wee bit different then any you've been on, probably."

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Gold of eyes, black of fur...and pure fighter under that. Fury with claws, but those claws are not made of any normal material. They're made of words.

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Ship's Communication Center
The Launching Bay

So far people have touched down at my base.

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yipsnarl got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com
Just got back into this. This is an online game where you play minigames, win funnymoney, and support an online pokemon-esque pet that you create.
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