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Last updated: January 2, 2006 (Real update this time.^_^;)

Welcome to "The Candlelight of Darkness" (the name's less hokey in Japanese, I swear), a shrine dedicated to a wonderful manga called "Yami Wa Tsudou," drawn by mangaka Matsumoto Yoko-sensei. Besides having all the usual features of a shrine (summaries, character descriptions and such), this site will also focus greatly on my creative writing (mostly fanwork), humorous or dramatic, and my fan/original art. For a more detailed description, I suggest you visit the Introduction. :D

This tells you what's on each page and stuff
My online journal where I ramble way too much
++Gates of Horn++
Majo's sketches and my sketches!
++Atarashii Koto++
The shrine
++Yami Wa Tsudou++
YWT fanfics
All other writage
Art. Or what passes for art here.
++Ochiteyuku Hoshikuzu++
When you really wanna get outta here...
++Fushigi no Kuni++

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