1/02/06: And as promised, there's now an image gallery up in the YWT shrine. The link to it is below all the manga cover images. Currently only pics from volumes 1 through 5 are up; the rest will hopefully come in the next few days.


1/01/06: Wow, the last update on this site was in December 23, 2004.0_o That's over two years ago. *shame* Well, though I'm calling this an update, it's really more of an announcement. During these two years, several changes have taken place. First, my online journal has switched from being at blogspot to being at livejournal, so that the latter is no longer a place for site update notices (hence this impromptu page). Secondly, I now have a new site hosted on a paid server (more space for pictures, and no popups) here, so this angelfire site will more or less go on an indefinite hiatus.

As of now, I'm still not sure whether or not I should move my YWT shrine, which is the only part of this site I still plan to do something with. If I'm to speak very optimistically, I would overhaul the shrine, update/reword/restructure all the information already here, add more images and more information, then stick it on the ainself site. However, speaking realistically, what will probably happen is that I'll put together some kind of image gallery for YWT on angelfire, and leave it at that until further notice. So watch out for that in the near future.^_^

In closing, thanks to all my visitors for leaving comments and being supportive. I hope YWT lovers will continue to find what little info I have on this site helpful, or at least entertaining. Until next time.^^