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The Slayers

A wildly funny, insane, and often incoherent series, this fantasy adventure stars Dra-mata Lina Inverse, who, along with her hapless companions, run around getting into trouble and, coincidentally, saving the world. I am so obsessed with Slayers right now...^_^
Unfortunately, you're not going to find information sites here.^^ I like fanfiction, so I'm only putting up pages which have worthwhile reads. Sorry. ^_^

Davner's Fanfiction

Davner is one of the best Slayers fanfic authors I've found to date.^^ Some of his Slayers works I highly recommend are "Faces: After," "Kissing Booth," and "Blind Date." (The second two are all Xel/Fi, the first has Xel/Fi as one of the major couples.) A bit of a warning for Faces: After--it has alternate couplings, specifically Zel/Sylphiel. It says a lot for the fic when there's an alternate coupling and I'm still recommending it.^^

Pass [on] the Poison!

This site is already very famous, so I don't honestly know why I'm posting it on a nobody site like mine.^^; But anyway, presenting Jen's completely amazing archive of art (fan/original) and fics (also fan/original). I'm putting this under Slayers because I think she's most well known for her story "Slayers Always." (There's a Xel/Filia coupling in there!^^) I recommend her art the most, however--absolutely fascinating to look at.^^

Slayers Fanfiction

Zanne Chaos' Slayers fanfiction homepage.^^ She's also a staunch supporter of Xel/Fi and all canon couples in Slayers, though she says she might experiment with alternate couples if her muse feels like it.^^ As a result one of her fics is...well, it's pretty much Val/Fi, even though Xel's in it. This ("Illusion of Truth") is her best written one, IMO. I'm still hoping for a Xel/Fi coupling...

Thea's Slayers Fanfiction

Thea's a terrific writer, though I didn't link her earlier because she seemed to have stopped updating. Now that she's begun again...well, here she is!^_^ Thea's one Slayers author you must read; her fic "Comedia" (nothing remotely comedic, except in chapter 2; think Dante's Comedia) is truly excellent in terms of originality, presentation (grammar, spelling et.al.), character portrayals, and description. In other words, everything I look for in a fic.^_^ (Her one-shot fic was also really interesting and worth a read, btw.) Okay, I'll stop before I embarrass her too much... So yeah, go read. I command you with my psychic powers...^_^ (Warning: updates will be slow b/c she's busy.)

Eheh heh. This fic is so famous and yet I didn't read it until only a few days ago.^^; So sue me, at least I got around to it.^^ Having said that, I love the darned thing. Love it love it love it. If you're a Slayers fan you've probably already heard of it, so I won't bore you with the details. If you're not a Slayers fan you'll probably be lost, but it's one heck of a good read.^_^ And so funny...Dust Traveller's style just shines though, which is the mark of a great writer.^^ (No longer being updated.)

Yu Yu Hakusho

A popular shounen (boy) manga, and later a popular shounen anime, YYH basically tells the story of Urameshi Yuusuke, a so-called "juvenile delinquent." ^_^
Unfortunately, since the fanfiction in YYH is nearly always romance (despite being an overall unromantic series), and I really don't like romance all that much (Xel/Filia nonwithstanding), especially between couples I think are unfounded, I don't have too many YYH fics I like.^^; (Whew! Long run-on!) And yes, I do think Hiei and Kurama are unfounded. So there.^_^
After all that, here are sites hosting fics I've read and liked. Note the unromantic tendencies, especially between a certain youko and a certain fire youkai.^^;

A Far Country

Amanjaku's homepage needs some fixing up, so I went around and found some other place that has the story she wrote. Here it is again: "A Far Country".^_^ It works this time, trust me.

The Gates of Velandria: Sionna's Fanfic Page

Whew! I nearly had a heart attack when I couldn't find her page at its old server...^^;;; Anyway, Sionna's writing is absolutely terrific, and (an added bonus^^) she happens to think Hiei and Kurama are just best friends, like me!^_^ She doesn't just have YYH fics either; there's Kenshin and Gundam Wing and... just go see.^^ I especially love "Shadows and Lies," which was co-written with Kristen Huntsman, another talented writer.^^

Pan's Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfics

I've finally found the link to this site!^^ This was one of my favorites of all time back when I had my YYH craze. "MacHiei" is a must-read, especially if you've done Shakespeare's Macbeth in English class like I did.^^ Some use of the Big5 code (Chinese Traditional) is on this page, but it's not crucial to understanding anything. Take a look!

Lord of the Rings

I don't believe one can be a fantasy lover and not know J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece, the Lord of the Rings.^^ This is the true beginning of the fantasy genre as we know it, complete with the grace of elves, the skill of dwarves, brave hobbits, quests, and the triumph of good over evil.^_^ So of course it should be obvious that the aesthetically-inclined fans of Tolkien would want to try their hand at writing (a form of art^^), in hopes of recreating some of the magic they've encountered when reading the 'trilogy'. (Myself included.^^) Below are links to some works I found absolutely delightful reads...and I'm a harsh critic when it comes to fanfiction, especially for LotR. :D

Last of the Company

A nostalgic short story from TheOneRing.net, written by Annael. I'll admit it, I'm biased--that cameo of a certain elf at the end definitely helped my estimation of this story.^^ But cameos notwithstanding, this author captured the strong emotions of love and loss quite well, IMO.

Tolkien-themed Stories

Actually the two fics I will recommend from here were found on another site, but since this URL had both stories and more besides, I thought I'd link this one instead. "Staying Sharp" and "A Moment of Doubt" are the two vignettes which caught my attention; Elrond and Fingolfin (not Finrod, I was wrong^^) fans should take a look.^^ (It's definitely time for me to reread The Silmarillion if I'm mixing up Finrod and Fingolfin...^_^;;)

Old Friends

Old friends indeed...^^ I wrote a story with a similar idea behind it, called "Near the River Anduin," but really, I think this person did a much better job...^^ (Despite my initial surprise at Legolas' marital status...but don't let me turn you off!^_^)

Dwimordene's Fanfiction

Another great author!^^ The fic I'm most interested in is the AU, "Lie down in the Darkness, Rise up from the Ash." (Which just got incredibly dark and depressing for me...*fights back tears*) Other favorites include "Go Not from Me" (Elrond and Celebrian) and "Roots" (An Aragorn and Legolas friendship story).^_^ She moved from ff.net sometime last year, and at last check, has a whopping 34 stories posted! (Aragorn fans, especially, should check her out.)

Thundera Tiger's Fanfiction

Oh my gosh *tries to prevent from squealing like a fangirl*, you people have to read this. Here we have absolutely delightful Legolas and Gimli stories that are a treat for anyone who's a fan of their friendship.^^ Despite her claims, she really is very prolific, and her stories are a great blend of action, suspense, subtle humor, and angst. Add that to a terrific grasp of the characters as well as intriguing plots, and you have...well, fics that are worth checking for updates everyday.^^ My personal recommendations are: "While the Ring went South..." (humorous) and "Fear No Darkness" (dark drama and angst).

Jocelyn's Fanfiction

Jocelyn's "A Little Nudge Out of the Door," is absolutely endearing, especially if you're an unabashed Legolas fan like me.^_^ It has wonderful characterization, a neatly woven plot, and gives us a realistic, thoughtful glimpse into Legolas' childhood. Don't we all just love the youngest elf in LotR...even younger? :D Another story worthy of note (unfortunately, with my limited time, the ONLY other I was able to read) is "Elven Song." (She also has fanfics for Harry Potter, X-men and Pirates of the Caribbean.)

Nimue's Fanfiction

Another fanfic author I hesistated to link at first, but this time it's for quite a different reason. The thing is, Nimue writes slash, and not just any slash...Legolas and Gimli slash.-_-;;; Now before you go and call me a hypocrite, let me just tell you why I finally decided to put her here. Reason # 1, and most important: she's a really, really good writer! As in, so good, so convincing, she almost made me believe Legolas and Gimli were a couple! I mean, my goodness, how much more talented can you get?^_^; And reason # 2: though her first fic ("When You Are With Me") was L/G, her second fic ("Unravelling the Tale") is not. In fact the latter concentrates on the developing *friendship* between Legolas and Gimli. (Ah ha, you can see why she's here now, can't you?^^) "Unravelling the Tale" is a rare gem, beautiful and poignant and well worth your time. Made me cry...but then that isn't too hard to accomplish. "When You are With Me" is also extremely well-written, especially if you're into that kind of stuff...and even if you're not.^^; A word of caution though; she rated it NC-17. As in, "there are graphic sexual scenes" NC-17. You have been warned.

Bryn's Fanfiction

Ever get frustrated by the fact that so many "humor" fics out there have no semblence of a plot, are mired in OOCs, and make use of crude, brainless jokes? Well, here's the answer to your problems!^^ Bryn's "Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire" is one of those fics that you remember, because she manages to make you tear with laughter, all the while keeping the characters intact.^^ Amazing, I tell you. :D And her other fics aren't anything to sneeze at either. "Marinus Stiria" is especially interesting, though angsty. (She has now moved to "Stories for Arda.")

Inu Yasha

A story set (mainly) in the Sengoku Jidai (Warring States/Feudal Period) of Japan, Inu Yasha is Rumiko Takahashi-sensei's latest (and dare I say best?) work.^^ The plot is intricate and hard to summarize, but basically there's this evil demon named Naraku, who seems bent on getting everyone majorly pissed off at him, and the entire story is basically our heros (Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and the lovable afterthought: Shippou) trying to defeat him. Along the way they form deep friendships, romances, and get into major trouble. Thus ends my inadequate summary.^_^; But anyway, the character development and interaction is, in my opinion, what makes this story so incredibly wonderful.^_^
My favorite couple in this manga is Miroku/Sango, my favorite characters (to read about) are Miroku, Sango with Miroku^^, Sesshoumaru, and Sesshoumaru with Rin (no romance). So be prepared for fics with them in it!!^^

Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi

What's this? A link that has nothing to do with fanfiction? Could it be?? Yeah.^^;;; I just had to link to this place: it has manga translations of every single volume and comes out with weekly updates of the newest chapter. I am surviving solely on these updates. :D This is one great site, and the webmaster's one great person...

The Queen of Swords' Webpage of Rather Silly Things

Hm, I think everyone who's a fan of Slayers or Inuyasha would know this site.^^ Queen of Swords is a marvelous writer, and though she could go under the miscellaneous section, or the Slayers section, I'm putting her here because my favorite fic is the as-of-now-unfinished "My Brother's Keeper." It's about a younger Sesshoumaru and it's just...wow.^_^ (In the Scrawl section, no longer being updated.)

Nana's Inuyasha Fanfiction

I think I almost cried with joy when I found her.^^ Nana is a fan of the Miroku/Sango pairing, and better than that, she's a fan who can actually write! (I'm so excited!) My favorite one is "Her Heart's Desires." Wish all romances could be written so well.^_^

Spider Games

A Miroku centered fic that is extremely well-written.^^ Basically, our favorite priest with questionable morals gets into *huge* trouble. :D It's mostly plot-driven, but there are a few subtle moments in there that show how well the characters are portrayed. Well worth a read.^_^ (The author, Sholio, also wrote absolutely excellent Dragon Ball stories. Excellent. She is a truly talented author, so take a look at some of her other stuff!)

A Youkai Brother

Another young Sesshoumaru fic! (I seem to have a penchant for finding those...) This time a one-shot written by Avium, revolving around Sesshoumaru's relationship with Inuyasha. Very interesting, rather sweet (surprising, isn't it), and puts a new spin on our favorite not-so-bad villian.^^ Avium has another fic about Inuyasha and Kagome, but I think the Sesshoumaru one is better written and more unusual, hence the link. (She's got ONE major spelling error in there that almost made me take the link off though.^^;;;; See if you can find it.)

Aino-kaachan's Inuyasha Fanfiction

I've had her on my links list for forever and kept forgetting to put her here.^^ Aino-kaachan writes wonderful Inuyasha fics: "Waters of the Night," for instance, is marvelous and the reason I decided to link her in the first place. :D She's not a Kikyou-basher (I would never link those people), and her character portrayals rank as one of the best.^_^ Besides WOFN, I highly recommend "That Which is Never Said," a beautiful one-shot with Miroku and Sango. (Oh, and for RK fans: she writes good fics for that series too, except I'm not into fanfics for Kenshin. One heck of a good series though.^^)

Kylara's Inuyasha Fanfiction

Once again, another person I've forgotten to link.^^ Kylara-san's wonderful; she's the first person to write a *logical*, cohesive essay on one of the most complex personalities in IY: Kikyou. (It's in "A Touch More of Insight," a good story by its own right.) She's also probably the only person with an alternate couple that I will link. (That alternate couple being Sesshoumaru/Kikyou...yeah, weird.^^;;;;) I think she's on indefinite hiatus now (sad), but her stuff's still worth a read.

Airian Reesu's Inuyasha Fanfiction

Wow, I love this girl!^_^ Just when I was giving up hope of ever finding a decent Sesshoumaru and Rin (non-romantic) fic, along comes Airian to make my day.^_^ Despite some slight carelessness in terms of grammar/spelling, her stories are in-character, thoughtfully written, and believable.^_^ My personal favorite is "A Family of Rin's Own," though I am eagerly awaiting updates on her Christmas AU and "Memory of a Soul." (Note: She has works for an assortment of other series as well, including FY, X, and GW).

In the fanfic section of this site resides the first good piece of Sesshoumaru and Rin fanfiction (as always, non-romantic) I found in the chaos that is the WWW. It's a story with two different but simultaneous parts: the events in IY beginning from Sesshoumaru's meeting with Rin, in the former's and the latter's POVs. What's terrific about this format is, of course, how you can see two people interacting with each other from both perspectives. The reasoning Sesshoumaru and Rin had, respectively, for letting a girl follow him/following a very different looking stranger, is completely in-character, something very refreshing when dealing with S & R fics. The author has many scenes which, IMO, are right on the mark and entirely plausible. IY fans, go take a look!^_^ And also, check out the "Fluffy" section of her site, you'll laugh your @ss off.^^ (Random side note: I had not realized that it was still on-going until one day I went back to reread it and found new chapters!^^;)

Oneiropolos' Inuyasha Fanfiction

Whoa, this person's awesome.0_o "The Past's Vengeance" is seriously one of the best fics involving Sesshoumaru and Inu Yasha ever (Rin's in there too!^_^). It's not too melodramatic, not too angsty, not hitting you over the head with some weird romance (Sesshoumaru/Inu Yasha actually *existing* is disheartening...@_@ and I won't get into Sesshoumaru and Rin. To each his own.^^;) ...it's very, very good. Funny in a subtle way, heartwarming without being sugary sweet, I can't talk about this fic without grinning stupidly.^_^ I'll just mention one more thing: If you wanna see Sesshoumaru talk to himself, this is the fic to read! (I'm serious, it's great.)

*gasp* It's not a fanfic link! But don't let that stop you, this site is chock full of really up-to-date info on the manga (latest scans from Shounen Sunday that she translates, whoot!!), the anime, the games, the movies... There's just a lot of stuff.^^ Not to mention she's a decent artist (better than me, but that's not saying much^^), and the "Just Having some Fun" section is worth a look. It's worth A LOT of looks. Especially the "Condensed Yasha," which made me laugh so hard I snorted something up my nose. But you didn't need to know that.

Baka Deshi's Fanfiction

How can I not link this girl? She has written one of the BEST Sesshoumaru and Rin fics in the entire fandom, not only in terms of its characterization, but also in terms of grammar/spelling (which a few of the ones above had problems with), and MOST importantly, in terms of its sheer creativity. Please, go read "Stepping Stones." I practically have no words for that story (you have to scroll pretty far down the list). I also recommend "My Lady's Visage" for a very "unorthodox" (as she puts it) interpretation of the Sesshou-gumi, but be prepared for some mind-bending (and other types of bending...but I'd better stop before I give things away XD).^_^ Baka Deshi's other IY fanfics are mostly humorous (with the exception of "Half Light," which is a back story that I'm hoping will completely disregard movie #3), and still well worth a read. I'd give a few more favorites but I suspect this will drag to a page, so I'll stop here.^^; And just mention that other fandom she writes in is Card Captor Sakura.^^ I personally think there's more life to her IY fics, but the CCS fics are rather sweet too.^^


This is a pretty self-explanatory section, isn't it?^^ Here are sites that either aren't fanfic related, or host fanfics that don't belong in any of the above categories, or host fanfics for more than one series. Lots of 'or's.^_^;;

Majo's Cauldron

This is my good online friend, Majo-chan's page. Yes, that's Majo-chan of the Slayers Inversed fame.^_^ She's an amazing artist in addition to being a wonderful writer (0_o;; Look at that unintentional alliteration going on there), and this site is filled with awesome original art from Arcanum and Arcanum: Sinon's Redemption.^^ Links to her Slayers fanart can be found here as well.

SpunSilver's Xanga

My little sis' Xanga, because she wanted me to link her. SpunSilver's a cool and sophisticated sn, but the person herself is funny (in the head) and more than a little strange. *sticks tongue out* Bleah, I'm your older sister so I can say these things!^_^

A Trinity of Shooting Stars

There was never a more shameless plug... This is my Sailor Starlights site.^^ It kinda sucks, but whatever. ^_^;;;; And I've finally started updating again!

Hey, another shameless plug. Actually, this one's not so shameless because it's not mine.^^ My little sis, or Kuroibara or Spunsilver or Silverbamboo or whichever name she feels like going by today, has gotten herself a new page, where she puts up very nice art.^^ Please go take a gander at them drawings...why am I talking like this?

Insane Musings: Anime Fanfiction

Jaelle and Orla's anime fanfics, which are always really funny and fun to read.^_^ I don't actively search out Gundam Wing fics or Clamp fics, so I couldn't put up two new link sections, but I highly recommend Jaelle and Orla's GW and CCD sites.^^ (Those are actually the only ones I've read; I wasn't into the other series.^^;)

The Fountain District

AlexeCinz's Tolkien fanfiction are terrific, and his art is also top-notch. That being said, go look at his great GW doujinshi (fan comics)! Go read "Departure" and "Middle Earth Reclaimed"!! (That's in the Tolkien section.)

So You Want to Learn Japanese...

Ah...satires are great.^^ Being a lover of satire and of Japanese, this little essay was like a gift from heaven. (Well, not really...) It's a great read, and guaranteed to bring laughs, especially if you plan to study Japanese in college like I do. :D

My Space at Fanfiction.Net

Here it is, everyone, whether you've been waiting for it or not: my little corner in this massive network of fanfic writers. :D Eventually most of my fics for more well-known series will be posted here.^^

I want to kill my sister. It's because she introduced this thing to me that made me nearly fail my lab practical because I couldn't stop reading. It's like, compulsatory. Once you start you must finish. Or I just have no self-control.-_- That being said, this is a beautiful webcomic. The art's great, the storyline's great, and me being Chinese the legends it's based on strikes home.^^ Take a look, it's very well worth it. It also makes you want to turn all your stories into a manga format, an urge I've been fighting unsuccessfully for a few days now....^^;

"Where do you get your ideas?"

Hear ye, all writers! You must read this essay now. Chop chop pronto. It is so true it makes me want to cry.^_^ And if anyone ever asks me this question (which is unlikely because I'm not exactly famous), I will happily direct them to this little essay.