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Yami Wa Tsudou by itself, unfortunately, leaves readers with a lot of unanswered questions about its major characters. Now if you've read the info I had put up in the shrine section of the site, you will know the reason why. YWT is episodic, and though the main character is the Sentinel, we know nothing of him past very superficial facts--like the nature of his duty and some hint of his power.

Being the very strange and curious person that I am^^, I naturally decided, after being obsessed with the series for half a year, that the Sentinel needed some type of past. And since Matsumoto-sensei will not enlighten us on that point, I was determined to create my own take on his life before he started to work in the House of Lost Souls. To do that though, we first needed to create a world that he would come from.^^

So that was exactly what I did in making Upperworld, and over time the idea grew, and grew, and grew until it was no longer just an idea--it was a universe. More than one, actually, if we want to be specific.^^

At any rate, on this page, you'll find my YWT fanfics. Some of them will be canon-based, meaning no original characters, no Upperworld, and involving either the Sentinel, Charon, or Satan. Most stories, however, will be more original than canon, and these will obviously involve the immortals' pasts, will most likely take place in Upperworld, and will have a whole slew of original characters.^_^; Hope that doesn't turn anybody off...

Please read this first, before you read any of the stories. It basically tells you what parts of my non-canon stories are non-canon. I'd really appreciate it if you'd just take a few minutes and at least skim the thing. Thanks.^^

An asterisk (*) marks the NON-canon stories.

Short Stories


My first 'real' YWT story (meaning the first good enough to post^^) and one that holds a special place in my heart--being finished in one day and titled after my favorite game.^_^ A simple G rating, shouldn't scare anyone. Very symbolic, and so it doesn't really belong in a timeline.^^; It could be any of the confrontations between the Sentinel and Satan, but I was thinking of the one in volume 3, titled (loosely translated) "The Nightmare which Does Not Sleep."
Shiroii Aku
Finished a few days after "Chess," during one of my writing frenzies.^^ My take on the arch-villian of YWT and all introspection. It could take place at any time during the series. For the record, if you know me, you'll know I'm not the type to like evil characters...and I can't stand this guy.^^ But still, this had been rather interesting.
Might Be*
And thus my imagination grabs a hold of the Sentinel and kidnaps him.^_^; The first non-canon short story I wrote as a sort of teaser to the much, much larger (novel-length) story of the Sentinel's made up past. A personal favorite, which means it's angsty and introspective. :D This story takes place after Yami No Oozora, the multi-part down there, but the tragedy that the Sentinel reflects upon in the story took place before YnO.
The Sentinel is my favorite character to write, by the way, because when we usually see him in the manga, he's always so confident and in control...but there are enough hints in the series to indicate that he does doubt, he does feel sadness and regret. So since I wanted to explore that side of him, I ventured to create a painful past for my favorite character, because to me, nothing brings out an individual's strength and personality more than the trials he faces. I worry that I make him angst too much sometimes though.^_^;;
I Will Come to You*
This story comes courtesy of my muse, who was really obsessed with angst and songfics back then. My first short concentrating on Charon, who invites angst. Writing Charon is always risky, because I only have one canon story to glean his personality from--and Charon only shows two facets of what seems to me a very multi-faceted individual. Here I try to write Charon, incorporating the past I've created for him, without losing sight of what Matsumoto-sensei revealed about this intriguing immortal.^^ Can take place before or soon after YnO; I think it's probably the latter.
I am not a humorous writer, in case you couldn't tell by now.^^ When I do write humor, it's usually incorporated into a larger story, centers mainly on characters interacting with each other, and incites smiles, not belly-laughs. This is a piece of fluff using that kind of humor...I don't know, I thought frustrated and stressed immortals are kinda funny.^^ And I think I wrote this to reflect my life at that moment in time too: stressed and more stressed.^_^; As for timeline, this story surprisingly has a place: soon after the end of the first volume but before the beginning of the second one.^_^ (This is because at the end of the last story in vol. 1, the Sentinel says, looking very exasperated, "Honestly, why are there so many lost souls these days?"^^)
Another one of my 'teaser' stories, meaning it's like a scene that could be taken from the one HUGE story of the immortals in Upperworld. This is another personal favorite, mainly because the characters involved are fascinating in their interaction. :D Because their friendship is what really inspired me to create Upperworld and all the related stories, the meeting of these two immortals is very important. I must have changed this little scene at least five times.^_^ Takes place *way* before YnO and way before "Might Be" and way before the actual YWT manga, since it's a "Before the Sentinel and Charon got their jobs" fic.^^ (And therefore totally not canon, since as far as we know, those two have always been 'on-duty' in the YWT universe.^^;)
Here's a fic I wrote a long time ago (2 years ago, to be exact) during creative writing class and promptly forgot about.^^;; It's one of my "speculating on the canon YWT universe" fics, which is why I consider it canon, even though the series never shows exactly where the souls go after they leave the Sentinel's room. (Basically, no Upperworld=canon.^_^;) I think this story came about because I've always wondered how the souls felt about the Sentinel himself, and so the fic addresses that, at least in the perspective of a 'good' soul. Anyway, the story's a harmless G, I think, and really, really short, which might make some of you happy. I rather like it, too.^^
Dance A Little Dance*
A short, short, short Thanatos ficlet, though perhaps not as short as "Red" up there.^^ Came up with the title a loooooong time ago, but only came up with a plot (?) recently.^^; How pathetic is that? But anyway, Thanatos deserves a fic to himself, the poor neglected guy.^_^ Much thanks to an online friend of mine, who gave me the inspiration for this...though it has nothing to do with putting the God of Death in chaps.^_~ Harmless G, and for once, NO angst! Be proud of's not likely to happen again.^^ (It's hard to make Thanatos angst though.^^ The guy just doesn't want to.^_^;) Non-canon, btw, because Thanatos is an original character.
Gold Lining*
Featuring two immortals usually not focused upon together, this fic was definitely an interesting little exercise.^_^ I've wanted to do something of a similar nature for quite a while, since I usually concentrate so much on the established best friends (in particular the Sentinel and Charon...I neglect Nemesis and Thanatos too..-_-;). I think we tend to forget that all four of them are close, and each of their relationships is quite unique. So this is a peek at one of the "not-best-friends" relationships.^_^ Hope you all like. (Rated G for harmlessness.^^)


Yami No Oozora*
Summary/Comments: Low-class immortals are mysteriously vanishing, and Chief Scourer (aka Goddess of Vengeance and Warden of Upperworld^^;) Nemesis asks the rest of the Souls' Immortals to help. But the reunion of these four colleagues had been expected by some, and unwittingly, the Sentinel, Nemesis, Thanatos, and Charon are playing into their enemy's hands. Rated PG-13 for descriptions of violence, possibly death, and future disturbing relationships.
This story, now on its second version^^, has a little bit of everything: some humor, much angst, much introspection/interaction of characters, action, but no fluffy romance. I don't do fluffy romance. Weird, twisted romance is a different story.^_^
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 and Prologue: Yami No Heya
pgs. 1 ~ 6
Chapter 2: There's Something Rotten...
pgs. 7 ~ 11
Chapter 3: Threads
pgs. 12 ~ 19
Chapter 4: Many Meetings
pgs. 20 ~ 30
Chapter 5: Overture
pgs. 31 ~ 42
Chapter 6: Nakama (Comrades)
pgs. 43 ~ 53
Chapter 7: I Ask For...
pgs. 54 ~ 63
Chapter 8: Ambush *New!*
pgs. 64 ~ 75

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