Yayoi: *squeals* Oooh, you're so CUTE!!  Yes you are!  *coos*  Sentinel:...*sweatdrop*

This site is dedicated to spreading the greatness of the above character, who is chibified right now and therefore more kawaii than kakkoi.^_^ Please read the descriptions below for easier navigation, though most of the stuff's pretty obvious.^^;;;


Gates of Horn is my online journal/weblog thingie, where I talk about the drama (*snort*) of my life and my obsessions and whatever floats my boat.^^ If you feel so inclined, you can read through my too-long entries and come to the realization that yes, the webmistress is insane.  


The Witchspring Sketchblog is hosted on livejournal, which finally got rid of its weird code thing (of course it HAD to do that just when we've reconciled ourselves to never getting one). It's the artistic collaborative effort (sounds fancy, doesn't it?) of Majo-chan and I, where we will post our newest piccies no matter how bad they are. Or something to that effect. Granted, my "bad" and Majo's "bad" are two entirely different things, but we'll leave that for some other time, when I feel like bashing myself.^^  


Atarashii Koto is kinda self-explanatory, isn't it? The Japanese means "New Things." Go there to see what new stuff I added. It's now just a link to my LJ (which I got just for the purpose of starting Witchspring up there...figured I might as well put it to some use^^;).  


The Yami Wa Tsudou: Darkness Gathers page is the basic 'shrine,' where I will tell you about the awesome main characters of YWT, and also (one day) have summaries of each manga, as well as scans. For those of you planning to read YWT, this page will have A LOT of spoilers. You have been warned.^^  


The Upperworld page is a gigantic, herculean 'project,' for lack of a better term. It originally sprang into existance when I was trying to create 'pasts' for the Yami Wa Tsudou main characters (there are only three). Because YWT is all episodic, and the main characters actually get very little 'page' time^^, readers know next to nothing about them besides very superficial facts--like their duties and whatnot. So, being a writer, this sparked my imagination and I set out creating an entire history for my beloved immortals (oops, did I give something away? :D) in YWT. Then it sort of went out of control and suddenly there were alternate dimensions and power balancing and...well, go to the page to find out. :)  


Inklings was originally a group of writers who met and shared their works with one another. Some famous Inklings included J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) and C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), who were good friends. I do not match their remarkable talent at all, but I love the name "Inklings," so I decided to use it for this page. Here you will find a collection of my non-YWT stories, original and fanfiction. I don't write consistently for any series besides YWT, so updates to this page will be random and sporadic. Currently, there are three sections for fanworks in other series, namely: LotR, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Inu Yasha. Original fiction numbers at 1 (sad, sad reality, this number). Included also are MSTs (Mystery Science Theater), which are stories where a, 'comments' on other peoples' attempts at writing. ^_^ So far, there's one YWT MST, one Sailor Moon MST, one Slayers MST, and one LotR MST posted.  


Ochiteyuku Hoshikuzu (translation: Falling Stardust) is where I'll put all the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else, like, I dunno: webrings and banners and...things.^_^; (Although since I'm not planning to join lots of webrings, this page will probably remain really, really short...) In addition, this section will host my YWT fanart and any original character art for my stories. (FYI: The name comes from a line of "Believe in Heaven," Matantei Loki Ragnarok's ED, which I love to bits and pieces.^_^)  


Fushigi no Kuni (translation: Mysterious Country) is where you will find links to other places. I'll put up whatever interests me...but you'll probably find that they'll all be anime or manga related.^^ Currently, the series/novels I have links for are: Slayers, Yu Yu Hakusho (smallest section), Inuyasha, and Lord of the Rings.