Yami Wa Tsudou shrine
Yami Wa Tsudou

"Welcome, lost souls. All of you are currently dead."

Did I scare anyone?^_^ The person who said that certainly did. ;) With six, short, simple words, he managed to stun an entire room into silence. As was intended, of course, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yami Wa Tsudou is a manga (Japanese comics) about, in essense, life and death. The story takes place in two settings: the ordinary, everyday world of living people; and the "darkness," a limbo-like 'state' between the aforesaid living world and the world of the dead.

Here's the front covers.^^ Click on them to see 'episode' summaries.
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Book Four Book Five Book Six

Book Seven Book Eight

That cute kid with the elf ears you see on the covers is the main character...duh.^^ For info on him, keep scrolling...

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The Characters

Ban Nin: The Sentinel

"Shinigami": Charon

Akuma: Satan

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