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Orestes Drunk and Pylades Fasting was the original reason I started this site. It's a different perspective on Enjolras, namely that of Grantaire, and offers an explanation for his odd behavior. It has annotations. If you haven't read the novel too many times, they'll help. -- I edited this on September 26th, 2000. The boys made me. Enjolras's speech at the end is back again. Grantaire has a new spiel all his own.

If O&P is matter, Growing Pains is antimatter.

More slash, anyone? One of Three is the story of one Musichetta on the fateful morning of June Sixth.

Further slash (let's all look surprised, shall we?): Two Midnights, namely June Fourth and Fifth. Everyone gets really weird when they haven't slept, right? Enjolras and Combeferre get weird. Not too weird. It's probably rated G, or at least it would be if it was Marius and Cosette getting an equivalent amount of weird.

Finally, I've written a story that makes fun of myself and my stupid ideas. I guess I'll call it Condensed Insanity. Don't read it if my "normal" stuff bugs you, because it's just as weird.

"Normal" story! Oo! I wrote The agony of life, a depressing Eponine story (is there any other kind?) of the sort that completes a Les Mis fansite. More or less.

Back to weirdness, thank god: the antidote to that would be my 'Ponine Poem, another bare necessity -- but not exactly.

Silly stuff:
What We Have Here is a very silly, very short story. Pun alert.

Dear Mr. Goldwyn -- Metro Goldwyn Mayer does Les Miserables.

Star Wars is a lot like Les Miserables! Well, not really, but I'll try to prove it to you if you read this article. I wrote it for alt.fan.wedge, lo those many years ago, and added more, "better" stuff when I posted it.

Art and Poetry together: The Mizzycrumb Tinies is based on the Gashleycrumb Tinies of Edward Gorey, may he rest in peace. Lame drawings by Laura, Bossuet by Dessa.

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