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This is a poorly defined category. If it doesn't have what you want, look under the silly or romantic ones.

It begins with Les Amis d'ABC.

Encouraging Relaxation -- Grantaire attempts to lead Marius astray.

Oatmeal and Civil War -- A discussion over breakfast with Dessa's Justin.

Close Encounters -- Prouvaire, Eponine, and Mme. Thenardier.

Two Rebels and a Gamine -- Grantaire trips over a little girl. Enjolras complains.

Ragamuffin and Reprobate -- More with Maquis and Grantaire.

Chicken Soup for the Revolutionary Soul -- Enjolras gets sick. It makes him more pleasant to everyone, even Grantaire.

A Special Providence -- Fencing off the Rue de la Chanvrerie is fun. It's a recurring theme.

Agent 00R -- Grantaire, double agent? Javert hopes so.

Grandfather of a dolt -- M. Gillenormand wreaks havoc. Yet another treatment of June 5th, 1832.

Friends and Relations -- More M. G. Different context.

Whining -- A short discussion between Enjolras and Javert for no apparent reason.

Talk, talk, talk -- Enjolras talks at Grantaire.

The treacherous hypochondriac -- Does my tongue look funny to you?

Stories related, more or less, to Christian Caron:

Homecoming -- Enjolras takes a break from Parisian life. It's sort of a prequel to Christian Caron, but not really.

While strolling through the park one day -- Valjean meets a pleasant young man named Combeferre. Snippet of a scene. This might happen in between part of the Christian story, or it may happen before it.

The Belle of Le Musain -- Enjolras is not the only person with siblings.

Stories of Patron-Minette:
M. P. -- Cosette is not particularly bright.

You're not needed in this -- Azelma, Eponine, and Montparnasse.

Random stuff with assorted people:
Felix and Fantine -- Am I the only one who hates Tholomyes?

Revenge of the Babysat (the prequel) -- Jean Valjean's mother has a chore for him.

Fish -- This is not a happy story, nor is it particularly Les Miserables related.

Mademoiselle Cosette Javert:
Mamselle Cosette Javert -- Cosette as she would be if Javert raised her. This is a serious story.

Chaos in the Rue Plumet -- it belongs on the Silly page, but it's the sequel to this, so here it is. Ta-da.

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