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Pardon my lapsing into slash terminology, but that's what you'll find here, in the main: boys kissing boys. Run now, if you're scared. If you're not scared, wait a bit. You might be.

Let's begin with the words of French that everyone knows:
Menages a trois
(More than one? Yes.)

Love is the best medicine -- Bossuet/Joly/(Musichetta). Short and sweet, part of a beautiful friendship.

Everybody Loves Joly -- Bossuet/Joly/Musichetta. A day in the Cafe Musain when people talk about each other's sex lives.

Freudian Slip -- The next day in the Cafe Musain, after an apology. Enjolras has a discussion with Grantaire. Again. They talk a lot. This seems to be a recurring theme. (Shades from B/J/M to E/G)

Three in a bed -- Courfeyrac/Marius/Cosette. Not much plot.

The Saga of Christian Caron includes Bossuet, Joly, and Musichetta. Courfeyrac and Manon also feature, as do Combeferre and Chantal. (Look, mommy, heterosexual romances!) The second part, Flaming Rebels, is about Enjolras and Grantaire. You can do the math.

The more or less Infamous Mark and Andy story:
A few words of explanation. Mark is Marcelin Enjolras. Andy is Andrzej Javert. This was all Dessa's fault.

Why Grantaire Drinks -- The twisted tale begins. This is a choose-your-own-adventure story, and is followed by either Why R Drinks 2 or 'The people will decide your fate.'

Why Grantaire Drinks 2 -- Grantaire joins the fray. Followed by 'Why R Drinks 3.'
Why Grantaire Drinks 3 -- Marius enters the scene.

The people will decide your fate -- This is more Enjolras/Javert. They face The Barricade. This was written in more than one session. Very strange. Not as happy as the Valentine's day thing.

Happy Valentine's Day -- Laura and Dessa celebrate February 14th in character.

I belong to it -- Enjolras and Javert discuss their respective Causes. The title is a quote, but not from either of them.

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