The Dark Side of Paris circa 1832

Welcome to the other parts of Les Miserables, the ones Monsieur Victor Hugo never wrote. We had to write them for him.

(9/18/01) This page is officially defunct. The content here will be moved more or less promptly to

Caron is up at Some other logs are available at Manon's page. Various things, including Les Misérables related fanfic, are at Passing Glimmers.

It's been fun, kids. Maybe if my website isn't plagued by popups, I'll want to update it more than, say, once a year.

I'm going to leave this up, because I've no good reason to take it down. This is just its death certificate. Much of the stuff here is not up to my current standards for myself, as I wrote it between mid-1999 and mid-2000. Please take that into account when reading it.

You can find stories written by Quiara here. The ones on that page are the ones she wrote all by herself.

Hosted here are scads of roleplaying logs from AnkhMUSH. They are divided into:

"Normal" stories, rife with angst, revolution, and arguments

Silly stories, some of which are very bizarre

Romantic Stories, most of which involve romance between two males. Be warned.

In a category of its own by virtue of being incredibly long is The Saga of Christian Caron. It began as a "normal" story, added some romantic elements, segued from one relationship to another, and ended firmly on the weird end of the Romantic Stories page. **Note** Caron is actually at in what is popularly known as its entirety.

Everything that isn't just Quiara's belongs, also, to at least one of the following:
Dessa, a conspirator and all around nifty person. Usually Javert until she frightens me and sometimes a bit more, sometimes Joly, and anyone who uses Latin.
Abby, an awesome and pleasantly obsessive person. Grantaire to the point where I wonder what she's drinking, Manon, Chantal, sometimes schizoid. Her website, a beautiful thing, is Manon's Garden.
Adrienne, originator of Claude Prouvaire and an Enjolras. Very nifty chick. Likes slash, god bless her.
Steven, a very happy person. Marie, and sometimes Valjean.
Shawn, another intriguing person. He created Mathieu, and actually made me like Bahorel. No mean feat.

Of course, many of the characters were invented by Victor Hugo, may he rest in peace every once in a while.

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