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==== 285 Wow! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ==================================== Finally moon was under men's victory. And he brought sun under its slavery. Result!Sun was made to rise at night. And moon was to rise in day, alright. Men on earth celebrated this victory. Sun and moon are chained and brought. Sun was commanded to lessen its heat. Moon was told to steal heat from sun. Now days are converted to the nights And nights are converted to the days. Stars are shining on earth's surface. Rivers are flowing on skys very face. O Man! You got heaven when You alive! How do you feel there,O Living, dead! ===================================== ========== 284 Mandatory!!! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================ Yesterday I composed a poem. To-day I cancelled it all, A to Z. Again today I compose it again. So that I can rub it tomorrow. I learned this exercise from Sun. Every day in morning to rise up. And in evening always to set in. Then only this world will go on. To-morrow I will compose poem. And tomorrow I shall rub it out. This story is worth taking note. Is sun going lose its existence? ================================== ============================== 283 Foolish Trees !! By:Shah Pravichandra Kasturchand ============================ What a great fools are these trees? They don't go on strike like people. All these jungles are cut down here. Even so the trees don't do anything. How great intelligent are we humans? Throw stone in lane,we go on strike. Not get water a day,we go on strike. A dog barks at night we go on strike. The foolish trees will remain foolish. Even no rain,they don't go on strike. ==================================== =================== 282 Question of Life ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= Be it a President in White House; Be it a Resident in Wooden House; When it is question to save skin; Both shall run out like a Mouse. ================================= ============ 281 Silly Star ! Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand =============================== Do you see the star in the sky? That one thats there near that? The one thats below those two? Do you not see the one in sky? I ask that question once to me. And I ask many like that often. I see none hears it when I ask. I make sure I'm alone when ask. People talk I am a wise person. They come to me and ask advice. I listen to all very patiently. I smile,nod,stare,hug.No words. I ask me question on that star. People talk I am a wise person. Sept.12,2008 ============================== ==================== 280 Lucrative Business ! By Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand =================================== Say sorry and you empty all your 'Sorrow' from your heart. Can you show me more profitable business or any other art? =================================== ==================== 279 This is the Reality ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================================== In this world,none in any way is obliging any one. But each one unloads loads of his past obligation. ================================================== ====== 278 Poem ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ============================= I wanted to compose good poem. So I attempted all my fine words. Then I viewed how poem looked. And then poem started laughing. I asked it what had happened? It asked me where was emotion? ============================= ================ 277 What after what? By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ====================================== Life is a way through sorrow and tears To see to-morrow a life full of cheers. 8/17/2007 ====================================== =================== 276 Married to Poetry! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand =================== I don't know When I shall Stop dating Darling Poetry. Yes,I don't know. My ego says: My darling Poetry Does not want To leave me. Really speaking: I don't want To leave My Darling Poetry. So I married her. 8/7/2007 =================== =========== 275 You and Me ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ===================================== Its your right not to read my poems. And it is my right that I write them. ===================================== ================== 274 Colour of picture ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ============================================ Let the daggers pierce from front or behind. You will create colorful picture from blood. ============================================ ======== 273 Sunshine ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ========================== Poets come,poets go. Poetry forever glow. =================================== ========== 272 Needless ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand =============================== I worked hard and hard I fought Was needless just now I thought May 30,2007 =============================== =============== 271 Nothig is over! By: Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================== There is Light. There is Reader. There is Verse. There is Writer. Why then worry? Nothing is over. There is Dark Night. There is Bright Day. Nothing is over. Night,Day,Night Day. 7/13/2007 ================================== =================== 270 Journey of Poetry !! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================== Boiling water Rising vapour Ice in freezer Poems you are! ============================= ============ 269 Duty-Bound!! Family Bond! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= Hello,Hello, Do you hear me? Hello, I am SUN,your father Speaking from sky! Why don't you reply? Sick of something or shy? Don't you hear me? Strange it is! You rise when I do. You move as I do. You go to sleep when I do. You use me for rising. You use me for moving. you use me for sleeping. But You don't hear me When I am calling. Are you so selfish,My sons? I am your father SUN,my sons! Do you hear me,my sons? Yet I will rise for you, my sons. I will move for you,my sons. I will sleep for you,my sons. For I am your father And you are my sons. May 31,2007 ============================== === 268 Live Forever! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= Poets will come and poets will go. But their poems will forever flow. Therefore poets shall write poems. Only after that,should die and go. That is the reason why I am on it; Day-in-out,even on eating I write. Even at night,I wake up for a pen, When I am gone my poems live then. In past,there were only few poets. Dead,yet alive as Poets laureates. This knowledge is spread wildfire. Millions have become poems writer. Latest census is out and it shows: All write poems, none reads those. May 30,2007. ================================== ============ 267 Selfish Me!! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= Ah My Computer,Sweet-Heart,Darling! I have been really very very sorry. Though I did treat you like a King I did you no justice,My Fair Lady! For me you created so many programs. VideoGame,Email,Chat to see me glad. And I unholy,fool only ignored them. And I only used WordPad and Notepad. Ah My Computer,Sweet-Heart,Darling! I request you to pardon me.Will you? I am really selfish,did wrong thing. But advise me what else could I do? As I am a poet,I need to note word Only WordPad,Notepad for my poeming. Please pardon me my act so untoward, Ah My Computer,Sweet-Heart,Darling! May 19,2007 =================================== ============= 266 Poor Poet !!! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= Government levied tax on words. Left out was animals and birds. Levied upon each living person, On word spoken or word written. Teacher taught in body language. Children had to stop the crying. Father could not now yell,shout. Mothers will not scold husbands. Gardens,woods flooded by people. Touring company conducted trips. Each watched birds sing and fly While kept the palm on the lips. No poet now can write or recite. All his money paid out in taxes. Poet daring to write and recite Was then found under tax's axes. People were found now in jungle. Poets were seen now in the cell. Birds are heard in gardens,wood; Government now bankrupt and mad. 5/6/2007 =================================== =============== 265 O My God! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= You're throbbing in my heart; You are flowing in the veins; Your name is ever on my lips; You ever live in memory lane. O my God ! Unique Places You reside in! 4/24/2007 =============================== ============= 264 Omnipresence ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================== I am here,very much here breathing. The sun is there;moon is there too. And wind is blowing; stars shining. I am here,very much here breathing. I am no more now;I'm not breathing. The sun is there;moon is there too. And wind is blowing; stars shining. I am no more now;I'm not breathing. Who were there? Who were not there? When I gone,sans me all were there. March 21,2007 =================================== =========== 263. I love you! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= I love you by oceans, By suns, moons and starred sky; Cosmos and universes Fall too small to swear by. I want to see you in person To say all that in your ears. But alas! You live abroad!So far away You don't have phone facility That I can converse with you. You have chosen country,say, Its beyond oceans,suns,moons, Starred sky,cosmos,universes. But I am not a pessimist. Soon I will find a way out And reach you where you are. For I am a Poet. Just wait at that Great Gate. 3/29/2007 ================================ ============= 262. Just and must By: Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================== Man,Are you fool to propose me? I am now eighty; Old,unmarried lady lying on Dollar bills. No,I am not a fool; I am forty,unmarried man. And sleeping on roller steel. Lady,I am not a fool. Lady,I do propose: Will you marry me? 3/29/2007 ====================== ================= 261Shining Star ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= As long as poems dwell on earth My heart will continue to throb If throbbing is ceased by heart It will twinkle as stars in sky =================================== ======================== 260.This way : that way ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= He caught fire from burning wire Ran,fell in me to save from dying Met his death in my colder water Poor fellow didn't know swimming. ==================================== ================== 259.Poetry is life By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= If I could do it !!! I will wake at night, And not sleep in day Go on reading poetry Whole day,full night. But I cannot do it. How imperfect am I? Poetry,God's creation. And I am also His one. And a discrimination? 7/6/2006 ========================== ===================== 258.Poetry is born,then ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================== When none wants to see you And you crave to meet them Clouds thunder,oceans rise Poem shapes in poet's mind When friends are faltering And foes run to rescue you Gardens flower,trees bloom Poem shapes in poet's mind. When words steal,views fly And thoughts begin to hide Brain breaks,head cracking Poem shapes in poet's mind. When pen,paper are no near And rhythm fires as by gun Trace fired poetic bullets Poem shapes in poet's mind. Irregularity and adversity Are thine friends,O Poetry! 4/17/2006 ============================== ================= 257.Did Napoleon err? By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ==================================== Said Napoleon: -------------- Nothing in this world is impossible. Impossible is in dictionary of fool. Says Reality: ------------- Impossible itself says I'm possible. Summation: ---------- Existing impossible always possible So is the possibility of impossible. Poet says: ---------- If want 'possible',refer dictionary; If want 'impossible', add only 'im'. Add I am to any thing and do suffer; Remove I'm from thing,have pleasure. Fool follows: ------------ In immoral,now he will see I m moral In immobile,he will feel i 'm mobile In immortal, he calls him I m mortal In impotent, he will view I m potent. 3/30/2006 ==================================== =============== 256.Beautiful Death By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================= In one balloon you are flying,you the most beautiful! In other,I am following you like the most bloody fool. Suddenly the wind wears upon a roaring and nasty form You and your balloon fly astray in very unusual norm. I lost sight of you both and being a most bloody fool Follow other balloon if it is following you,beautiful. I burn my gas vigorously to outplace this roaring air Thus trying to trace you from another balloon's glare. Suddenly I feel warm,then hotter, see my burning skin I forget you,your balloon,and see my body ashing thin. I melt,turning into air,found myself at heaven's gate To my surprise,I locate you were standing there quiet. 3/30/2006 ===================================================== ================ 255.Beauty cascading ================================= you are you are the most the most the most beautiful the most beautiful girl you are the most beautiful girl all lose their hearts,no wonder no wonder,no wonder all lose their hearts,no wonder. for you are the most beautiful girl. I fell for you,it didn't bother you It wasn't surprise,you very well knew all saw you,all fell for you,O Girl! all lose their hearts,no wonder you are the most beautiful girl the most beautiful girl the most beautiful girl When I look at your figure I envisage your architect in the figure,in the figure, in the figure of your mother. my salute,my salute to her for bringing you here the most beautiful girl the most beautiful girl when I look at your figure I see both you and your mother oh my God! how I could afford to forget you are the architect of the beauty of the mother and the girl Oh,how beautiful O God!You must be you are the whole beauty we are only tiny parts so to you we all lose our hearts. thanks my beautiful girl for leading me To Him, The Greatest Beautiful! and of course you are you are the most beautiful girl. 3/25/2006 ================================== ======================= 254.Birth & Death Excluded ================================= Breakfast internet Lunch too internet Dinner by internet Morning! internet At noon internet By night internet Write on internet Read on internet Off,on, internet I go to internet you too internet We meet internet Dates on internet Elect on internet Fate by internet Fresh at internet Clash at internet Crash at internet 3/9/2006 ============================================ ========================== Sing a song,sing songs! Sing a song,sing songs! Sing a song,sing songs! The heart for it longs! Sing a song,sing songs! 2/17/2006 ========================= ============================ The body is a sealed bottle Filled with dirts and death Death comes to clean bottle Putting on pyre,help people 1/27/2006 ============================ ====================== 253.Love from Dove ! =================================== Now we shall play a dove and a dove One was he dove, other was she dove They were to call the number learnt Only condition that they not repeat One was to count loudly zero onward He thought of and began one to nine Now she began and found one to nine Referee said so far it was say fine Now referee looked at he and at she Both were asked to count on further Both wondered,could not find number Both stopped playing number no more Then onward doves play game of Love 1to9 no more;love forever says dove Human race does not learn from dove Live on 1 to 9,doesn't forever love 2/16/2006 ============================================== ================= 252.I am omniscient ! ================================= You ask me any question under sun I will reply to your satisfaction If you find no satisfaction in it I will return you to the question. Q.Who are you? A.I don't know. Q.Where are you from? A.I don't know. Q.What are you doing? A.I don't know. Q.Where are you going? A.I don't know. Q.What are you knowing? A.My mother brought me out from her womb To put me in that grave with your help. I am waiting for the time you to spare To take me from this womb to that tomb. Q.How could you answer with satisfaction? A.I don't know. I don't know. No no and no. Thank you so. 2/9/2006 =============================================== ============================ 251.Your Poem is Mona Lisa ! =================================== I am leisurely sitting on my chair Stretching the legs over table top My eyes are now fixed on your poem Before that they were on Mona Lisa Now your poem has become Mona Lisa And Mona Lisa has become your poem I am confusing which one Mona Lisa I am confusing which one your poem Mona Lisa!You are painting on wall You are smiling,wall is smiles too You Poem!You are wordings on paper You are talking,paper is talks too Mona Lisa! you are my smiling poem Poem! you are my smiling Mona Lisa 1/30/2006 =================================== ============================= 250.My "Perfect Poet" Award ! ============================================ To be a perfect poet,he has to be a half mad. Then he will be so noticed,so his poems read. I am not perfect poet as I am not a half mad So I am not noticed and so my poems not read. God is so good and He will accept my request He will swap my half sanity for half madness Now I will be perfect poet and my poems read For public will recognize me as man half mad. One more favor,God;certify and send me award Readers are such as may reject the oral word. I shall send notarized copy of certification As proof of my half madness in poetification. Thanks God!To day I received the certificate Via FedEx,and your award me as "Perfect Poet" 1/28/2006 ============================================ ======================== 249.God,give Teds time ! =================================== No time;some other time;not to day; I'm busy;very sorry;some other day. Dial 911 for ambulance for pick up; I will send flowers,Best Wish Card. How is Jane? I was busy whole week. I see she must have been very sick. Otherwise you would not be calling. She must have read my card wishing. "Jane has just died, my loving Ted; Got flowers and your card she read." Jan.27,2006 =================================== ================== 248."A" for Animal ========================== I was wandering in jungle On my horse in the saddle For the full day in light And the darker full night Next day I closed my eyes Walked over for few tries I crashed head tree trunk Once fell down like drunk Then I blinded horse eyes By lengths of cotton ties And I managed my climbing Horse was home,no limping Man goes by one two three Horse by sixth sense free 1/23/2006 ================================ ===================== 247.VIRUS minus VIRUS ===================================== If virus senders were fond of poetry I would send them as many as to read Sleeping under cooler shed of a tree And feel as if applying balm on head. My email accounts suddenly collapsed. In stead of me send to your accounts My virus happy friends sent me mails From my account to me in my accounts. They deserve hat off to head cut off And lie under cool sheds of the tree But why to wish ill of any such doer Virus has short life to live and die. Long live sender!Quick pass O,virus! Virus minus virus!Happy days for us! Jan.23,2006 ============================================== ================= 246.NONE into NUN ===================================== A time was there moving on this earth When there were only two things worth There was MAN who went here and there There was NONE who was here and there Man knew magic and he created a Woman None had magic and she created a NUN Man and Woman played the eternal game Every one knows whats the game's name Now this earth is not only two things The game is in full swing in the ring NONE felt no roles left for her being So used her magic,melted into nothing Now there are men and there are women And then are Nuns who serve men,women Nun ever ready to serve men and women Men,women go on creating work for nun Blessed are men and blessed are women That None melted after creating a NUN Jan.21,2006 ============================================== ============= 245.Million poems a year ============================== Let me describe my new plan for my every reader. I want to compose one million poems in one year. One year will finish when million poems are over. I know its a great catastrophe for my dear reader. But don't worry my dear readers for this planning. Each line of each poem will consist of one syllable. One syllable is made up of several hundred of dots. Thus each poem will be several hundred of poems. At this pace million poems is a matter of moment. My year will have its due death very prematurely. My dear readers shall have no weight to shoulder. By a wink of eye is over,over million poems over. History is in the making; record is in the breaking. Alphabet is in the cracking;I'm now in the waking. Jan.12,2006 =============================== ======================== 244.Pleasure of non-writing ! ============================================= Since yesterday I am trying to compose a poem. At last now am able to perfect this only line. What pleasure it is to work twenty four hours! I will surrender my life and not write a line. Mugs of coffee,cups of tea,cans of cola queue piece of pizza on plate paper & bottled water A show of like marching soldier after soldier What the pleasure it is,not to write any line! A great fool,wrote so many a day all the time. Missed my blisses of pizza pieces,can of cola. Tea in tear,coffee in wear,bored bottle water. I'm in your great debt,difficult how to clear? But I am gentleman,I won't declare bankruptcy. With paper and pen in hand won't write poetry. Jan.09,2006 =============================================== ====================== 243.Journey of a poem ====================== Poem I placed in freezer It got cold. Poem I got published It got sold. Poem I placed in oven It got hot. Poem I placed on palm It got warm. Poem I placed in heart It got lovely. Poem I placed on lips It got speech. Poem I placed on ears It got heard. Poem I placed in sky It got wings. Finally at God's feet Wow!Its Prayer. Jan.05,2006 =============================== =================== 242.Master Maestro ! =================== I am a greener tree But I know to speak Syllables in leaves Sentences in branch. I start from roots I move up on trunk I expand on branch I spread on leaves. Birds keep birdies They learn the ABC Happily fly in sky Sing song I taught. I am a greener tree Sing song,show song. Sky downs to listen Stars chat by night. Jan.02,2006 ==================== ================ 2005 is gone 2006 is in-on 2005 is a year 2006 is a year What is gone? What is in-on? 4:31 PM 1/2/2006 ================= ================ 241.Secret Cell ======================== I bow my head before you. For you have seen my God. You have spoken with Him. You discuss the problems. Its really great achieve. I am spell bound for you. How did you get this art? Where live these masters? Oh no,you can't say this! He told don't tell others. I know you will never lie. I now see:God is in truth. I now know why He was far? Truth will bring Him near. 12/29/2005 ========================== ================= 240.Word's worth! ================= You write sound. You write hound. You write round. You write pound. you heard sound? You heard hound? You moved round? You threw pound? What this write? What this heard? What this round? What this pound? Sound and hound Pound and round When get ground Meanings abound. words no ground Sound and hound. December 29,2005. ================= ================== 239.Religious Poet! ================================= I know you are my close friend. You can ask:sit down and stand. You can take all from a pocket You know what's pocket of poet. But sorry my friend,not to day Ask me what I did in last days. I sinned against my conscience I can't forgive me this action. No beating bush;no no more push No death knell yet I am in hell I breathe,heave,I walk and talk. Sinned my soul,what must I talk? No no,I haven't slapped any body; I'm poet,didn't write any poetry. December,29,2005. =================================== ======================= I know after death bell Go to heaven,go to hell No Hobson offers choice Go anywhere and rejoice. ======================= ======================= Silence,please!silence! Birds in nests at rest! ======================= =========================== Short is shorter than longer one. And better is good than best one. Wiser counsel prevails:keep quiet. See,listen to all,but ask no one. 6/29/2005 =========================== ==================== 238.Slow Speed Race ============================== Slow,so slow this unique speed The unspoken word you may heed But never in life you can feel Though forever running on heel. People come,inquire, and leave They ask you how you are doing But you see at sky,hint ask it But your speed,cannot reply it. Slow,so slow this unique speed To where not when you to reach Money,merry,honey worry gather Slow speed makes all to wither. Death!how is it you so flower! So slowly put all under tower? Dec.25,2005 =============================== ============ 237.Inseparable ================================ What a poet writes thats a poem. Readers see if it comes to them. If they consider it as not poem, Its readers',not poet's problem. What a poet writes thats a poem. I am poet;I wrote only,only "A" It came to you.and you read "A" You frowned and spat on the "A" You spoiled your,my "A" yet "A" Changes not is Poem;so okay."A" "A" is no alphabet;"A" is Poet. When you see ABCD you see Poet. Dec.21,2005 =============================== ========= 236.Look at love! ==================== I wish I should tell you this also. At the gate of heaven I saw this. Sweet girl of sixteen waiting on. I recognised her as my first girl. I told her:You died when sixteen. To day you must be seventy two. I asked:Why waiting at the gate? She said:"Dear,I waiting for you." Dec.10,2005 ==================== ================== 235.I died on 31st Dec.2004. ======================= When I died last December,31st,2004 From frustration and age gifted fatigue God welcomed me in his abode above And bestowed upon me the Divine Eye. I tried to view what happening below When I left all below and went up alone What they were thinking now about me How they were treating all my Poems? None was talking for me in any home Not even in my home any one talked. My pet cat, my dear dog,went as usual Even my wife enjoying her breakfast. When I checked trash it was shocking; All my Poems lying at its rock bottom. I prayed to God:"My throat is choking. Return my grave for dust to consume." Dec.06,2005 ======================== ========= Sad and Glad ========= He was the only man in house mad. Each one was feeling very very sad. They tried all for him that they had. The result: all mad and only he glad. Dec.06,2005 ======================= ========= 234.No worry ! ========= sun heats moon cools rain wets Wind pulls. I be hot I be cool I be wet And pulled. O eternal-s, Do you can. I will see What I can. O my home, Long as you Be with me, I with you ! Dec.02,2005 ======== ====================== ============== 233 And out comes....! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand =========================== I opened my clinched fist Smiling silver stars slipped out. I opened my closed eyes Precious pretty pearls poured out. I opened my sealed lips Pretty sweet smile sprang out. I opened cap of my pen And this poem popped out. Unlock mind's all locked doors And all good inside will swim out. ============================ Nov.29,2005. =============================== ========== 232.Do or Die ================ Birds fly into the sky It is their exercise. Fish swim in the water It is their exercise. Men walk on the earth It is their exercise. If birds rest in nests? If fish rest in waters? If humans rest in home? Need the death defined? Nov.28,2005 ================ ============= 231.What a life! ======================== When I was in school We had a fixed time table; Eight periods of 35 minutes each. And fixed number of subjects to learn. Little home work;lot of play time after school. Then the time arrived when I Bid my school, college good bye. I am now in School of Life. No periods, subjects, books. No teacher,vacation,closing bell. Only one period to complete every thing. I am waiting my time to leave School of Life. What a Difference! In school life And Life's School ! Nov.25,2005. =========================== ======= 230. EGO ! ======= Go Go ego Go Quick Or Slow But go Ego Go. I am Not In you. You go. Let me Be me. So go. Go Go ego Go. Nov.25,2005 ======== ========================== 229.Poetic professionalism ==================================== I think I should compose a poem now. Its almost two hours I last composed. I do not know how I forgot to do one. You decide the punishment be to me. I am lazy fellow;I know it;I love that. But I am not that lazy when its poem. Even while sleeping, I continue to do Thousands of poems in every minute. You are a lucky guy to day to escape From reading of poem by me for you. But that cannot be the escape for me From composing poem as my routine. Now leave me alone,you dear friends! Let me compose a new poem for you! Nov.17,2005 ==================================== =============== 228.Whats going on? ================================= My mind so mild My body well built My soul so soft. You are very weak Your eyes deep,dry, Sunken and sick. Why me looks well? Why are you so ill? We both not human? Is any one over there Behind unseen wall? Give Him a big hand. For what? Know not? Nov.16,2005. ==================== ============ 227.Search Results ================= I searched 'my love' from G. They sent 13 million sites. I asked me:'How old am I?' I found:'13 million nights.' Ever since I have been born I am ever in love with you My God! I am not torn,worn Intact I am, as made by you. My God,I have loved you And You have loved me We have loved each other Our love goes on forever. I asked me:'Your age,please !' I found:'As long as love lives.' 10/25/2005 ================== =========== =========== Sun will not rise By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ========================================= In the heart of my heart,I have a feeling That the sun rises to hear birds' singing. On the day, birds will stop their singing, Then sun also shall not rise that morning. It must be foolish that I think like this. But this mine heart will never be foolish. 8/25/2005 ========================================= ===================== Why blame God ! ============== Extravagance has come down with vengeance. God's good and free gift thrown to negligence. Nights are changed to days by bulbs,tube light; How can God help self infflicted human plight? ===================== Woman ===================== God's only valuable gift to world is "WOMAN" Without that gift,the world is a desert barren. 5/31/2005 ================================= You Only! ================== Virtue depends on none. It develops on its own. Others can't for you eat Stomach empty you eat. ================== ===================== I am the thorn, you're my red rose. You are my poetry, 'am your prose. Me tree trunk,you entwine creeper Me outer body you my soul deeper. ===================== ============ 226.Good Good Bad Bad ================================= Once a good guy and a bad guy died at the same time. Both the souls went up not wasting any time on earth. Unfortunately,bad in heaven and good in hell entered. Several years passed away,when God realized blunder. So he called them both and asked them to pardon Him. Both looked at Him and questioned what did happen. He explained to them what blunder He had done them. Both started laughing at Him on hearing of the pardon. The bad guy said he never found anything was wrong; The good guy said he never found anything was wrong. The bad guy said he had converted the heaven in hell. The good guy said he found all well inside of the hell. Wherever good guy goes,all good with him also goes. Wherever a bad boy goes, all bad with him also goes. October 21,2005. ================================= ========== 225.Very powerful ! ============================ We are the most powerful nation in the world. No one can dare launch a war and win over us. Our bombs,our missiles, war ships and planes. And if in one hour one hundred inches it rains! No one can dare launch a war and win over us. Oct.06,2005 =============================== ================ Destiny is destiny; Fruitless a mutiny. Submit, surrender Is effortless,wiser. Sept.29,2005 ================ 224.This way : that way ! By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ====================== He caught fire from burning wire; Ran,fell in me to save from dying. Met his death in my colder water. Poor soul didn't know swimming. Sept.29,2005 ====================== ================ 223.Real Friends ================ I wanted a little light. Some one lighted candle; I wanted a little more light. Some one switched on tube light; I wanted a little more powerful light. My close friends put my house on fire. I was saved alive but my eyes gone; Thanks,now I do not require light. Now I want light talk from you. You all are nice;you help me. You take pity on me daily. I too listen to all of you. You light my blind life, Yours a Lovely Gift. Hats off to you. My Real Good Great Friends! Your sympathy is Exemplary! Sept.27,2005 ======================= ========== 222.Wanted readers! ====================== I am a poet. I write poems. I post them. Groups publish them. Other poets also write the poems. They post them Groups publish them I hardly read them. Do they read mine? I will write them. I will publish them. Sept.21,2005 ===================== ========== 221.Fall in Love ======================= This is the very concise Guide Book. This teaches you how to fall in Love, When to fall in Love and Why not to. Love-spring-fall is a universal game. First stand erect in front of the girl. For that you first decide on the girl. It is good if it is a love at first sight. If it is so,you need no more insight. Lesson #1: Now stare at her, she will also stare. Try to move onwards further to her. She suddenly moves to her left side. You fall headlong; learn first lesson. Lesson #2: If you are a minor,your elder brother; As girls like minor and love only major. Let him enjoy his fall headlong in love; Until eligible,you go on watching falls. Lesson # 3. Fall is fall.It hurts. Be it Spring or Fall. Keep this truth to heart.Never forget. Now stand erect in front of girl right If she moves onward,you move right. Lesson # 4. Spring-Fall,major-minor,right-wrong. Love is blind; when fall, fall headlong. Sept.20,2005 ======================= ================ 220.Death living =============================== You were sick, needed money; You knew I had that in plenty. I did not give any, also I lied; That was first time that I died. "Other sources, get any money?" "No,I said," though got plenty. From this source check received. That was a second time, I died. My lies went on so succeeding; My purse went on so fattening. My number of dying so went on; You say I am lively and living! Yes,friends! for you 'am alive; Eyes, ears,mouth,nose all live. Only I know, in one life alone, How many deaths undergone? Still say I am lively and living! Aug.29,2005 ====================== ================== 219.Poem forever ! ================== Stars are words Sky, a sheet of paper Its God's poem Poets write it on sheet of paper in starry words You read it I read it We forget it. Sky remains Stars remain HIS poem remains Aug.8,2005 ================= ================ 218.Please,Lord! ================ Lord,,make me walk my eyes closed And let me talk with the lips closed. I know you're no ordinary magician. This,then,is smallest request posed. I know you never ask question "Why" That is my reason I am not at all shy To ask for things very extraordinary; None has asked of you this so easily. I promise you I will never misuse it; I promise you,shall sparingly use it. I will walk unto you with eyes open. I will sing my prayer with lips open. This I shall use when I am in crowd; Eyes, lips shut, me in YOU drowned. Aug.11,2005 ===================== ==================== 217. Sans thought,hence thought ! ============================ Think Think things Think things that turn thin Think things that turn thick Thick things then turn thin Thin things then turn torn Torn things turn thorny Thorny turns tough Tough things tiring Tear then thinking Turn thoughtless Thoughtless? Tick "yes" Thoughtful that is. Take thinking To turn thoughtless To turn thoughtful. 8/1/2005 ==================== ====================== Words work ======== Sometimes heart is too full for words; Eyes roll out tears in place of words; It can take place of communication; But others can hear,feel only words. 7/9/2005 ====================== ======================= Real relativity ========= Anything is shorter than next one. Nothing is a better than later one. Wiser counsel prevails:keep mum. See and listen to all, but ask none. 6/29/2005 ======================= ============================ Why blame God ! =========== Extravagance has come down with vengeance. God's good and free gift thrown to negligence. Day and night are replaced by bulbs,tube light; How can God help self infflicted human plight? ============================ ============= 216.Fuel to fire! ================================== You slapped me in presence of many; I did not get angry and utter a word; You thought you were strong,sturdy; I thought you were sick and coward. When I was loitering in the garden You came from behind, pushed me; I did not get angry and utter a word; I thought you were sick and coward. I was reading,you came so suddenly; You torn my book,spoke words dirty; I did not get angry and utter a word; I thought you were sick and coward. Whyn't got angry and said a word? I was praying inward for his good; Tell me is it proper to be angered And also pray for his brotherhood. Anger to anger adding fuel to fire; I don't spoil fuel; use cool water. 7/27/2005 ================================= ========= 215."Top" secret! ====================== Look at the base of mountain; Look at the top of a mountain; Measure base in several miles measure top in feet, not miles. Shops and malls around base. Town and people by the base. Clouds and thinned air on top. Not a soul lives up at the top. Try to go to atop!Fool you are! To be in clouds and to eat air! Risk costly life God has gifted; None knows when be shifted? Come near, lend me your ear; [Some ***** is on top there!] Or else why all do remember Only them;not any of us here! July/19/2005 ======================= ================= 214.Life made of! ===================== Angles and lines; Is life geometry? Stones and dust; Is life geography? Element and rust; Is life chemistry; Ebb,tide and roar. A marine geology? In simplest terms Life is a small dot: And this tiny dot is line,dust,rust,roar. How wide and vast A dot has life cast? 7/15/2005 ====================== ===================== 213.Game versus Game! ============================================= I am alerting you, all the people of the world! To morrow morning,I will let loose my world! You will find hunger,anger,sickness,diseases! You will find nakedness,wickedness,sorrows! Dried well of eyes, hanging skin, limping legs! Empty stomach, bending waist, dropped neck! Morning press announced a clamping curfew! The world body ordered none shall come out! We shall spray chemical in open atmosphere! We want to purify polluted,contaminated air! They know I am an effect,they are the cause! They see what an upsurge my alert will pose! Attempt by them not to allow you to witness! But they don't know their plan I can undress! To the world, by my words in my little poems! I will open their secret gate and undress them! I will let loose my muse to more effective use! My poems will put their necks in tight noose! 7/13/2005 =========================================== ========== 212.Script all read! ================================== Man writes on small piece of paper, He writes in script he understands; Others not knowing, not peep at it; Only less looks and more overlooks. God writes on a big canvass of sky He writes in script of similar stars. All look at those and understand it God's script all read, none ignores. Has a man that that the God hasn't! Isn't man an ant before an elephant? 7/8/2005 ================================== ============= 211.Naturally ============================================= Anxiety is negation of curiosity,the positive. Preconceived thoughts are no,never productive. Biased views with attached focus lead astray; "Always go with things as they come your way" 7/3/2005 ============================================= ============ 210. No more ! ====================== I want day light. Why? To lead. To read. To feed. I want day light. I want dim night. Why? To meditate. To introspect. To be quiet. I want dim night. Enough for me Day and night. I do not require Electrical wire, Bulbs,tube-lights; Alright daynights. 6/29/2005 ===================== ================== 209.Hot New World ============================== The sun suddenly started blazing one morning; Heat developed so fast and scorching furious Waters of oceans on earth began to evaporate And mountains on earth started melting down To filling up the vacuum created by sea water. The waves disappeared giving way for melting hills and mountains spread a sheet of burning hot juices from stones,minerals and what not! The heated hot surface of earth sucked vapour from air; drying melted pulp started throwing its own wealth out in air hitting human faces, Converting them to hard rocks which suddenly Got gulped below by smooth surface of earth. This ghastly drama lasted hardly a few seconds and whole world we knew earlier changed into New sun flashing from down up above the sky; Old sun flashing from up above to below down; Both clashed mid way creating third hot world; Who knows who will occupy a hot new world? I wish not spared to write this report for none. Ghosts only spared and they don't require one. 6/27/2005 [Note:Imagine Third World War began and ended. Only I survived amongst ghosts.] ============================================= ====================== 208.Potential Threat! =================================== There far far off and near over here, On the sea shore, on banks of river, Up mountain tops and upon incline, Levelled earth and dense woods in, I see Castles,Palaces,shining brass. From my tiny Hut of mud and grass A delegation from those occupiers of the Castles and Palaces owners is waiting on my open absurd door. I appear,my eyes fixed on the floor. A man in gold hat and a gold pin tie Looks at me with piercing blue eye; Points me to talk to a man his near Holding a diamond pen,silver paper. Before I opened mouth to ask what, He told in graphite voice:'You goat, How dare you live among us, here? Shame on you, you dare live here? Go, file bankruptcy papers in court. Court will give you big palatial Fort. If you will not abide by what I told, We will convert to mud all our gold, And all palaces into mud grass hut, And make your living very difficult. 6/21/2005 ==============END====================== =============================== 207.Tomorrow sun rises in east! ================================================= There is always tomorrow with sun rising in east. Tomorrow with sun rising in east may be in mist. Sun rising in the east in mist and mist is clearing. In the east in mist and mist clearing,sun is rising. There is always tomorrow with sun rising in east. Moon may, may not appear,so may stars behave. Nights may have light,may be bright,dark, grave. Day is bright,less or more,never absent,how nice! Winter or summer,raining or drizzle,snow or ice; There is always tomorrow with sun rising in east. Like moon,like star,like night,like winter,summer Like rains,like drizzles,snow,ice,things may occur in life;may be light, bright,may be dark and grave. But life goes on,never pauses;sails on time wave. There is always tomorrow with sun rising in east. Change sun,change east,change tomorrow? Think. How fixed,how unchanging!Take life like it or sink. 6/20/2005 ==============END================================ ========================= 206.Dialogue: Grand-pa and Grand-daughter ========================= How old are you,my dear grand-da? I am 9 years old,my dear grand-pa. Which grade are you,dear grand-da? I am in second grade,dear grand-pa. Do you study in class or just play? I study in class and on ground play. Very good,my dear,always do that. Yes grand-pa,I will always do that. Grand-pa,I love you.How old are you? I am 72 years old. Eight times you. Grand-pa,give me a promise or I cry; You will die, only after I will die. 6/16/2005 ========================= =============================================== God's only valuable gift to world is "WOMAN" Without that gift,the world is desert barren. 5/31/2005 =============================================== ======================= 205.A Real Blank Verse ! =========================================== How did you like my above Blank Verse? Where is it?How dare you can say this? I have toiled day in and day out you see To give the final touches to it and finish. I feel great that you cannot find it out. Don't feel let down if don't find it out. How can you find out for it is the Verse We call it Blank.Blank if seen,its worse. All poets,I entreat you one and all,yes! Come forward to write the Blank Verse. Let the world live in a vacuum heaven Of poems from preA and postZ written. 6/15/2005 ============================================= ================ 204.My Darling ! ======================== Husband: Why do you ask me how do you look? There is a mirror beaming in the nook. Walk in there,look into it and find out My opinion in no way will ever count. Wife: You are my stupid idiot dumb husband You cannot reply such simple question How I chose you, love was really blind Now what can be done new how I find? Husband: 'Really sweet heart,I tell you the truth You look most beautiful, a fairy in tale' Wife: 'My love right,you are most intelligent. My darling husband and my sweet heart. 5/27/2005 ========================= ======== Time healer ======== Every thing takes its own time. Time too is one of every thing So time too is taking its time To heal the wound,reopen sting. 5/27/2005 ====== Freedom ============= Locks and keys be destroyed Freedom to be fully enjoyed Let go to the dogs treasures Let home let in all pleasures 5/14/2005 ============= You Only! ================== Virtue depends on none. It inculcates only alone. Others can't for you eat Stomach empty you eat. 5/11/2005 ================== =================== 203.Lost and Found ================================ Yesterday some one wanted me I then found out that I was lost I searched me all around house All saw my face,smiled, got lost. I lodged complaint with police: 'wanted me, searched but lost.' They wrote that name was 'Me' And noted:'Mr.Me has been lost.' They asked for Me's photo print I told them to take one of mine They refused,that was not legal If Me lost, cannot publish mine. I said I shall re-try to refind me If I find me, shall withdraw this. I got up;cop behind pressed me I yelled loudly: 'Me hurt by this' Suddenly I jumped up in ecstacy Told officer:I am my missing Me. 12:21 PM 5/23/2005 ======================== ====================== 202.Buck up,quickly! ====================== Hasten,hurry up, quick quick Walk,run or fly,but don't wait Note tunes,tones,notes,numbers Time of day,immediate,prompt Rapid,vapid,,snappy smart Don't waste time,swiftly start Fast and furious,abrupt and fleeting On hand move with speed,no quitting Expeditious abrupt,momentary,transient Briefly but sudden,agile and nimble Deft and sharp,alert and bright Hasty and instant, speedy and fast Lively active, clear head and apt Ready, on the ball, able and keen Brisk and imprudent, rash and summary Animated, precipitate and cursory Vital,alive,impetuous,impulsive Vigourous with activity and power Meteoric, brilliant, electric, instantaneous Spry, spot, speedy, smart and dextrous Early,crisp short but brisky short Not criminal, lawless or legal tort Essential,vital, I remind you,My dear! Quicker,quickest on speed,is it clear? Yes,I wanted to convey you a thing 'To Do' And do it very quick,very fast, immediate. I showed quickness in few words straight. But forgot what was it 'To Do' immediate? Please God, help me quick and immediate None can help me as none is near my gate . 5/20/2005 ========================================= ============================= 201.Bye Bye Blank Verse! ============================= "Blank Verse! Blank Verse! When did you come?" "When poets stopped rhyming,I was wel-come." "Blank Verse!Blank Verse! what's your response?" "Very worse! Some say 'blank', some say 'worse'. Don't worry Blank Verse,take now new identity. You will be 'Free Verse' now in every university Now none will change you from verse to worse Since on 'Free',none will dare add a bad 'Worse.' "Blank Verse, Blank Verse,are you now pleased? 'Worse' in a wanted list; and 'Blank' now seized. With 'Free' you are almost the Statue of Liberty Poets will love and compose 'Free Verse' poetry. Critics now have case:'Blank Verse/Free Verse?' Poets:'Any Verse;but hell to rhyme use in verse.' 8:03 PM 5/7/2005 ================================ ========================== 200.Who is he? ========================== They come to you when they are in a pain They return from you with a smile in chin They come in a car or they come in a train They may come on foot supported by kin. Their faces are down,their eyes half open Their steps faulter,their hands are shaken They talk so lowly words are hardly heard But for you,that meaning is loudly cleared. You say words pleasant,they feel jubilant Their face brightens,eyes gleam brilliance Legs are calm,hands cool,speech faultless You say kind words,write on paper's face. You're God's messenger,a human saviour We respect you ever, for you are a doctor. 5:44 PM 5/7/2005 ============================ ============================= 199.Unfortunate Thief ============================= Yesterday night when me and family fast asleep A thief entered,stole what in his hand could slip Some how I woke and stealthily him I did look So that I would not disturb him in what he took. He opened a drawer and drew out from it a key He put in hand bag cash,gold ornament,jewelry From corner of my eye I saw him looking more Somewhat satisfied, got ready to leave for sure. I slowly laughed but he heard it and went scared He caught me by neck,placed a hand on my stare I did not oppose,he too a calm and left my place Cops darted in a little later and started their race. I told them what had happened for I had it seen 'Why did you not hold the thief who held you in.' I told them point blank:'It wasn't very necessary; He had stolen only gold ornaments,cash,jewelry. The poor thief took away only gold,cash,jewelry He left my treasures of labour,pain,work, poetry. So my real treasure has depleted very negligibly He left my treasures of labour,pain,work, poetry.' 1:27 PM 5/6/2005 =============================== ========================= 198.Slippery Offer* ========================= I am a very lazy man.My laziness is ideal. I am always offered millions in 'won deal' I don't go beyond subject:'you win lottery' or 'from air plane deceased's any left will' I was just planning to call all past emails; Take short vacation,follow up and collect All multimillion dollars,keep in my locker, Worship Bank Receipts and playing poker. Awaken from an alert of the slippery "biz." Let me postpone vacation and idly sleep. Only if none responds but buys a grocery Or man as me, concentrate on the poetry. Millions will read it, millions will so enjoy Millions be happy, any penny to destroy? 9:59 AM 5/3/2005 *We get emails re:lottery winning;money left without will and offering part for smooth facilitating etc. ========================= ========================= 197.Wise Fool ! ========================= There is no scarcity of fools in the world There is flood of fools like me all around There is no dearth of wisers in the world There is flood of wisers as you all around. Fools like me move freely here and there None comes near us, knows how we fare. The wise toils hard,boils hard,coils hard; Succeed to run away from we,the hazard. Only one wrong; fools,wise live together Wise thinks except him fool are all other Fool thinks except him fool are all other Truth remains fool and wise close,closer. No? Then why wise called other:'you fool!' And why fool called other:'you,bloody fool!' 10:21 AM 5/3/2005 ============================ ====================== 196.Solid Basis ====================== Honesty in foundation And truth in operation Success a trivial story Life is full satisfaction. Roots is a hidden base Branches outside dress Leaf a come-go victory Fruit fully fulfilled face. Paint your outside walls Publish all soaring sales Show upgoing balances Still have landslide falls. Cannot swap basic piety Of the truth and honesty. 4/29/2005 ====================== ====================== 195.Cause of Crime. ====================== I am drunk, I am dreaming I am young and I am alone Say, who committed crime If my clothes down drawn? I am dreaming,I am young I am alone.Many are alone. I am drunk; so its my crime Others' clothes not drawn? I am young and I am alone I am dreaming, I am sober Well dressed, in a civil zone Crime now is forever gone. Let drink go to sink,not vein Culprit is caught,I'm in gain. 4/29/2005 ========================= ========================= 194.The Richest Poet ========================= I had a penny and I had a priceless poem But poem was very valuable like the gem I wanted few to read it and comprehend. And not to debate what they understand. Like rich people keep costly gem in vault Not let it be known lest stolen in assault Please chain my invaluable poem in brain So none traces it,loots for individual gain. But you were to blunder,I apprehended Burglars for publisher stole and handed Conceit auctions held,in millions it sold Penny, poem I held,now a penny I hold. What a happy soul I am,no poorer at all I still feel my penny in torn pocket hole. 4/28/2005 ========================= ======================= 193.Time Table ======================= At 4.00pm, I always fall sick on road At 10.00pm I regularly embrace God. That is time my happiness all prevail And I feel cheerful, comfortable,well. Morning takes away from me my God It throws me back to fall sick on road I know not the time when it will be 4 But now I'm feeling sick; it must be 4 It's every day.God has set my routine I float on salty water of the day's sea But to day,it was different and wrong I got out dead from bed singing song. I shook hand with waiting death's arm I see whom God embraces at 10.00pm. 4/28/2005 ====================== ====================== 192.Silent tears ====================== When I put my foot out I saw you speaking, out I saw you,you saw me You smiled; so I smiled. I went to park for a walk You there from nowhere I saw you, you saw me You smiled; so I smiled I was coming my home You coming your home I saw you, you saw me You smiled; so I smiled Will you let me be alone? My heart dry,my eyes dry God's sake cross me not I want to rain,want to cry. 8:53 AM 4/24/2005 ================== =========================== 191.Why are you locked in prison? ============================ The lock is laughing open The bunch of keys is gone Shop shutter shut,Sunday Cannot go out in my open? I am healthy,thumping leg I am not sick,lying on bed My inside craving outside I must go out,yes outside. What of home? leave open? Hell with lock,hell with key? Hell with all. Let doors ajar. Kept ajar,then safer they are. Now I am out in my fresh air. Sun bathes my body in glare. 1:04 PM 4/22/2005 ============================== =========== 190.The Writers' Stop TheWritersStop ====================== Is it a train stop? Trains stop here? Is it a bus stop? Bus stops here? Is it a writer's stop? Writers stop here? Movement,mobility, On the stops stop. And a writer's ability? Write.Must here drop. I am nearing a stop. Let me down drop. 4:20 PM 4/21/2005 ================================= ========================= 189.money? sorry honey! ========================= man money material management if all have all no chaos at all not rulers' rule only auto rule. management material money man when will this happen? will these ever happen? yes With Money's Murder ! remain man material management 5:49 PM 4/20/2005 =========================== ======================= 188.Guru is God ! ======================= When I was a small kid My parents always said: Guru is the God's dream Go to a guru to see Him I liked play,hated guru Liked a bull not school Saw in teachers a guru Not thought I was fool Time moved each mode Fell ill,a call ! O My God 'Show my guru, My All' "You be yours,my small " I turned well,jingle bell I got my God,jingle bell 11:14 AM 4/19/2005 ============================= 187.I have pardoned William Shakespeare ! ========================= I need help from great internet fraternity. Only they have time,aptitude and facility. Why my letter from Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare,return:'Lives no such entity' None stopped him from changing abode. How could he ignore such common code? He should have extended least courtesey To inform friends,relatives of new abode. The carriers loaded,unloaded all luggage From olden hermitage to golden cottage; But he must sure be unaware of change Busy writing, projecting computer range. Though things moved to the place better He was composing tragedy on computer So engrossed,deeply sunk in it,unaware, I must pardon him for my returned letter. 1:29 PM 4/18/2005 ========================= ========================== 186.Honesty,truth may pay strange way ========================== In dark I saw garland of gold I shivered like frozen ice cold. I imagined that was the snake So I did not bend down to take Others looked on, I, mad man! From where was I,Gentleman! They bent down and picked up Tried giving me, but I ran up Thief,call the cop, sirens sound Crowd thrilled, me caught,bound Put in car, driven police station Booked:'gold garland not taken.' 'Lord,not my,so not take,was nice' "Why ran up and not called police?" 'I sensed snake,so did not take'. 'Found guilty; jail till day break." 1:23 PM 4/14/2005 ===================== =============================== 185.Perspective =============================== Each thing has to be weighed, watched and wasted. Be it a discretion,perception,grain, jewellery jadded. Each in its place looks good,a marvel for little while; You turn your back and it is just worth a sand pile. 1:08 PM 4/12/2005 ======================== 184.Discretion ======================== The wise saint preached peace,humility All worshipped him with godly sanctity His devotees moved,wouldn't take rest And spread that message with full zest Once before king, came such a devotee And told king in all peace and humilty: "Why did you hang him? O Great King, He was like you and me, human being?" Before plea fell on king ears any more His head was found rolling on the floor. Shakespeare was really right therefore 'Discretion is the better part of valour. 11:31 AM 4/11/2005 ========================= ====================== 183 keep mouth shut ====================== poet says am something readers say you nothing printers publisher laugh ha, ha you both nothing. poet stopped composing readers yearn for reading printers on road begging kind poet resumes writing. poet now, does not boast readers in the room, read printers not seen on road all are happy,all are good. i call all please be quiet let poem flow from poet. March 24,2005 ========================== 182.only way ======================= in hand a rod,legs on road eyes on goal,and standing. A mad I am ? people watch in hand a rod,legs on road eyes on goal, and walking. goal I reach,people watch. move,move,don't stagnate open to enter desired gate. reach, greet, goal getting. March 9,2005 ======================== 181.What a Fool I had been! ================== Unemotional and dull I am real bloody fool When all lose temper I keep calm and cool. Dad called me idiot Mom said am stupid When I saw teacher Throat for water cried. I should now leave Now that I'm bored. Friends now arrive And we all roared. Dad I found laughed Mom I caught smiled Boring sank in ground Happy sounds around. Who is a bloody fool? Mom,dad and school ! I rethink it in my cool, I was that bloody fool. 12:28 PM 3/5/2005 ================ 180.Power prevails ================================================== A big elephant was loitering in woods in leisure; A tiny small mosquito silently entered into his ear; Small mosquito thus committed elephant's murder; All animals were witnesses to mosquito's blunder. The jackal filed Public Interest Litigation appeal Before the Highest Branch of Jungle Rule of Law Against mosquito community to leave the woods And prosecute against the concerned mosquito. The largest-ever bench of peacock, crow and bat; Monkey, donkey squirrel; cuckoo, cow and cat; The sparrow, fly and hippo; wolf, buffalo,tiger Discussed public plea, judgment ready to deliver. Lion appeared on scene, roared fiercely in anger. Bench was vacant; all disappeared in His Honour. 11:25 AM 3/1/2005 =============== 179 Where is me? =============== me I am in a poem any time at home me I am play in play see into sea night and day me I am you you are road running without car me I am height of magic rabit from hat sound in music me I am he in she par in part she in he look look every nook art hanging every hook bend in end form a form paper piece Poe's poem? 12:09 PM 2/25/2005 ======================== 178.A poet plays cricket ======================== Poets write poems; so can be said without least bother. Poets Minus, write poems, can appreciate poet brother. Poets Plus, write poems, read others critique on them. Poets Double Plus, read their critique, also reply them. Poets Triple Plus, don't read, or critique others' poem. Cricketers must concentrate on playing of only cricket. But when not playing, may watch others play with bat. May also shout out if other player plays a wrong shot. May clap with joy if the other player plays great shot. When out of game,cricketer may wear commentator?s coat. But I am a great fool to write about poet and cricket. A poem uses a soft word and cricket uses a long bat. I know soft words can panic;hard balls too can panic. I know even soft word can hurt one hard if sarcastic. I know hard ball hits as if from behind a sudden kick. But then proper playing ball makes a cricketer great. So correctly using word makes man a greater poet. 12:59 PM 9/2/2004 ============== 177.God's gift ============== Drink water from river; The water is flowing and fresh; Breathe air from woods; The air is all vigour and zest. Sleeping under tree shade; Sleep is sound,short and sweet; Pluck a hanging apple red; Eating is as if a heavenly treat. Let feet touch bare earth; Feel in head vibrating health; Raise hands up in prayer; Reach His showering wealth. All this for no money; Not buy one and get one free. Sept.1,2004. ================================ 176.America, Freedom and Liberty ================================ You are enslaved there,don't worry; America is here watching in worry; Waiting for chance to see you free; Making sure you enjoy true liberty. Slavery! Forbidden from freedom! America not compromising ! Never; We live,we die for beloved freedom; Against slavery our toes up forever. Don't misunderstand we want rule; Don't misunderstand if we are cool; We don't like slavery,not any where; our hands all up to still it any where. We love America, we also love you; You too love liberty,much as we do. America joins hands not for territory; America joins hands only with liberty. 12:18 PM 8/19/2004 =============================== 175.Your voice differ,O Water! =============================== Hanging from a sky above, all along! Sleeping deep below in a well,amazing! Form of a fall to fall down headlong! Sitting in earthen pot and overflowing! Any problem to keep quiet a moment? From top ceiling,drop down with noise; Find a slope and gallop with torment; When find a way,flow with silent poise. Go on,Water,live however you do like! Go on,Water,move wherever you like! Finally have to mingle in ocean water; Turn into salt to make world sweeter. 11:59 AM 8/17/2004 ============== 174.Love lives ============== Rat and cat, next to next, you may not expect. We have read wild animals rearing a child lost. We heard, hermit in cave,lion protecting gate; Exists love! Eagle and dove,not a wild thought. 11:05 AM 8/11/2004 ================== 173. Happy journey ================== Basket of sky is filled with stars; And full of people,crust of earth; When men leave, born are stars; Sky basket thus full,never short. Why people stare at stars in sky? To get glimpse of some one known; To ask him to book a berth nearby He may visit him soon on his own. Though the basket of sky ever full; Never tight,ever light;keeping cool; Come one,come all, always happy. To receiving his kins in his canopy. When we die,we fly and go to sky, To visit our own kins. Why to cry? 8:32 AM 8/4/2004 ================= 172.What is love? ================= Have I ever said,'I love you?' You never said you loved me. Whats between me and you? I married you,you married me. The children call you mother; And they call me as their dad; We all eat on table together; And you put them all to bed. When I leave home for work, I watch you standing at door; And when I return from work, I find you smiling at the door. Its true I never spoke of 'love' Its true you too not said that; Do we need our love we chat? Its too late when we live that. redone Feb.4,2005 ====================== 171.I am my own master ====================== Over me,do you want to rule? I am sure you must be a fool. I live in home of wood,leaves. I eat food that nature gives. I wear dress from dead skin; I sleep on bed of grass green. I don't need roads and cars; I don't need home and bars; I don't need scope and hope; I don't need stack,wardrobe. I don't need planes,air fare; I am happy with my free air. My light is the moon and sun; I have my legs on them I run; I use hands till I wish to work; No labels like clerk and perk. Now say: Over me,do you want to rule? I am sure you must be a fool. 6:11 PM 7/15/2004 ======================== 170.Pure sure your cure ======================== My eyes close when it wants to see more closely; Why so? I don't know as I pay not a penny really; And you know,I turn alone,one amongst so many; And I get and taste treasure not known to many. When ears accompany the eyes, results you see, Like deserting atoms from atom bomb below sea; Surface smiling,waves still forming,come and see; Energy in full,head still cool and you yourself be. Ears and eyes close-by close;soul from sleep rose; World to be a garden full of rich and fragrant rose; I,kissed by heavenly bliss;joy just jumping on toes; Where is pain?All is gain;all friends and none foes. Friends,seek this treasure from within;not very far; Just close eyes,magic wand, rabbit of joy out of jar. July 7,2004 ================= 169.Truth Finally ================= I always speak truth; That is the truth. People don't like this; That is the truth. Still I stick to the truth; That is the truth. Now people like truth; That is the truth. So victor is the truth; That is the truth. So start speak truth; Nothing but truth. June 25,2004 ================ 168.Heaven is here ================ Stars and moon light; How romantic a night Forest full of animal World of beauty real. Birds flying over sky; My spirit soaring high. Now you smiling here Heaven is not farther. [May 29,2004] ======================= 167 Dilemma ======================= You gave me four apples To divide exactly equally Between the two couples; No more or no less to any. I examined every apple unit; Each one different in weight. Each one in colour different; Each unequal in measurement. One was raw and one was ripe; One this kind;one that type. Now I looked at two couples. The result was very horrible. Two of them were females. And two of them were males. Two were wearing trousers; And two were wearing skirts. Two of them shorter in size Two of them taller otherwise Now tell me what I should do Each one to get exactly equal? Monkey justice showed me way; I ate all apples. what you say? Jan. 15,2005[redone] =================== ======================= 166 Thus reached goals. ======================= I have seen it breaking; Not once,many times; I heard this cracking; Not once,many times. I have seen it rising; Not once,many times; I watched this revising; Not once,many times. I saw him to day on top With his head held high, His legs willing to hop Downwards into valley. Thus reached the gain; Thus reached all aims; Fallen once,fallen again; Rose again to the fame. [Feb.13,2003] ============== 165 My Sweet Home ============== Home is not fancy wooden door; Home is not of a concrete floor; Home is not made of brick wall; Home is not a picturesque hall. Door and floor and wall and hall; And aloft a giddy high rise dome. All these go to making of house; But they cannot make up home. Home is where everyone shares; Home is where everyone cares; Home is where everyone shields; Home is where everyone yields. Share and shield, care and yield; Home by these alone can build. Oct.10,2005 ================================= ================ 164.Man is manly ================================ Industrialists view him factory labour; Shop owners consider him customer; Saints see in him an obedient follower; Politicians feel a future favoured voter. Man views factory his bread provider; Man considers shop his wants seller; Man sees saints his right soul healer; Man feels politicians as his true ruler. Who thinks what has to be ought not; Man bothers not if his want is sought. Wake up Man ! You are factory, shop. You are saint and a politician's hope. Forget what they view, consider,feel; Beware, your future they do not seal. 15-Mar-06 [oct.2003] =================================== 163 Money is every thing ====================== I bought a big costly castle; Cost me whole lot of treasure. Walls were jealously painted In brilliant gold and silver. The bed bought was colonial; Cushion was exquisitely soft. Such is power of money,friends! Even heavens can be in hands. One day I suddenly fell ill; The best doctor was called in; I paid unbelievably fat bill; Bought the costliest medicine. Now am lying in my colonial bed; Looking at jealous,painted wall; Money now not coming to my aid; Waiting for my heavenly stroll. ========================= 162 Jesus,Cross and Kindness =========================== Once a thought came over my mind: Let me find a heart that is Kind. The search closed across a Cross. It was blood red like a red rose. So I found Kind heart in a cross. So I wear around my neck a Cross. I keep it hanging,touching heart. Keep reminding of touching heart. Bleed for others as he did bleed; Hang die on cross as one he died. Love our neighbour,as he had done. Pardon ignorant as he did pardon. Greatest treasure He left behind! Jesus,is there any one more kind? ======================== =============== 161 A quick marriage ================ G:You stole my heart. B:So what? G:You must marry me. B:What! G:You must marry me. B:Why not? G:What! B:I must marry you. G:Good thought. B:My fate,my lot! =============== 160 Chief thief me =============== This is my poem. It be for a game; Or be for a name. Mine all the same. It is of the word; Which is my world; However bad,stupid That is my own kid. As dew on a flower; Is word on a paper; Is beauty of heaven By the earth stolen. Yes,I am a thief; You are my chief; Sailing same boat; Steal pad,pen pot. ============== 159 No poets,No poetry ============== If all shops close down What will happen? New shops will open. No heavens fall down. If all trees fall down What will happen? New trees will grow. No heavens fall down. If all poets die down What will happen? No poets,no poetry remain; Earth becomes heaven. ================= 158 Substantial Poetry ================ Since you finished reading my above poem I so feel like asking you this question: How did you like it?Is it too simple one? Any difficulty in rating:bad or good one? I see I have not used rhythm or rhyme. I have connived at measures and meter. No theme,no figure of speech,no forms. No number of lines to relate to norms. Now poems are written sans all these; Now poems are read without all above; So I liked to progress a little more; So I wrote that poem seen here no more. Can there be poem without all above? Can then you read without any above? =========================== 157 Desire ============ Open windows Fresh air Green grass Feet bare Good morning Sun light Good evening Good night Silver moon Twinkling star O my friends How you are? ========= 156 When shall I write a good poem? ======================== When shall I write a good poem? I have been trying to write one. Since the day when I was born, I have been crying to find one. Other brothers say I write good; I also say they too write well. I know good poem is far far away; I know what I read is not so well. Let some one write something fine; Let my life feel I am not wasted; Let some one be born to oblige me; Let me feel well till life lasted. Why one will write Just to oblige me? Must I just continue to waste me away? Satisfied in others calling mine fine? Satisfied in my calling others' fine? Have mercy,brothers,have mercy on me! Let there be rain of good ones on me! ================ 155 Smash the swords? ================ He killed him with the sword; Him killed he with the sword; The swords killed he and him; Who lived behind? The swords. So he should kill that sword; So him should kill his sword; So that he and him will live; But what if I produce swords? Not swords kill him,kill he; It is the idea to kill some; So no use to kill the swords; But kill ideas to kill some. So when that idea is killed Sword leaves,and man heaves. ============= 154 I am not far away ============= I am not sure when I asked me; 'I want to see the happy guy.' But I started to locate him; On earth,in sea and up in sky. On earth all were in warring; The list of sorrows was long; I compared it with list mine; I had none to which I belong. In sea,there was not a soul; In sky,there was not a soul; I wanted to locate happy guy? I found I was the happiest guy. We search outside;fools we are! Things within we search so far. ============= 153 My New Address ============= Friends,I am no more now. This is my new address: Post man can't deliver; Emails id is redundant. Telephones will not work; Telepathy,intuition work; If connected with hearts Surely forever I'm yours. So note this new address: To, The heart, Everywhere. Yours sincerely me. ============================= 152 You are a great poet =============== If it it is two lines It is a couplet; You wrote a poem; you are a poet. If it is four lines It is a quatrain; you wrote a poem; You in a poets' train. Add one laughing line; It is a limerick; You wrote a poem; Can be a Poet of Week. You made it fourteen liner? You wrote the sonnet; Your famous poem; You are a famous poet. Now Shakespeare,Wordsworth Will stand in queue To welcome you,O Great! Now you are a Great Poet! [re-done Feb.8.2005 ================== 151 Wrong tune ============= My heart tried sing a song; But tune turning was wrong. I tried find out the cause; The war was agog all along. Now I wait for war to end; Now I wait for war to end; Now I wait for war to end; Wrong tune then will mend. ========== 150 What's Life? ========== My heart has been pumping blood And I am living because of that; But to day my heart is bleeding; And am feeling that it is death. The heart is very much the same; The colour of the blood is red. Yesterday it was pumping a life; To day its bleeding as if dead. Then tell me who is that living? Then tell me who is it in death? Is that pumping sign of the life? Is that bleeding sign of a death? Answer simple; not a complicated; Not heart;you are living or dead. ========================= 149 America is a great country =================== Yes it is true,very very true; America is great united state! How generous,liberal and free! Real best is the united state! How can I pass such a judgment? Read hotmail inbox and content. Be millionaire,daily they say; Reduce weight and healthy stay; Some want my [?] larger,longer; Some say:while sleep be earner. Few say:read email and be paid; Do nothing,be rich;so I'm said. All these at such small price! Few dollars to be in paradise. Yes it is true,very very true; America is great united state! How generous,liberal and free! Real best is the united state! ===================== 148 A B C D ====== I don't have enough money I can't distribute to all; Can't make every one rich; Can't say rich equal each. I am still a rich person; I know my abcd very well; I can pass it on to all; I can make all happy soul. Simple truth,how ignored? Money,money,not yet bored? Blind we and money greedy? Let us pass on rich abcd! ================== 147 Unassuming miracle =================== The same sun there The same moon there. The same blue sky The same seeing eye. The same sun burning; The same moon cooling; The same sky holding; The same eye seeing. Miracles no miracle; Miracles so natural =========== Submit your poetry here! ........................ Are you ready with poetry? 'Submit" it! Go...Go... Gone! Aaaaaha!what you meet with? 'FakkaD*' friends,'LoL'** friends, Sympathetic friends extending hands, Poetic friends with more poetry. All adding colours to poetic artistry! Are you ready with poetry? 'Submit' it! And AAhaaaa,What a treasure You met with? ........... *A carefree person; **A person agreeing in whatever you say or write. Both words are from Indian Language. ======================= 146 One to Three;All must See ========================= Can we self-impose one condition: 'To comment three when write one?' 'To read each others till an end?' This way definite ours will mend. I am teacher;but you are masters. Must you not love to be earners? Send good one;comment good three; See readers return a roaring sea. One to three will cover all soul; One to three will voter all poll; One to three will tower all fall; One to three will power all soul. =============== 145 Damn you,money! =============== Money,man,money,money; How disastrous it is! Modify it;nullify it; Defy it;don't deify it. Imagine a me moneyless; And a you without money; Imagine each moneyless; Will all,of hunger,die? Man created it is true; Now it makes men fools; Ere further it fools you; Sink it in deeper pools. Say money is my servant; Say money not your boss; Say you are its creator; Say you are supreme boss. ========================= 144 Clean yourself ============== Men put watch on hand; Men put watch on wall; What I not understand, Why not watch on soul? Loves his washed hand; Loves colours on wall; Loves to see it often; But fears sinful soul. Now man,march further; Clean soul,go farther; Clean hands give call; Wash your souls' wall. Then to remain inside; God will there reside. ====================================== 143 And water of Ganges forever will flow ====================================== There will be fury of torrential rain; There will be dry,ugly face of famine; The mountain tops shall sleep in snow; And water of Ganges forever will flow. Seeds will be dried;seeds will be wet; Lands will be dried;lands will be wet; Trees will be dead;and trees will grow; And water of Ganges forever will flow. Weathers come and go;never steady row; God's fixity,sparsely spread and slow; Upto horizon,a human vision can go; And water of Ganges forever will flow. I can be here;I can be there;I will go; And water of Ganges forever will flow. ===================== 142 Money is every thing. ===================== I bought a big costly castle; Cost me whole lot of treasure. Walls were jealously painted In brilliant gold and silver. The bed bought was colonial; Cushion was exquisitely soft. Such is power of money,friends! Even heavens can be in hands. One day I suddenly fell ill; The best doctor was called in; I paid unbelievably fat bill; Bought the costliest medicine. Now am lying in my colonial bed; Looking at jealous,painted wall; Money now not coming to my aid; Waiting for my heavenly stroll. ========================= 141 Submit your poetry here! ========================= Are you ready with poetry? 'Submit" it! Go...Go... Gone! Aaaaaha!what you meet with? 'FakkaD' friends,LoL friends, Sympathetic friends extending hands, Poetic friends with more poetry. All adding colours to poetic geometry! Are you ready with poetry? 'Submit' it! And AAhaaaa,What a treasure You met with? ======================== 140 In search of a 'wonder' ======================== What is a ?wonder? ? Exclaims an aimless wanderer . What is a ?wonder? ? Thunders a lightning thunder. What is a ?wonder? ? Unmoved was the naked fakir. Nature,O,my mother nature! When will I find a 'wonder' ? *fakir means a care free saint. ============================ 139Art of Editing ================== 'Please edit it.' 'What is edit?'asked I. To this, he said In a manner delighted: "Something add to it; Or delete from it; But don't rewrite And/or overwrite; Just make it right To fit columnar height; If suddenly received an ad, Cut poem to include ad. Don't worry poem or poet sad; Shrink both; but add the ad." 'This is the, edit',he said; 'I now got it', I sadly said. [redone on Jan.16,2005] ===================== 138 9/11 Butterflies up in sky; Require that we reply? There flies also dove; There lives also love. ======================== 137 I am a Father :):) ======================= Here,here,very much here, I heard that in this ear, Though none is seen near, It can be no one but you. I heard you when a child, I heard you when growing; I heard you in day,night; It can be no one but you. You came as if a whisper, In the form of quiet air; You entered through mind; It can be no one but you. O poem,baby,don't forget, After all,I am your poet. Take all shapes you like, I will know you,my child. ========================= 136 Heart =========================== You began with the birth Others followed,on earth; Heart!True,Full of faith! You to stay till my death; You are poem in the pink; You,rosy eye in the wink; You are foam of sea roar; Ever ready on life-shore. Head above,keep it alive; Legs below,you let drive; Hate,love like crow,dove Keep life's cage on move. Heart,bloody closed fist; like sunshine behind mist. Never seen,for ever keen; Heart my kin!Ever within. My friend of first breath, Don't leave till my death. ======================= 135 You and me ============= you be a noise and roar, I will manifest in song; I be rose in the garden, you be the babul thorn. ======================= 134 SAND ----- I am sand;live in small particles; My home is desert and ocean shore; An ant in volume;can fly in a puff; Fit me in fist,I smoothly glide out. No value ever in the eyes of world; No value ever,moving in pain around; None here weep for me in this world; Am sand,all kick me out of the world. But have you ever travelled in desert? And for volume? Ever witnessed tempest? In scorching heat step out and realize; See roaring ocean how restrained by me. Don't think me weak,don't take me so; If offensive,land and sky I can blow. [Translation of original Gujarati poem by me] ===================================== 133 Lost while finding ===================== Dear Ladies and gentlemen, Where are men and women? Can you find them,help me Locate from human ocean? I lost my men on this earth, And women of great worth; I too am lost in this search; Cannot find with light,torch. Signals are sent all around; Reward high if can be found; People running;cannot trace; Themselves lost in the race. None knows a found or a lost; None there to claim a reward. 5/21/2002 11:25:14 AM ========================== 132 1 to 10 =========== One and two; Have fun now? Three and four; Have free tour. Five and six; Drive is fixed. Seven and eight; Heavenly delight. Nine and ten. Fun now when? Want again fun? Say ten to one. ==================== 131 Life and Dictionary. ===================== You said: death follows life; And success follows work; A marriage before a divorce; And a relative before friend. I held to those views before; But when I saw in Dictionary; The set patterns all have torn; Known views all in topsy- turvy . There death first,life afterward; Success first and work is after; Divorce first, marriage behind; Friend first and relative is later. This is called dictionary danger. So we misspell to display anger? =============================== 130 Every day a mother's day! ========================== 34 years it is,my mother's body Was put on pyre;I still remember; That evening was dark and cloudy; Flames glowing brighter,lighter. I still see that burning bright; I still see that reaching height; I still see that tear in my eye; I still see in store a deep cry. My mother,I don't call it a day! My mother,you are here,every day! ================================ 129 God lives here! ============== Why people pray God? They want to see Him; When illness we road; In Doctor we see Him . You,no less than Him, For us, sick mankind; So I love you as Him Like God,you're Kind. ====================== 128 Terrorism ========== My house was burnt; I could rebuild it. But: My wife was burnt; My son was burnt; My father was burnt; My mother was burnt; My sister was burnt; My brother was burnt. Advise me,my dear friends! How do I rebuild them? October 19,2005. ================== 127 Peace,free for all ================== This is my magical equation; It is not to be copyrighted; So every one of six billion Can use it free,uninhibited. Its re: how to achieve peace; Without cost,without expense; And that too without effort; Without big summit in comfort. Let me stop beating the bush; Let me open the magical bag; Let magic wand make you push To read these words on a tag. Let us all six billion people Observe fast once, all months; Let us all six billion people Keep silence once, all months. Let us all six billion people Live indoors once, all months; Let us all six billion people Destroy all weapons one month. Let us be faithful to our soul; Let us work for good of others; Let us earn wealth,use for all; Let us become brothers,sisters. Is now any doubts left in mind That peace cannot thus arrive? When all will work for mankind, Only fruit is peace men derive. And I have thus kept my promise I have shown your peace precise ==================================== 126 Recourse to Nature =================== I am a small plant now; I was a tiny seed before; The earth did not bother me when I was underneath with her. I did not thank the water; Still it quenched my thirst; The earth allowed me to stay; It did not ask for any reward. I am a small plant growing, Under a tall tree above me; Tree not asking me go away; Lets me grow under, further. There are seeds; There are plants; There are trees; We are all growing; All living together; Not warring against; All growing peacefully; All growing naturally. The seed is in mother's womb; The small plant is the child; The tall tree is the grown man; Still men in war,unnaturally. We have been showing this to mankind; But it is not kind enough to see it; Let them turn to us one day; We will show them peacefully,naturally ======================================= 125 No nonsense =========== Worked days of 25 hours, And 366 days of the years; Been working before birth; Nonstop even after death. If I have to refresh above; Will rewrite what's written; Same 25 hours,366 days, Before,after,births,deaths. What is this endless map? Or its some designed net? Since entered the cobweb, End must be my next step. So end must I; now, here; So end must I; now, here. ========================== 124 "I" aside ========== Its my lucky day; I killed my self, In a tricky sway, I put I on shelf. I now born again; I am now a child; My play I regain; Joy abounds wild. No,no about turn; No days to mourn; All play,all fun; And all good morn. A magical equation! Leave I on station; Get all goods back, Then lost on track. ---- [All worse arise from "I"; so why not to put it aside?] ---- =================== 123 Union and Onion ================ Of Government or human; A union is like an onion. Its shape round about; Thick with thin layers; Angry red;peace white; Price? piece of papers. Every one likes to eat it; No one likes its smell; Every one likes to use it; Repels if asked to smell. If you gain from union, Like you eat the onion, Shout:it is very useful; If failed:its big burden. Of government or human; A union is like onion. ====================== 122 Let me be ! =========== There is fragrance flowing from me around; The flowers every where in garden,ground; Music flowing from wind's and birds' sound; Spirit soaring high as though heaven bound. I am not in love nor the love scene near by; Friends and frenzy have slipped by bye bye; No sweet dreams, no moon beams breathe And still I can see, sea of joy is marching by. Well of joy,sky of high,happiness encasing; Blood flows flooding,flesh looks power flash; Bones are pounding, lungs to win, dashing Why I am in this,a happy and joyous mess? Gods of earth!Angels of heavens! Mercy! Back my pains,return my aches,let me be! ======================================== 121 Love Currency Reconciled ======================== We are all alone,said my girl friend; Tell me some things about you to day; I yearn to hear those lovelier words; I will love to hear what you will say. My wife is pretty as much as you are; My children lovely as much as you are; My home is heaven as much as you are; My life is lively as much as you are. I wish I had met you few years before; Could have been lucky to be your wife; And mother of all your lovely children And made heavenly and lovely this life. Still I am lucky that I am your friend; You find she in me;when she not around; I am also lucky;that you are my friend; My world is intact,when you are around. ====================================== 120 Scietifically Normal ==================== My one foot on ice, Other on hot plate; Science defines me. I'm in normal state. ====================== 119 Short poem is just like little child ===================================== When I see a little child, From wild I change to mild; But when I see a 7'+ human, I fear if I will go insane. I get panicky and scarred; I feel like going away far; I turn my head to hear sound If there is a child around. A little child, a small poem; I do love to play with them; I do love such poems be read As I lift child over my head. I can't hold 7'+ in my hand; I can't leave child from hand. ============================= 118 The King is Great ! ===================== He was born prince,he was great. No brothers no sisters,he was great. No uncles no cousins,he was great. So he became king, he was great. He had a queen and she was cute. When she spoke,as song from flute. He had only son,red hot as a sun. King loved him;but ever on the run. King was now old, he was great. Son now eligible, son now great. Son like a sun, he ashed the king. Son is now king,son is now great. King was killed and king was great; Son is now king, son is now great. ================================= ==================== 117.Nature and world By:Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand ================================== In this World nothing comes free. In this Nature every thing is free. How can we say we're any wiser? Living in a World,leaving Nature? Baby is born and baby has a cost. Baby is dead and baby has a cost. Cub is born and cub pays nothing. Cub is dead and cub pays nothing. In this World we call we are free; How freely we pay to call us free? In this Nature no one boasts free; A bird,an animal,a tree; how free? Now's time to show world Nature; Be real free like a bird,like a tiger. 1/20/2005 =================================== 116 Monologue deep within ======================== Now the eyes are asleep all days in; And dreams do play on eye curtains; Stage is set for constant monologue; Wanting is only desire for dialogue. Where am I? Who am I? how and why? Perplexes the ways of my with thy; Getting no where when I seek clue; My solo slips in thy monistic rue. Well,its day; let me go sleep now if; On night have I to play a solo brief ===================================== 115 President and Beggar ==================== A beggar once went to see Washington. After seeing he went to meet President; So greatly pleased was our President; He presented visitor beggar an elephant. Ever since president's this gigantic gesture, Washington is left with no single beggar. Beggars' Federation passed a Resolution. "Never visit the President in Washington." Aug.19,2005 ===================================== 114 True Liberty =================== Clouds rain for free; Rivers flow for free; Sun emits rays free; Tree fruits are free. Do birds ever barter? Do animals do trade? Does the air charge? Ever trees exchange? What does nest cost? What price is caves? Air has free cosmos; A jungle trees home. Nests envy not caves; Caves move not places; Air pays not jungles; Trees pay not woods. What is then freedom? What is then culture? It is an U turn from This world to nature ====================== 113 You are the real Authors and My Name ! ======================================= Yes,this is only under my name; But this is really yours poem; All its contents is only yours; But this is only under my name. You ask why not named as yours? Why under my name it is ending? Can you guess of long long list Of poets,poetesses never ending? All may concentrate only on name Thats there printed as yours is; Who will attend poem's contents That really belong to real each? Pardon me,you all poets of fame! I have signed my name,your poem; After all,whats there in a name? Lets peep into contents of poem ======================================== 112 Thoughtful money ======================= We four have a dollar bill in pocket We all exchange them with each other; We all are left with one dollar bill Changing paper money not a good deal. We all have a beautiful idea in mind We all exchange them with each other; We all are left with four ideas each. Changing idea is profitable and rich. Monetary change does not take you up. But conceptual swap moves and gallop. ===================================== 111 A million dollars ==================== Give me a hundred million dollars; I will show what its really worth. Then I can buy best of eye glasses; And cannot buy the natural vision. I can habitat very costly castles; And can't purchase family and home. I can join the very costly college; And not necessarily gain knowledge. Rich drink,rich food at my service; And no thirst,no appetite can I buy. Don't give me hundred million dollars, And make me such very wealthy poor. =================================== 110 Hopelessly in.. =============== Hi!Mr.Garbage! Hi!Miss Trash! How is Filth? All a great mess. Anything can I do? Is a can of help? Oh,junk and rubbish; Nonsense and refuse; Riffraff and rabble; Trifles and residuals; Obsolete and leavings; Remains,waste,disposals; Remnants,remainders; Debris,rubbish,bins; Pick ups and recycles; All a great mess; All dirt and removals. What a can be of help? Mr.Garbage!Thanks! ======================= 109 I have lost 'Me' =================== I suddenly thought I wanted stillness; May you say silence, Or seclusion,corner; Oblivion,loneliness. By any name you call, It does not involve More than me,all me. I closed my eyes; Put palms on ears; Faced towards wall; Then smelled floor; Took deep breathings; Switched off lights; Let body go to death; And mind stay still. But the clouds boomed; Lightnings thundered; Me stopped;you surfaced; They shouted;he showed; Valleys echoed there; It multiplied my 'me' By everything else; Answer is all but me. ====================== 108 Stone in hand.. =========================== I am standing on your road; Am holding a stone in hand; I look at your glass house; But not throwing the stone. Know why I did not throw? I also own a glass house; And you can be on my road; With a stone in your hand. So respecting each other, We will not throw stones. Let us agree,be consenter To keep secret under-tones. =========================== 107 Why Fly? ========== neck lace shoe lace finger tip tongue tip whole sale And retail shop sale boat sail Sale sale Sell sell Buy buy bye bye ================ 106 Man's miracle.. =============== Only these two tiny shoulders and this big and huge load of sky, with sun, moon and stars on them eversince their being! Salaam,O Great Man of earth! How can you manage all this? As if all this normal,He said, "I have carried even this Head!" =============================== 105 Breathing last.. =============== So I had decided only last year: I will not write poems any more; But me broke my,mine resolution; I wrote poem a day for full year. Can I live and not write a poem? Yes,I can live without any food. Will air stop entering nostrils? I will be an animal without wood. Forgive me,friends,for my poems; Let me,friends,live in your world; Bear with me,friends,bear with me, Or else I shall leave your world ================================== 104 Past,present and future ========================= Last life's labour Is this life's luck; Fruits of this luck, This life we pluck. This life's labour Is next life's luck; Fruits of that luck Next life we pluck. Past we cannot undo; Present we can redo; So let present shine; Next to be gold-mine ========================= 103 Total Maturity. ================ I have only now found out The most matured person; Do you want to know him? He is just a little child. I saw his mother pressing To drink milk from bottle; But he won't be yielding; As his stomach seemed full. Now you know him for sure Person who is most mature. ========================= 102 Why flower and butterfly? ========================= When the sky unfolds its wings, It reaches the crust of earth; Stars then slip down the land; And wander to see land's worth. At night when they are tired; They search for resting inns; They sleep on plants and trees; And wake as flowers at sunrise. When at night other stars come; They see brother flowers asleep; They kiss them good-bye and Lo! They become butterflies and flip. Sky by then folded its wings; Earth got flower and butterfly. This explains why void exists Between two stars in the sky. =============================== 101 Gathering momentum ================== Then he was only a child; Stood dumb when slapped; Now he is a grown up kind; Knows well he has stabbed. Exchange!Barter!Reward! Tit for tat!Retaliation! If not was then slapped? Not now any was stabbed. ======================== 100 God's love game ================= I have loved you; And I also know You never knew me. You have loved him; And you also know He never knew you. This has happened On this very land Under this very sky. I am breathing here; You breathing there; The very same air. Though places change, Our earth is the same For His eternal game. ===================== 99 In honor of Zero! ================= [Every thing,yes,everything is made up of dots.] --------------------- In circle or square, In creature or nature, In figure or feature, O dot,spot,point, O naught and zero, You are omnipresent, You are all time hero! You are in straight; you are in curve; You are the smallest; Maker of the tallest! A drop of water,you; A drop of blood,you; A starter you are; A stopper you are! A hair, a toe; A brow,an ankle; A lip,a knee; A neck,a loin; A rib,a heart; All is your art! All these dry; All these die; All these vain; But You remain! =========================== 98 Timetable to weep ================= When worries cloud man Eyes weep; When worries cloud sky Clouds weep. Here a man There a sky, Worries common Both cry; Both become light Both become clear; Both become quiet On shedding tear. A man weeps,has no season A Sky weeps within season. ========================== 97 Maturity ============== Which mother wants her daughter To stay with her forever? None. Which poet has never wished His poems get published? None. When daughter is suitable; When poem is fit enough; Both are eligible. ============================== 96 Perfect ========== Not only various colours; Also a beautiful picture; Both must be associated As sweet scent in flower. ========================== 95 Niagara of Poems ================ I can take a bath in shower Once in day in the morning; If so felt, after an exercise. But can below Niagara falls? Can even imagine take bath, Even only once in life time? But yes,we can bring Niagara Into home by channellizing it. We have fallen like Niagara With poems, good, beautiful; But readers are not used to Read under the fall as usual; Within the time at disposal Cursory glance and dismissal. I,a poet, hate such treatment To my creation,I want respect. O my Fall,I love you very much! Be my Shower!I can love as such. ================================ 94 I, a tree without birds ======================= This is the tree; These the branches; These are birds; These their nests. Came the tempest. Birds flew away. Branches remained The tree remained. Now,I am not 'me' I'm deserted tree. ==================== 93 Poet and life ============= No body is sleeping,all are awake; I wonder if it is so by a mistake. I am reading and you are reading Poems after poems;who is sending? Is it a festival we are feasting? As if in orchestra we are singing. Trains are running,planes flying, Cars are rushing,buses all plying. Life every where,life every where, None thinks death, death is dying. Earth it seems place worth living So long as poems, poet is sending. Write and create,you,O great poet! Poems of life to live and agitate! ================================== 92 The poorest on earth ==================== This is a crowd,congregation,party,meeting of the wealthiest people. Some rank first from wealthiest among other wealthy of their people. Some among them are some rank of wealthiest list of the whole world. Newspapers,televisions recognize them wherever they are in the world. They have trillions and billions and millions in their bank accounts, In safe deposit vaults,in business assets, black unaccounted amounts. People look at them with awe and they feel great,separate and unique. They talk of their wealth, their money, their gold;call them dynamic. I interviewed one of the greatest wealthiest wealthy multimillionaire; And in reply to my questions, turned out the poorest amongst the poor. I asked him I knew he had dollars,billions of them,spread earth over; But did he have even one star,a moon beam or a sun ray in his treasure? ======================================================================= 91 A linen and a poem ================== Dirty linens Washer washes; Drier dries, Wearer wears. Uneven ideas Poet ponders; Puts in order; A poem shapes. Linens mortal Poem immortal ============== 90 He means Soul ============== he lived in mud walled cottage; was in company of good teacher; practised well the good message he learned from a good preacher. he moved from mud walled cottage and changed to a beautiful abode; continued to learn higher message from his learned preacher of God. he now moved to a home palatial; continued his teacher's company. so he took him cottage to castle showed what his status should be. soul was smeared as gold in mine soul now cleared as gold refined. ================================ 89 Sandy liked candy ================= There was little girl. Her name was Sandy. With her mom one day She Went to a store, That was selling candy. Sandy wanted candy. Mom said slowly, 'You much like candy, But candy likes teeth; So if you eat much candy Candy will eat your teeth.' Sandy was a wise girl. She liked her teeth. She told her mom, She liked her teeth, Did not want candy. Mom was happy Bought her toy It was baby boy Sandy was joy. ================== 88 Satisfaction..? =============== I wanted to tell you Some forty years ago; We are meeting to day So let me tell you now. I wanted to marry you And I wanted our kids. That I loved you much, Might die without you. Funny I married another, Funny have my children; Funny you also married Funny you have kids too. Those were golden days These are golden too! ======================= 87 Compelling =========== I am tired writing. I am tired righting. I am tired fighting. I am tired uniting. Why do I write poems! Why do I right wrongs! Why do I fight unfair! Why do I unite brokes! Why do you read songs? Why do you do wrongs? Why do you break rule? Why do you go depart? As long as you do so, I have to continue so; Though I am much tired I cannot,cannot retire. ====================== 86 The Great Giver. =============== [The real Giver is behind the curtain.] .................... I gave five million dollars To the church as a donation; I gave few thousands silvers For the children's education. I built number one hospital For free treatment of poor; I gave;I built;I did it all, For the poor human creature. This was my bad day to hear, And laugh to hearts content. To hear he was a great giver Keeping dollars,giving cent. Giver he is;giving he is seen; Great Giver to him, is unseen. ============================= 85 People versus Poet ===================== Poet is very civil, cunning burglar. He loots others banks of thoughts; And founds his own Poetry Parlor; Shows as his own,others thoughts. I wonder why he is never caught And sent for a life imprisonment? For such a theft of others' thought Is not a very small embezzlement. But he is the smart cunning burglar. Knows no 'Copy Right' on thoughts Exists; Uses this one as his armour. Displays as his own,others thoughts. But people show the best behavior; They connive at poet's cunningness; And throng to a poet's Poetry Parlor, To see others' thoughts show-cased. People so neglect and as such create Whom the world recognizes as a poet. ---- redone on jan.29 2005 =============================== 84 The longer the poem, b..... ================================ The car is in great speed; An old man crosses slowly; The break is there in car; You must apply very gently. I suddenly get ideal feed; Sit down to start writing Poem, at break neck speed, Without paying a real heed. Even though reached an end, I go on and on and on and.. As if longer a poem,better; Making real better, bitter. That break is there in car. That one is no so much far; Ere the old man drops down; Let us apply without frown. =========================== Pravinchandra Shah 83 [Acrostic Poem} ================== Partly no. Rarely yes. Approximately no. Vividly yes. Intermittently no. Never never. Casually yes. Hardly no. Accidentally yes Nonsenses no. Deservingly yes Reservedly no. Artistically yes, yes. Surely yes Heartily yes Always yes Hears yes. ==================== 82 Muse ======= What is this muse? Some wants a push To put that to use Then is let loose. Some says it visits And ere put to use Suddenly takes exit. Muse can thus amuse. I decided on a plan To cut this flutter; I tied it in a chain Of ink,pen and paper. But muse continued Its flight,flutter; Chained I am amused Were ink,pen,paper. =================== 81 I Love You [Acrostic Poem] ============ I am a human being; Like to love human Ostensibly on earth Very much this land. Every inch inside of Your human body case Operating your heart Uttering 'love,love.' ==================== 80 Take Care ========= I vehemently attacked Elses' hearts' feelings; In the process I used up My heart; to leave it Sick,weak and meek; Fit for an attack on me. Now others visit me on bed And ask me ,"Take Care." I now understand, What 'Take Care' means: It means, "Take Care of other's heart So that you keep your heart On very proper,strong,track In case of any heart attack." ============================ 79 A loveless poem ========================== [This is only to highlight the predominance of love only.Nothing beyond this should be read into it.] ========================= Love is universal; Very much eternal; Life's essential Emotional material. If a poem is full Of love,love story, Poem is successful, Comment is history. As true is the above Also truer this side; If poem is minus love No comments;a suicide. ====================== 78 A Rose ======== Eyes see only roses' rosy petals; Pricking finger bleeding needles; Ears hear the sound of fragrance; Nose knows roses from a distance. A rose raises eyebrows of beauty; A rose raises hope and certainty; Held-hand it travells to nostril, Lifts love from emotional thrill. O Rose! you greater than a great! The love poem on nature, by poet! As if kiss on orange lips is set! O Rose! You greater than a great! ================================= 77 The Greatest Author ==================== At the dead of night When it's pitch dark, I open "Book of Sky" And start to read its Glittering contents Written in stars By Greatest Poet Almighty God! ==================== 76 Wonder of wonders ================== Between Top of sky Bottom of seas I spread My small wings And I travel Several times In a fraction Of a second While sitting In my room With windows closed And doors locked; O, my Thoughts! Wonder of wonders Great you are! ==================== 75 Like to be in love ================== Love is not a wide open gate For an entry in and exit out; But love has become open gate One enters into and exits out. An entry,love succeeds,heaven; An exit,love fails,all is hell; The poor open gate still open For good scent, not bad smell. When succeeded,has fallen in; When failed,said fallen flat. The threshold least giving in, The onlooker a poor open gate. Let love now become lovely inn; If it enters,forever remains in. =============================== 74 Words,my world. =================== To day I shall not like to talk; To night I will sleep with heart heavy; To night dreams will on me walk And I will not enjoy but only be sorry. Did some one do thing unto you? And you never expected him that he will? Or that you began,could not do And that you will never approve,feel ill? To day I took my pen and paper Sat on my chair and placed them on table. Words came and began to falter Could not write,my hands began to tremble. Tell me,how can I like to talk? When my words,my world,away from me walk? ========================================= 73 Forget the head ==================== [This is a scene not palatable one. A lone and weak, beaten by a strong, flashing inner emotions on the above part of body, is lying on road.] ============================== An angry face Red in colour. Dry eye wells Like deep digs. Lips and teeth, Like leftovers, Crushed,brushed, Under feet. nostrils wide, Inhaled lavas. Mouth open, Volcano out. Forehead drawn, Naked sword. Neck and body, Spheres apart. Life above Death below; Former waiting Other to swallow. ====================== 72 Behave,please! ============== Here I am, O Ocean,to you I do salute! If I order you stop this your roaring You will not;you refused even Canute; Not a king,a man here,to you I salute! This is a full moon night,silver sheet; Sleeping are man,house,tree and street; I do wish,loneliness and silence greet; But you are roaring crossing all limit. What do you want? Ask,do not hesitate; I will provide all you ask,just select; But please don't roar;observe silence I am writing poem,show it your repect. Here I am, O Ocean,to you I do salute! Not a king,a man here,to you I salute! ===================================== 71 Befriend only brave ==================== Sun ray once decided To split from bright; Called me for advice If it was real right. I mulled very seriously, And felt to meet night; I met it very silently, In a dream with delight. I am coward,I do admit, Said night in my dream; Am afraid of suns might So I hide me in the dim. I faced the mighty sun; Tell him not scare ray; Ray called it was fun And asked me I go away. I learnt a good lesson To befriend never a ray; Must you go?Go with sun. Ray may say,you go away. ======================== 70 Comments =========== 'Very beautiful,Minal' 'Very lovely,Kunal'; Are some comments, on Poems written by Minal and Kunal. I brood very hard: Are these comments On the poems By Minal and Kunal?; For Minal and Kunal? I brood very hard: Are these comments, Comments at all? If for poems, Superficial; If for writers, Can be real. I brood very hard Where comments For poems are? ---- [Minal,Kunal are names of authors(authress)] ================ 69 Weight of poet ============== While shaving before a mirror I was closely watching myself; An unknown this was my figure Showing horrifying me, myself. My head was touching the sun And legs the centre of earth; My hands extended to horizon My body turning big mountain. The head and forehead sweated It drained down upto the legs; The earth was all damp,wetted, Rivers filled seas water bags. I thought I was hallucinating, I pinched hands several times; But the mirror was reflecting, As I described in above lines. Then I realised mirror facing Was not a normal man of earth; But a poet huge all embracing Giant beyond the body's worth. ============================= 68 Fly,honey;man,money. ==================== I tasted honey with lips A fly came and sat on it. I have now washed my lips The fly ran away from it. A little drop of a honey Had fallen on the carpet; The fly darted into room And went to carpet direct. Fly can its interest find, Can the men remain behind? ========================== 67 Value of my poems ================== [I believe poetry must have utility.Nothing survives if castles are built in the air.] ==================== My poems are poems as are seen With horizontal,vertical lines, In order with figure of speech, Right meter,Rules, regulations, With themes, rhymes and rhythm, Tested by poems specifications. But If you see them as words only, Without any meaning or target; Throw all in a garbage trolly Curse me for write such waste; I pray you do all these to me; And I will bless you for that. And If you see any stuff any worth, If any way it has some meaning; Accept it,use it and thank God, For any glory,to Him belonging. ============================= 66 Finally a neighbour ========================== When you are in distress, And you want timely help; Do not wait your friends, Who want to, cannot help. You call me without fail, And I am not your friend; But I am neighbour still, And I have a human stand. If I am not in the home, And an emergency strikes, Ask for the fire brigade, If you see they can help. Finally call thy prayers, God may not descend down; But He will trace me out, And your prayer is heard. Friends is qualification, Neighbours gratification; Prayers is communication, To reach His destination. ============================ 65 Fast and furious fetches fame [Old wine in new bottle] ============================= 'Slow and steady Wins the race,' Had been true In olden days. But now a days, Runs the race On the course Horse to horse. Hence the saying We must reframe, 'Fast and furious =============================== 64 A bird worth millions ====================== [It is the duty of human race to add beauty by preserving the nature.] ====================== 'A bird In hand Is worth Twice in bush.' But now; To watch a bird fly High in open sky Is worth millions And millions And millions; Than a bird In hand. ====================== 63 The shrewd sky =============== In the sky the sun rises and sets. Where else can go to rise and set? The moon always to be seen in sky, Is there another home to live-by? Poor stars with its countlessness Have own heads buried in sky-nest. And how shrewd a House owner is sky! Allows sun run show only in the day. Commands moon show when day is away. Asks stars dim if moon in full play. It collects rent from the living-in In form of beauty,glory,shape,shine, Vastness,greatness and endlessness, Belonging to the residents helpless. If sky can play such dirty politics No bigger crime human race commits. =================================== 62 Braving the bullets =================== I wish I can shoot him I do not have that gun; He may wish to kill me For he has machine one. I move in the circles of our common friends; Afrid to hurt comrades, Can't use machine gun. But I kill him always, Every time he appears; In the crowded company Of our common friends. I shoot him point blank, From my fresh poemic gun With spoken word bullets Penetrating in his brain. But he braves it always And dares bullets again, Ever ready,ever willing, To be hurt again, again; Me,compelled oblige him. He,friend of my friends. ======================== 61 I introduce me ============== When you ask me, 'Who am I?' My answer is, 'I am me.' Not rediculous? Not kidding? Not a mere lie? And only a lie? No,no,no. It is not so. Can I say, 'I am you?' Can I say, 'I am he?' Now you tell me, very honestly; Can I not say, 'I am me?' =============== 60 Blank Verses ============ A blank verse A form of poetry Very convenient form I read this blank verse I remain blank after reading that Nothing fulfilling me I get from that blank verse What should I do now? Should I leave reading them? I had to find a way out I rewrote the blank verse Each line connecting the previous one It formed a paragraph It really meant some thing It fulfilled me with something Now I so convert every blank verse It is easy to read It is easy to understand It fulfills me Now I have started thanking the writers. ======================================== 59 Love and Life ===================== I love tall mountains, I love stars and sky; I love green jungles; I live away from them. I love my little town, I love my little home; I love my old friends; I live away from them. I love my great father, I love my best mother; I love my best teacher; I live away from them. To love is an eternity, To live away a destiny. ====================== 58 Wishful...! ============ It is 8 o'clock,pm,night The sun rose in the west; Birds sang form the nest; I ran out in all delight. I went out in the open, Saw school doors closed; Students sitting in open; Teachers teaching them. A few steps farther away Stood hospital building; Doctors in patients'bed And patients seeing them. I was in seventh heaven I wish I were a student; I felt like falling ill, To treat a doctor-patient. ========================= 57 Friendly World =============== When I am in gloom, Worries surroud me; happiness far away, None is near to me. When I am all laugh, Happiness around me; Gloom very far away, None is far from me. Let my sorrow be mine, And my happiness thine; For so I liked to live, So all helped me live. My sincere most thanks To people of all ranks. ======================= 56 Mother,don't weep ================= Wherever there is the dirt and filth, I will spring from gun like a bullet; And land on them with my firing power And burn them all to ashes and vapor. This is what my mother has taught; For nine months I swam in her womb; First thing,I was cleaned when born; Have continued the lesson so learnt. I will clean wherever will be dirt And filth and garbage and residue; This will be a tribute to my mother I shall not allow it to be overdue. So wherever I see the filth and dirt I see my mother standing and weeping; So I spring from gun like the bullet; And land on them with my firing power. O,my mother,you will never ever weep. Wherever there is dirt,I will sweep. ===================================== 55 Perfect ...! ============ The sky is clear The air calm cool; O,ye teacher dear, Closed is school. The cat in open The dogs in run; Open to the sun Mother gets fun. Come John come Come Jane come; Day is calling Come Kane come. Let us now play It's a good day. ================= 54 Life's best day =============== Such a day comes once In the life of a man, No greater day comes In the life of a man. All the kins around Facilities flooding; Best of the doctors And nurses standing. He looks at ceiling Keeping eyes closed; He inwardly talking Keeping lips paused. Closed eyes meet sky Sky beams one figure. Steady lips tighten, For a further prayer. Such a day comes once, In the life of a man. No greater day comes In the life of a man. ==================== 53 Pearls of sweat =============== scorching heat, pearls of sweat, head to feet, falling down, drop by drop, on the soil, absorbing in, sending out, rose by rose, spreading scent, spreading joy, and delight. O my sweat! O my rose! Salute! =============== 52 Life is death ============= My father is dead I am living; My mother is dead I am living. My sons may be alive When I am gone; Theirs' may be alive When they gone. What is this life? What is the death? Death is this life, Life is this death. Death is the goners, Life all new comers; Death,the real life, Life death follower. ===================== 51 Sounds rebound =================== When a death lurks And darkness piles; When unknown peeps Sounds are shut up. When love abounds Friends cascading; Gardens flowering Sounds at its top. Sounds shut,or top Life does not stop; Many things change The men yet manage. =================== 50 Parents' meeting ================ After several years' absence from earth My parents awoke from their deep sleep; Suddenly they remembered I am of worth And they decided to come down and meet. I was ready with the members of family, To welcome them in their very own home. For they had informed me in that dream That they are coming to see whole team. Mother looked at me,her hand on my head, Father looked at me and smiled a little; I looked at them steadily,sans emotions, Children looked at them in all curiosity. But none spoke,none moved from the place; Still I felt heavens moved towards earth. I felt like holding the finger once more, And go back with them, to heavenly berth. ========================================= 49 I love you =========== Let me say I love you. It is true. I love you. O!each word Of my poem! It is true I love you O my Poems! O my words! I repeat it. I love you. I can't live Without you. ============= 48 Pray,a ray of hope ================== Pray releases A ray That brightens The dark recesses Where God resides. Pray releases A ray That falls on Him Who is asleep Very much before you. Pray releases A ray That wakes up Him Who rushes To help you. Pray contains That ray. ==================== 47 Human's strength ================= A squirrel Enters hollow Of the tree's trunk And disappears From humans. A squirrel Is a God. God Enters hollow Of the temple's four walls And disappears From humans. Humans Can't enter The hollow Of the tree; Humans can enter The hollow Of four walls Of the temple. But they can't Find; Either a squirrel Or a God. =================== 46 Colour Television;No coloured vision. ==================================== Colour TV shows beautifully true colours of birth day cake, death procession, rising morning sun, weeping mourning women, mouth watering plans of travels, mind and body shattering travails, how detached! no dicrimination. colour TV shows beatifully true colours. ================= 45 Sky on ground ============== The sky decided to fall down, Was loathed to stay suspended; Without solid support,holding Weight of stars, sun and moon. It was in search of good place To descend,stay and take rest. It found in me such good site And descended without a wait. Since that day I have been Under its cover and canopy; I am shining under sun,moon; Stars keep twinkling in eyes. The titles of my poems shine With rays of the burning sun, And the moon always delights My poems with its cool light. My poetry is now all pleasure Stars are its twinkling words. As long as sky is my shelter My poetry is a nest of birds. ============================== 44 Return gift. ============ Thirsty earth. A drop of rain Enters its mouth, Quenches thirst. And in return, The earth gifts Life for all. Vow! What a gift! ============= 43 Love ===== Love is pious Love devotion Never jealous Is meditation. Love no taxing It is relaxing Love is a nest Love is a rest. Love is a fire Love on a pyre Love is a gain Love also pain. Love last code Love final mode Love last abode Love final God. ================ 42 Be great easy way!! ==================== Want to be great, high, tall,big, famous,conspicuous, extra ordinary, large and wide, deep and profound, on top and sound, in view around, like a satan or god on ground. Then read this and accomplish Easy to start hard to finish at your risk, at your cost. Begin with home, Stand at the door, wear unusual, shout at your top; roar the engine, take longer time, check alarm go, start with kick; enter workplace, and do not work, pace the place, speak with none; if boss asks you, reply him not; if he insists, remove tie knot, undo the coat, stretch the hand, circle the head. you are now great. Isn't it easy to start with? For harder path, Wait some time. ================ 41 Is this not strange! ==================== Life-path birth to death; So short so long to take! From our mother's womb, To mother earth's tomb; From first conception, To a final culmination; From cozy home furniture, To the burning wood pyre; At stone's throw distance Standing their residence; for such a short travel They take years I marvel Many a time I too wonder; At wrong path they wander ========================== 40 Free of charge =============== sun and sky moon and sky stars and sky can man buy? sun and sky moon and sky stars and sky Man can buy. not in a store not in godown not in a shop not downtown. To have stars And have moon Also the sun Go in the open. ================ 39 Promises are for keeping. ======================== I will have to knock; You don't open doors. I shall turn my back, Without feeling shock. I will have to knock, For I gave you promise; That I would return, And that I would meet. Now I have come to know This changed situation; Now I can never meet you In or under any condition. Yet I shall be knocking Shall keep my past word; But you don't open door, And enjoy your new world =========================== 38 Team Work ========== Clouds will gather I will ponder; They will thunder I will wonder; They will pour I will cover. Rivers will flow I will swim; Sun will glow I will beam; Winds will blow I will scream. They on their own Me on mine! What a great going, I feel fine! =========================== 37 With what can I write? ============================= [Please entertain yourselves and do not take it seriously] ============================= I will not now write Hold my hands tight; Whatever be the urge I shall never abide. Sure will throw away Stock of white paper, Then will throw away Inkpens and inkpots. Will not look towards Computer and internet, MS Word and Note-Pads, Website and Home Page. They have not shown me What color the money is. I require the real money To purchase all these. ======================== 36 Stony Light ============ Whether its a day or morn or twilight Darkness tending to become more tight Invisible path with no human footbite Stars having lost its power to ignite Moon has forgotten to visit this place Sun is wrestling to penetrate its rays In that,has miserably failed to conquer In sending even a lone ray for loiter. Difficult separating trunk from a trunk Interweaving the branches to one another On tree tops, clouds have decended down Forming shield against stars,sun, moon. How can they their light on me sprinlke? I have been lying as a deep buried stone Of this dilapidated temple in the jungle Built centuries ago by people long gone. ======================================= 35 Welcome,O Death! ================ My heart shall never break, Until taken away by death; It continues such its throb Only a death; none can rob Throbbing so energetic Powerful and rhythmic; Don't stop one moment Allow death to torment. Though my heart breaks not, It's there to break me lot; I don't know what it gains, I call death to take pains. O Death!O my friend in deed! Take me away,attend my need. ============================== 34 Please Find Me.. ================= It was all myself, alone, No one was there around; Rightly timed,right zone To searh me and be found. So I thought to commence Searching me real earnest; I am lost without trace Declaring my true state. Will some one guide me How to retrack me back? Will no one tell me now To put me back on track? Guide or tell me may none One may be searching one. ========================= 33 Searching in the dark ===================== [More dark the night, more number of stars in the sky.Look at blazing sun,one becomes almost blind for the time being. Now please read the poem.] ========================= The night is pitch dark Stars making it darker! For this what light is? Make the nights darker? I look at climbing sun, It is all fire ablaze; Blotting all my vision, Making day the darkest. Its the twinkling stars And sun's blinding rays; These are blocking bars For eyes to see the days. I now search my lost days Into those dark corners; If any one has any trace Trace me among searchers. ======================== 32 Heart restarts. ============== Request the miss with whole of her heart To restore the part that left your heart; This is the art only women have mastered Men tear heart apart; then women re-start. ========================================= 31 Readers,please don't keep quiet. ================================ I surely call me a poet And a poet writes poems He puts them on the net For others to appreciate Or them to denunciate. Never them to be quiet You come to this net You read these poems May like this or that Say so and appreciate Not like this or that Speak so and so state Please don't keep quiet Say so,don't hesitate. I am in your market To sell from my rack You don't choose that I shall put it back I can offer another May you nod and take Your nod or your don't Get you what you want Say your like or show despise But don't keep you quietised You may get to what you want Only if say you like or don't. ============================== 30 Death of butterfly =================== Beautiful butterfly, Colouful butterfly! your burning wings In the pitch dark, Shining so bright, In the dark night; In your own light hunting food bite; Becomes food bite In other's mouth, By your own help From wing's light. This then is nature's This then is it's rule; Life that it nurtures, Can rupture it in cool. ====================== 29 Learning poetry =============== To learn real poetry Best is to try poet; Comes well the poetry If you welcome poet. There is the poetry If there is the poet; For mastering poetry Read the master poet. Comes out the poetry If you go to the poet; Say hi to the poetry Never bye to the poet. You then get poetry You are then the poet. ===================== 28 Poetry defined. ================ Poetry can delight, It also can ignite; It can be a storm, Can also be quiet. Poetry is pleasure, But is not leisure; Poetry is treasure, If it's in measure. Poetry is from words, As sky is from stars; Poetry,singing birds A prayer from minars. Minus public,the show! Minus readers, poetry! So poetry is real thou, And poetry is real me. ====================== 27 Who is living? ============= Bullets sound, Blood around; Daggers found, Deep and down. Lighted nights, Bleeding fights; Brighter days, Murdering rays. Tank and plane Make champagne From human blood Of peoples flood. Life leaving Death living; For whom then I am heaving? =============== 26 Life & Arithmetic ================= Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide. Birth, Death, Family, Partition. ================= 25 What to say? =========== What does the sun say? Day. What does the fun say? Play. What does the run say? Way. What does the nun say? Pray. What does the hen say? Lay. What does the man say? 'kay. What does the spring say? May. What does the ring say? Ray. What does the father say? Away. What does the mother say? Stay. What does this poem say? Hip Hip Hurray. ======================== 24 Oceans roar,.Star twinkles. =========================== Thought is the state, Speech is the town; Writing is the gate, Silence is the crown. Thought is the sixer, Speech is the four; Writing is the single, Silence is the score. Thought is the sky, Speech is the earth; Writing is the home, Silence pure mirth. Thought is the book, Speech is the lesson; Writing is the poem, Silence introduction. ======================= 23 Wel-come,New Year ================== New year is really new year, It is now around the corner; Men may come, men may go, But it zooms on every year. Last year new year had come, Is also now here, very near; I had hair thick black then, Have been greying this year. Will you not come, next year? Gift me a shining bald header? ============================= 22 Where are you,Poems? ==================== I loiter in poetic region To find my poetry museum; I find all poems' pigeons' Spray feathers'collection. Some are moving with air, Look as in living flair; some are pale and dried Look as if they are dead. Where are you my poems? Bound in measured words? Tuned,numbered rhythems? Songs of singing birds? Will none, some trace this? Halt this wasting treasure? Before I get my final bliss Will you bring me pleasure? I am old and marching fast, Will you hold the treasure? =========================== 21 Strong snatches. ================= I was dreaming a sweet dream, Was in the midst of a stream; Was holding in both the hands A big cone full of icecream. I was surrounded by the fish, They thought there was feast; I struggled hard to hold fist, But icecream went to the fish. Then struggle among started All tried get icecream looted; Smallers failed, did not get, Icecream went to big and fat. Be strong if want a thing If weaker you get nothing. ========================== 20 Weird Me. ========== I am on top of mountain I am seeing setting sun, The rays are falling up. Now seeing blowing wind, Turning to golden brown, Transforming myself to, Morning statue of stone. And all things around me, Melting into nothingness. Only me alone now here, Only me,morning statue; One that is called God. Am I then the said stone? Am I then surely God? I am surely this statue? ======================== 19 Poetry Palace ============== Seeds are syllables Flowers are the words; Poems are the fruits And poetry the tree. Poet is the ploughman, Thoughts is the field; Rain is its readers, And critics fertiliser. When anything amiss, Every thing is mess; When things in place Poetry becomes palace. ====================== 18 Taj Mahal ========== O Taj Mahal, I learned in history, You are one Of the wonders seven, Of the world. I do not know, How they decided. I do not know, Who they were. I do not know, If they visited you at all. In my know and estimation You cannot have number, Even one ,two or seven In listed miracle or wonder. What are you ultimately? A well arranged heap Of wounded marbles; A nicely decorated tomb, With some jewels and diamonds. Also a source of perspiration, Say, of twenty thousand peoples' Say,twenty two years'sweat, Still flowing in Yamuna. Is it not so? Yes, It is not so. Yes, yes, It is not so. It is not number one, Two three or seven. It is unparellel,unique, It is ultimate heaven. In the sun rays, In the moon lights, All long days, All bright nights. What do we see in Taj? The days of the Raj! No no no. We see love alive, Eternal and personified. We see love, Sleeping and beatified. We see love, Living and flowing. Here we see love, Here we feel love, Here we become love. Now tell me. How can I accept? And why not reject? To call Taj Mahal, The very love itself, As number one, Two three or seven. Can a number to love Ever be given? ========================= 17.Oh,No! Looted! ----------------- Came out from my stately car; Time was night,also little dark; I looked around near and far; And found none near the park. I was all dressed in my white suit, My bag full with currency weight; A diamond watch, goldful chain, Gold rings; now my chest in pain. I saw group of few rowdisomes, Tall and taller and very fearsome; Lurked the fear of mug and loot; The pain in chest began to shoot. From far,tallest near me moved; Raised hand in a menacing look; Before for help, loud call I sent, 'Hi Friend,'said he and on he went. =================================== 16 Kingdom of Virtue. ================= Virtue, I always shall glue to you; And Vice, I have an advice, To keep me away from you. Vice, I know your rule; You enter slowly, And settle unfelt, As if forever. And Vice, You look nice; You play your mischief, We fall into disbelief, "Can this be so?" We are used by you, And trapped by you. You are convinced, You have won, We are won. But O Vice, You do not know Virtue, To which I glue. You are not even a dot In the cosmos of virtue. And O Virtue, Your domain spreads From sky to earth And beneath the seas. You are unfelt,invisible, Unassuming you; And surely Invincible. O Vice, You are a dot; You are not the lot. You enter slowly, And settle as if forever. But when virtue opens his eyes, To flames,O vice,you are consigned. You lose your own game And only virtue prevails; From sky to earth, And seas beneath. Eternal, universal, O Virtue, I call you Ubiquity. O virtue, I shall always glue to you. =============================== 15 Hints for success ----- Mind your own business, And see what a success; If you will never interfere, Sure you will never suffer. Start before the day is on, Work until the day is gone; Get into bed when night is on, Get from bed before its gone. Try to be well and remain all well, Every thing is well if you are well; Speak not the words like'go to hell', Then see for you all work like hell. ====================================== 14 Request to my tears ==================== Tears,my dear,my near, My guide, my philosopher, My never failing friend, My greatest treasure. In pain you appear, In strain you appear; In praise and pleasure, In surprise you appear. My vision becomes clear After you disappear; Why are you occasional? And why not perpetual? I will send you pain I will extend strain; Under pleasure, praise, I will see you upraise. If I cannot do all these, Still yourself you release; Wait not occasion's show, Incessantly please flow. =========================== 13 'A' against 'All' ================== The sun had just stopped A little short of shining; The clouds showed silvery drops Stars had yet to attack the sky. The sea beneath was in roaring race Waters did not think of taking recess; As it had done from morn to end, Waves after waves invading the sand. Now the pitch dark chambers, Of the falling night opened Against back drop of wanting glitter Lengthened shadows had them hidden. And a star,two, three,thousand lakh, million,billion,trillion, By storm took the sky from all around And sent the earth to sleep called sound. And a trickle of one red ray From east in morn of the day took the sky by reddening smile, made the victory of stars futile. ================================== 12 Fortune Favours ================= "Heights that the great men reached, Were not attained by sudden flights; While their companions slept, They toiled upward in the nights" When my friend heard these words, He declared to the house outright, 'Now on I would sleep in the day And shall work upward in the night' A journalist from press heard this, In interview asked him thatand this; My friend spoke of Lottery and Number Press presumed truth and this wonder. News on the air,photo in the papers, Talk on television,rush of flowers. What the great men achieved, Toiling upwards in the nights; My friend attained this height, By sleeping day and waking night. ("...") is a quote. ==================================== 11Love:Unsung..Unwept ====================== I have loved her. I never so told her. I do not know what About this she thought. It has been long fifty years back; I do not know Where she is, now? A lie this is. How? Then listen to this now. She is throbbing in my heart, She is running in my veins; She is speaking in my words, She is living in my deeds. I have loved her, It has been a long fifty years. I have loved her; Yes, I have loved her. ---- redone on Jan.28,2005 ========================= 10 Quick Result.. =============== Lemon,salt, sugar; In a glass of water Smaller or bigger, Triggers the vigour. Gulp a cup of hot tea, And magic you see; Fatigue,body or mind, Gone with the wind. Take bath in shower Like dew on flower; Fragrance all around Pats on body pound. If you in these trust , Heaven here,a must. [redone Feb.15,2005] ======================= 9 Formula To Be Famous ==================== You keep your name anonymous, Without name you will be famous. Toil hard with ordinary name, Still he earns not the fame; He sleeps his final sleep, Only he knows he is asleep. At the most the family knows, And farther a friend or foes; But not across the continents, He is known,or he is famous. You give yourself a name anonymous, For that you need not be studious; The world will work to know the name, What's your gender,how earned fame? Wonder not the gender and age, See to it you create a craze; This is the formula famous, Keep your name anonymous. ============================== 8 Friend Turned Friendlier ======================== A friend of mine came, And asked if I saved some; I had saved some, For paint of my room. He said his connecction Notice came to cut, If he does not pay Telephone sure to shut. I viewed the situation, Deferred my painting plan; Paid him all my savings, His word soon to return. A few days had passed, I spoke to him for return; He asked for a few days, I said nothing in turn. Time passed on and on, I thought my money gone; One day I went to his room, The painting work was on. I remembered Shakespeare, Was sorry I did not learn; "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be, Thou loseth both, friend and money." Then my time further worsened, And his times were also very bad; He somehow learned of my situation, Both came running and both looked sad. "These are some ornaments, They are of no use to us; Sell them in the market, And keep all that you get" My eyes all full of tears, How wrong was Shakespeare? I had neither lost the money, And found the friend friendlier. ================================= 7 ENTITY ====== May be it is a seed, And earth and water; May be it is a plant, Green, adorned in flower. May be it is a tree, Old,branched and fuller. May be it is a child, Pink, smile and laughter, May be it is a grown-up, Bold, healthy and fighter. May be a body you name Tomb, burial and flame; Seed,earth and water, You are entities; Plant and trees, You are entities; Child, grown-ups,body, you are entities; Tomb,burial,flame, You are entities. Every thing is entity, Every thing in entity; Who is otherwise, If not an entity? So we are none, So we are one. Salaam,we bow our heads, At yor feet O,Entity. ========================= 6 Nothing Changes. ================ This is the trend; To be born, To grow And then to befriend. So One is born, Then grown, And befriended other. From other to another; Then many together, Forming Societies And creating culture. From one, To another, Societies, Culture. Time glides on, Societies change, Cultures grow on. Then One who was born, And who had grown, Is no more, is gone. But Continues the trend To befrind, And .....? ========================= 5 FOR GROWN-UP CHILDREN WHO SAY,.I KNOW MY ABC ======================== A is Aunty B is Beauty C is City D is Duty; E is Eight F is Fate G is Get H is Hat ; I is Ice J is Juice K is Kite L is Light; M is Map N is Nap O is Over P is Power; Q IS Quite R is Right S is Sick T is Tick; U is Upper V is Viper W is Wax X in Fax; Y is yeast Z is Zest ABCD alphabet This is best. (If you do not call this a poem, I do not at all mind; But once sing it to them And tell me how they find.) ============================== 4 BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT ==================== I said so, I know; I am not shy, I don't deny. I am responsible. You asked me that, So I did that; So I told, In your mould. Now you hold, I am responsible. You said so I wrote; You paid so I sought; Is this not true? Although You are not innocent Only I am responsible. So the letter now I sign. Treat this as Notice mine. Thanks for work together, With these words I resign, Sincerely yours: Pravin. ============================== 3 Destiny Wrong Way.. =================== There is a cold wave and people die, There is a heat wave and people die; Occurs an earthquake and people die, All rivers in spate and people die. Then the dirty water and people die, And the air pollution and people die; Comes the food poison and people die, And the empty stomachs and people die. Quack doctors and fake prescriptions, Wrong medication and the people die; Use faulty mix and the wrong designs, The crash of building and people die. Death is destined,people don't deny, Death is certain, people are not shy; Then why by these thatthe people die? How long like this people shall die? ===================================== 2 Is it just? ============ Here on a sofa with the burning side light, In front of aTV,with eyes sleepy and tight; Thou away within no reach of a man's flight I sleep on the sofa as if awake in day light. I remember your promise of together life long, I gave you no such that was so much strong; I knew me very well so I kept the mouth tight, I gave no such word that I could keep it right. I have now earned a right to scold you straight, In stead of me,you went away,is it not a trait? You broke the promise,I kept one that was none; I wish you had not promised,but I had given one. Were the promises just to be given and forgotten? Is this just? play the game and the rules broken? ================================================= 1 Silence is the poet's domain ============================ Knock on door softly and silently wait, Make no noise while you wait on gate, Keep quiet as knife cutting the butter, Knock door softly;don't anything utter. Stand still, until someone opens door, Step in as you put feet on grass floor; Say very softly, preferably not at all, Enter into,as the moon enters the hall. Here lives man,all alone, a few knows. He brightens world when writes words; Pens phrases,all around change colors; Finishes poem,changes whole universe. =============================================

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