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We are a firm of grant professionals, established in 1990. K-12 schools comprise approximately two-thirds of our practice, and public and non-profit agencies the other third. We write both government and foundation grants.
Our average winning grant is approximately $500,000, and we have won more than 200 of them, raising more than $100 million for our clients.

We are often called “grantwriters,” but effective grantseeking is much more than writing a proposal. Writing, actually, is the easy part –knowing what to write is the difficult part. Vague, nebulous proposals are almost never successful. Rather, funders are impressed by applicants who describe their projects in rich detail. We work with our clients to assess their funding needs, design fundable projects, and present them in an attractive package.

We also evaluate funded projects (whether written by us or others). All government funders and most private foundations require an objective evaluation. Our evaluation philosophy is that the most important consumer of evaluation findings is not the funder, but rather the project itself. We design and conduct evaluations based on a continuous improvement model. This ensures that the project will meet its objectives, so that no excuses are needed for its failure.

As a small firm, we design our services to meet the unique needs of each individual client.
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