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WINNER: In January 2007, the Iowa Department of Education awarded the Okoboji School District $103,000 to begin implementing a one laptop per child initiative. This was the largest of six grants made. The six winners were selected from among approx. 75 applications submitted.

WINNER: We work for private as well as public schools. Over Summer 2005, we won a $420,000 government grant enabling Bnos Menachem School to operate a pre-kindergarten serving 32 low-income girls in Brooklyn, NY. Bnos Menachem is an innovative, mid-size school serving children from nursery through high school. It serves children from the Orthodox Jewish community of Crown Heights.

WINNER: “Spears and Computers” was funded with a $3 million grant awarded by the Native American Cultural Education program of the U. S. Department of Education. The grant is being used by the North Slope School District on Alaska’s Arctic Coast to use cutting-edge technologies to teach skills such as whale hunting, Inupiat Eskimo language and dance to students scattered in isolated villages along a 700-mile wide swath of Arctic wilderness.

WINNER: 21st Century Community Education Center. This nearly $500,000 grant is enabling a small Midwestern school district to turn its three schools into extended-day Learning centers for everyone from preschoolers to seniors. We have won five 21st Century grants in three states.

WINNER: Even Start Family Literacy Grant. Another grant of nearly $500,000 this year for the same rural district supports an intergenerational literacy and parenting skills program. This is our second Even Start winner.

WINNER: Three U. S. Department of Commerce Public Telecommunication Facilities Program Grants. All three of our efforts proved fruitful! PTFP is the agency that makes federal grants to public radio and TV stations. It has a little-known set aside for non-broadcast applications, which refers to distance learning. We have won $565,000 for a South Dakota consortium, $375,000 for a consortium in Nebraska, and $309.000 for one in Alaska.

WINNER: A $9 million Star Schools grant to connect nearly 100 schools and colleges in Nebraska and Kansas! Only six of 45 proposals were funded. Our largest grant win ever!

WINNER: Technology Innovation Challenge Grant for $6 million. Only 19 of 697 applications were funded!

WINNER: Six Technology Literacy Challenge fund grants in eight attempts, totaling $240,000, for school districts to acquire student tracking software and implement the fantastically successful Generation Y program!

WINNER: Nine Rural Utilities Service distance learning grants in six states, including two first place finishers. Since 1994, we have won nine out of eleven RUS applications, raising more than $3 million.

WINNER: Four School-to-Work grants, as well as three Tech-Prep grants!

WINNER: Three Nebraska State Lottery Education Innovation Fund grants totaling over $4 million!

WINNER: Two Goals 2000 grants to upgrade school Internet and Web access!

WINNER: Minnesota Technology Transformation Grant. Our $244,160 proposal was funded in full, an amount twice that of the second highest grant in this competition.

WINNER: Numerous private foundation grants, including three from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, most recently $60,000 in 2004 for a Polk City library to be shared by the public and the elementary school.

WINNER: More than 100 other grants, for the educational community!


Plan Now For 2007

Federal and state grant competitions for 2007 are coming up soon! This is the time to go after your share. We have the capacity to provide high-quality comprehensive grant consulting services to several additional forward-looking clients. Let us show you how our team of grant professionals can help your district win money in today’s highly competitive climate.



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