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Public and non-profit agencies face a dilemma in these lean times: They need grants, but can’t afford to risk spending money preparing proposals that might not be funded. And there’s no guarantee of success: In typical federal grant competitions, only about one in ten proposals is successful. In typical foundation competitions, the win rate is usually even less. That’s where we come in –we guarantee success!

In a 10% funding environment, we consistently win about 40% of the proposals we write. Therefore, we feel very confident guaranteeing that if a client contracts with us to write five proposals, two of them will be successful. If we fail to score two victories in our first five efforts, we will write a sixth or seventh, if necessary, at no additional fee, until we have won two. You may win more than two out of five, but you won’t win less than two –we guarantee it!

In addition to the guarantee, five-grant clients receive a series of value-added benefits:

  • A free needs assessment – a $2,000 value.

  • A free funder search – a $1,000 value.

  • Free meetings with federal program officers – valued at $300 per meeting.

  • A 10% discount of our regular fee for each grant written.

All we ask from you to initiate the deal is prepayment of your fifth grant. The money will be held as a credit while we write your first four grants, and will then be applied to the fifth. Any adjustment will be made upon completion of that fifth grant.



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