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child health insurance quote

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As with many US retailers, Wal-Mart experiences a high rate of employee turnover (approximately 50% of employees leave every year, according to the company). Although they average nearly double the federal minimum wage, wages at Wal-Mart are about 20% less than at other retail stores. Founder Sam Walton once argued that his company should be exempt from the minimum wage. dental plans to choose.


Wal-Mart employees earn less than those performing similar jobs at other stores. As of 2001, according to US federal statistics, the average supermarket employee earned $10. 35 per hour, industry-wide; in comparison, stock clerks at Wal-Mart made $8. 23 per hour on average. A 2003 wage analysis reported that cashiers, the second most common job at Wal-Mart, earn approximately $7. Child Health Insurance: Utah Health Insurance: Health Insurance In. 92 per hour and work an average of 29 hours a week. This brings in annual wages of $11,948, about $1000 less than the United States federal poverty line for a parent and one child. [citation needed]

Minimum Wage

Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton once argued that his company should be exempt from the minimum wage, and took advantage of an exception in the minimum wage law that, at the time, excluded small businesses from having to pay the minimum wage. While the federal minimum wage in 1962 was $1. 50 an hour, Walton regularly paid his employees only 50 to 70 cents per hour. and families.

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