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The term tort reform is used by its advocates to describe a change in the United States civil justice system that they believe will improve its efficiency or reduce litigation's adverse effects on the economy.

While the phrase "tort reform" might imply any change in tort law or procedure, the commonly understood use in political and academic arenas describes a movement to limit tort litigation and damages. It does not include reforms that would expand liability, such as laws that create new causes of action or that increase damage awards. The term is also commonly applied to a political movement that advocates several such changes. Free Aetna health insurance quotes.

Tort reform is a controversial subject, and has been one of the most debated policy issues in recent times.

The tort reform agenda

In general, tort reform advocates contend that there are too many frivolous lawsuits.

The legal definition of a frivolous lawsuit is one that cannot reasonably be supported under existing legal precedent or under a good-faith argument for a change in the law, or one that has no basis in fact. The term has acquired a broader rhetorical definition in political debates about tort reform, where it is sometimes used by reform advocates to describe successful tort lawsuits that are seemingly without merit, or where the judgments seem too high relative to the harm.

Tort reform advocates generally argue that the present tort system is too expensive, and that the system is not even-handed because the amount of per capita tort costs varies significantly from state to state.

Advocates of tort reform also complain of regulation through litigation. Our primary goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship a.

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