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The Humans vs. Computers Home-Page

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This is going to be a web site totally dedicated to the chess  games  played between ... ... ... 
 the   humans    and    the computers.    (By A.J. Goldsby I.)  (E-mail me  here or here. Also make sure you sign my Guest-Book!)  

As I first created this site,   (early October, 2002);   the match is being played between  GM Vladimir Kramnik  and  DEEP - Fritz 7
(This section is now  finished.  All the games are fairly deeply annotated.)  

 Soon there will be a match between   GM Garry Kasparov, and Deep-Junior.  
   (It is now over, an exciting tussle, leading to a 3-3 draw.)  

In November of 2003 GM Garry Kasparov  will play the new  FRITZ/X3D.       
(The match is over, the final result was a tie. 1 win apiece, and two well-played draws.)  (TRANSCRIPT of the post-match interview. with Garry Kasparov.) 
March, 2005:  ALL the games are finally annotated, finished, and posted on this website. 

   I also want this site to be an archive for all the information and web-sites concerning ANY good match-ups between humans and computers.    
( Remember  Kasparov vs. Deep Blue  I & II?  {Click here.} )  

I hope to (eventually) bring ALL the important games played between the computers and the good guys. Eventually I want all of these games to be annotated, MANY of these will be at least lightly annotated. 

If you know of anything that might help me - a web site, a game, anything at all - please  send it to me.  

   For the latest game I have posted on this web site, click  HERE!   

  (This will change every time I load a new game!!!)  


All the writings, graphics, - and any other ORIGINAL content - on this web, are the sole and exclusive property of the author, A.J. Goldsby. They may not be copied, reproduced or used in ANY way without the express written permission of same. 

      Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby I.   
  Copyright A.J. Goldsby; 2001-2011 & 2012.  All rights reserved.  

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 I need your help!!   
I have many bills that are directly connected to my many Internet sites. (ISP services, software needed to create the pages that you seem to like, phone bills, a monthly bill for my main web site, etc.) Would you consider sending a donation? I suggest 25 - 35 dollars a year. But even if you could only send a few dollars in an envelope, it would mean a great deal to me. Otherwise one day, you will come here and this site will  NOT  be free. (You will have to pay a monthly usage fee, and you will not be able to view these pages without a credit card.) Help prevent this from happening!   Send something today!!   
(I have had more than one offer to move my web pages to a "pay-per-view" server." Basically ...  unless you start supporting my web sites ... this could definitely happen one day.) 

My goal is to find 300-500 people who would send in ONE buck a month. (Preferable 2 or 3.) 
This would solve my problems ... or most of them. OR ... would you prefer I  STOP  making web pages, and work flipping burgers instead? 

(One positive thing I could do with more money? Make this a paid site and get rid of all the annoying pop-up advertisements!! Literally dozens of improvements. Help make this a better site!) 

  (Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to send something.)    


(Send all letters, contributions or donations to:) 

   A.J. Goldsby I   (E-mail me at:,  or  visit  my domain.)  
   P.O. Box  11718 
   Pensacola, FL  32524 

Feb. 14th, 2003.  To all concerned: I had to erase all the pages in this web site, and then re-load them. (Throwing the counters off.) This was because dozens of pages had become corrupted, probably just before my last computer crash. I apologize to one and all to anyone who clicked on one of these pages and/or experienced any problems at all when surfing this web site. But to be honest, this was a problem that was beyond my ability to control it. As far as I knew, everything was working perfectly. I was not aware that anything was amiss until I received many e-mails complaining about the problems. 

 Friday;  March 14th, 2003:   I have finished all the analysis of the Kasparov-vs.-DJ-games ... I just posted the analysis of game # 2. All that is left is Three and Five. These should be done within the next few days. 
(March 16th -  all  the analysis of the Kaspy vs. DJ games are posted!) 

NOW .... .... I am going to turn all my attention to ...  the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue Matches. 

ThursdayAug. 28th, 2003:  I have gotten around 25-30 e-mails in the last 2-3 months asking when I was going to get back to this page. I have also gotten 5-10 e-mails asking when I would get on with the job of annotating the Kasparov-Deep Blue games. (Match No. # One)


All I can say is I have been very busy. I do chess 24-7, at least when I am not doing things around the house or watching the children. And unless you are willing to pay to see a specific game annotated, then I guess you will just have to wait. 

This page was last updated on 06/07/12

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the individual cgi-scripts, bin-counts, and other files are erased. What this means is that some of 
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 The old counter - that was here from the very first day that this site was created - failed quite a bit.   
  Then, around the end of May of 2005, it stopped working completely. After waiting a seemingly  
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  Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby I;  

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