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ICARUS WITCH Pittsburgh Heavy Metal Harvest Fest/Carnegie,Pennsylvania 11/25/05 45mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
ICARUS WITCH Hard Rock Cafe/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 5/19/06 50mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
ICARUS WITCH Iron City Summer Metal Meltdown/RPM's Bridgeville,Pennsylvania 8/19/06 50mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
ICARUS WITCH Diesel/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 9/7/07 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+

ICON Graham Central Station/Albuquerque,New Mexico 1984 80mins PRO EX+
ICON promo videos(On Your Feet,Taking My Breath Away)1989 10mins TV EX
ICON Mtv Headbangers Ball interview 1989 10mins TV VG
IMMORTAL Decending into Darkness 1994 20mins PRO EX
IMPELLITERI Tokyo,Japan 1988 40mins PRO VG
IMPELLITERI Japan tv special 1995 10mins TV EX
IMPELLITERI NAAM Show/Anahiem,California 1997 35mins AUD EX
IN FLAMES The Great American Music Hall/San Fransisco,California 4/29/02 35mins AUD/DVD EX+
INCUBUS Axiom/Houston,Texas 1989 50mins AUD EX-
INCUBUS Eschade,Holland 4/26/91 55mins AUD/DVD VG+
INFERNAL MAJESTY Detroit,Michigan 10/14/88 50mins AUD EX
INFERNAL MAJESTY Rotterdam,Holland 8/30/97 40mins AUD EX-
INFERNAL MAJESTY Burnaby,British Columbia 5/4/02 50mins AUD/DVD EX
INFERNAL MAJESTY Montreal,Canada 8/1/04 40mins AUD/DVD EX+
INFERNAL MAJESTY Rimouski Parc Beausejour,Quebec 7/6/04 50mins AUD/DVD EX+
IOMMI TONY Careful with that Axe/instructional video 1994 55mins PRO GD
IOMMI TONY VH1 Rock Show special/interview+promo videos 2000 20mins MAS/TV EX+
IRON CROSS Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 10/3/01 90mins AUD EX+

IRON MAIDEN TRIBUTE w Wargasm and Steel Assassin members(singer dressed as Eddie)Celebrations/Boston,Massachusetts 1986 45mins AUD EX+
IRON SAVIOR Gods of Metal/Milan,Italy 6/6/99 45mins AUD EX
JAILHOUSE promo videos(Modern girl,Please come back)1989 10mins TV EX
JACKYL Radio City Music Hall/New York 1993 40mins AUD EX
JACKYL Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Jesse Dupree and Jeff Worley 1993 10mins TV VG
JACKYL Home video/live,promo videos+interviews 1993 30mins PRO EX+
JACKYL St.Louis,Missouri 1/13/93 50mins AUD VG
JACKYL Knoxville,Tennesse 1997 25mins AUD VG(private show)
JACKYL Hazel Park,Michigan 9/22/98 30mins AUD EX
JACKYL Graffiti Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 12/13/99 85mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
JACKYL Banana Joe's/Pittsburgh,Pa 1/30/01 10mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
JAG PANZER Chicago,Illinois/live+interview w Mark Briody 1998 20mins AUD EX
JAG PANZER Montreal,Canada 2/25/99 35mins AUD EX+
JAG PANZER The Great American Music Hall/San Fransisco,California 4/29/02 30mins AUD EX+
JANES ADDICTION Jimmy Kimmel Live/interviews w Perry Farrell and Dave Navaro+live performances 6/20/03 30mins MAS/TV EX+
JASON BECKER BENEFIT w Vinnie Moore,Marty Friedman,Zakk Wylde,Billy Sheehan,Steve Lukather,Eddie Van Halen/Chicago,Illinois 1996 110mins AUD EX
JETBOY Brooklyn,New York 12/31/88 30mins AUD VG
JETBOY promo videos(Feel The Shake,Evil)1990 10mins TV EX

JUDAS PRIEST Old Grey Whistle Test/England 1975 10mins TV/PRO GD
JUDAS PRIEST Rarities/live tv performances 1975-80 15mins PRO VG+
JUDAS PRIEST Tokyo,Japan 8/4/78 30mins PRO EX-
JUDAS PRIEST Chicago,Illinois 1981 10mins 8MM/AUD VG
JUDAS PRIEST Rock Pop Fest/Dortmund,Germany 1983 45mins DVD/PRO EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Memphis,Tennesse/Screaming for Vengance Tour 1983 85mins PRO EX
JUDAS PRIEST US Festival/San Bernadino,California 1983 15mins PRO GD
JUDAS PRIEST Peoria Civic Center Press Conference/Peoria,Illinois 8/17/86 25mins AUD EX
JUDAS PRIEST Priest Live/Dallas,Texas Fuel for Life Tour 1986 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Fuel For Life/promo videos 1986 40mins PRO EX
JUDAS PRIEST Montreal,Canada 1986 110mins AUD EX
JUDAS PRIEST CBS Nightline interview w Rob Halford 1986 15mins TV VG-
JUDAS PRIEST Miami,Florida 7/19/88 100mins AUD GD
JUDAS PRIEST Inside Edition special/teenagers commit suicide after listening to Priest album 1989 15mins TV EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Toronto,Canada/Painkiller Tour 12/20/90 90mins AUD VG+
JUDAS PRIEST Dream Deciever/Judas Priest suicide trial story 1991 60mins TV/PRO VG+ TV/PRO EX
JUDAS PRIEST Rock in Rio II/Maracana Stadium Rio,Brazil 1/23/91 20mins PRO EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Mtv Headbangers Ball Rock in Rio special/interviews+live 1991 20mins TV EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Middletown,New York 1991 75mins AUD GD-
JUDAS PRIEST Binghamton,New York 1991 15mins AUD EX
JUDAS PRIEST Irvine,California 1991 10mins AUD VG
JUDAS PRIEST promo videos(Parental Guidance,Johnny B Goode,Heading Out To The Highway,Another Thing Comming,Love Bites,Breaking The Law)1986-1991 30mins TV VG
JUDAS PRIEST Osaka,Japan+interviews 4/12/91 120mins AUD/PRO GD+
JUDAS PRIEST Metal Works/history,live+interviews 1973-93 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Washington,D.C 1998 90mins AUD EX
JUDAS PRIEST Mtv special w Ripper Owens 1998 15mins TV VG
JUDAS PRIEST London,England 4/7/98 100mins AUD EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Metropol Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 2/8/98 100mins AUD VG+
JUDAS PRIEST Kohn tv special 1998 20mins TV GD
JUDAS PRIEST An Evening with Judas Priest/Oregon public tv special(never aired)1998 45mins PRO VG+
JUDAS PRIEST Newport Music Hall/Columbus,Ohio 10/27/98 100mins AUD EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Hammerstein Ball Room/New York City 10/31/98 105mins AUD EX-
JUDAS PRIEST Milan,Italy/Pre Demolition Tour 6/9/01 85mins AUD EX
JUDAS PRIEST Buenos Aires,Argentina/Demolition Tour 9/1/01 100mins TV/PRO EX
JUDAS PRIEST VH1 Behind The Music/history,live+interviews 9/23/01 50mins MAS/TV EX+
JUDAS PRIEST British Steel Classic Albums DVD/making of album,interviews,live+extended rare promo/interview footage 2001 110mins MAS/DVD EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Agora Metropolitan/Cleveland,Ohio Demolition Tour 2/9/02 95mins AUD EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Mtv Headbangers Ball/original lineup w Rob Halford special guest 7/30/04 120mins MAS/TV EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Wantagh,New York 7/14/04 70mins AUD/DVD EX
JUDAS PRIEST Mohegan Sun/Uncasville,Conneticut 8/29/04(Halford Reunion)100mins 3CAM/DVD EX
JUDAS PRIEST NEC/Birmingham,England 3/19/05 115 mins AUD EX-
JUDAS PRIEST Xcel Energy Center/Minneapolis,Minnesota 6/1/05 115mins AUD EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Roberto Clemente Colisuem/San Juan,Puerto Rico 6/16/05 65mins AUD/DVD EX+
JUDAS PRIEST Angel Of Retribution DVD/Live documentary from "Reunited Tour" summer 2004 2005 75mins MAS/DVD EX+
JULLIET Roxy/Hollywood,California(mega-rare before being signed)12/10/88 55mins AUD EX
JULLIET Tampa Bay,Florida 1990 55mins AUD EX
KAMELOT The Glass Mug/Tampa Bay,Florida 1998 55mins AUD EX
KANE ROBERTS promo videos(Twisted,Rock Doll,Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore)1990 15mins TV VG
KATAKLYSUM International Extreme Metal Fest/Pittsburgh,Pa 6/8/00 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+

KEEL Los Angeles,California/Right To Rock Tour 12/24/84 70mins AUD GD+
KEEL Sky Trac interview w Ron Keel+rare promos 1986 15mins TV EX
KEEL Sundance Club/Long Island,New York 1986 60mins AUD FR
KEEL Madison Square Garden/New York City Final Frontiers Tour 8/1/86 25mins AUD EX-
KEEL Tokyo,Japan/Final Frontiers Tour 11/3/86 105mins AUD VG+
KEEL promo videos(Tears Of Fire,Because The Night,Somebodys Waiting,Rock N Roll Outlaws,Right To Rock)1988 20mins TV VG
KEEL w Marc Ferrari/live and promo compilation w Keel,Cold Sweat and Medicine Wheel 1986-94 35mins PRO EX+
KERRANG METAL MONSTERS (Iron Maiden,Whitesnake,Helix,Wendy O Williams,Marillion,Motorhead,Scorpions,WASP,Queensryche,Armored Saint,Alcatrazz,Bon Jovi,KISS)1986 60mins PRO EX+
KICK AXE Winnipeg,Canada 1985 55mins AUD GD
KICK AXE Toronto,Canada/Rock the World Tour 1986 115mins AUD EX
KICK AXE promo videos(Rock The World,With A Little Help From My Friends,On The Road To Rock)1988 10mins TV VG
KIK TRACEE Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Rob Grad and Stephen Shareaux 1990 10mins TV EX+
KIK TRACEE promo videos(Dont Need Rules,Your So Strange)1991 10mins TV EX
KILLER DWARFS Toronto,Canada 1993 75mins AUD VG-
KILLER DWARFS Much Music Power 30 special/videos + interviews 1993 30mins TV/PRO EX+
KILLER DWARFS promo videos(Stand Tall,We Stand Alone,Dirty Weapons,Keep The Spirit Alive)1993 15min TV VG+
KILLERS w Paul Dianno/Hamburg,Germany 1993 20mins PRO VG+
KILLERS w Paul Dianno/Aschberg,Germany 1994 25mins AUD EX
KILLING MACHINE w Tracii Guns/San Diego,California 10/24/92 45mins AUD EX+
KING KOBRA Metal Works Interview/Atlanta,Georgia 1984 15mins PRO EX
KING COBRA promo videos(Take It Off,Hunger,Never Say Die)1986 15mins PRO EX
KINGDOM COME Sheffield,England 1988(b&w)35mins AUD VG+
KINGDOM COME Gothenburg,Sweden 1988(b&w)35mins AUD VG-
KINGDOM COME Akron,Ohio 6/22/88 40mins AUD EX
KINGDOM COME Mtv Headbangers Ball interview with Lenny Wolf and James Kottak 1989 10mins TV EX+
KINGDOM COME promo videos(What Love Can Be,Get It On,Do You Like It)1989 15mins TV VG+
KINGDOM COME Prattlem,Switzerland 12/17/93 110mins PRO EX

KISS Winterland Ballroom/San Fransisco,California 1974 60mins PRO GD
KISS The Midnight Special 1975 15mins PRO EX-
KISS Anahiem,California 1976 100mins PRO EX
KISS Rock n Roll Over rehersals/no makeup or outfits 1976 30mins PRO VG(b&w/distant)
KISS The Summit/Houston,Texas 1976 35mins PRO EX
KISS German tv special/interview+live 1976 5mins TV
KISS Detroit,Michigan(1st night)1/27/76 60mins PRO EX
KISS Detroit,Michigan(2nd night)1/28/76 60mins PRO EX
KISS Houston,Texas 9/2/77 90mins PRO EX
KISS Meet the Phantom of the Park/movie w original band members 1978 96mins MAS/PRO EX+
KISS Largo,Maryland 7/8/79 85mins PRO VG-
KISS Tv collection/commercials,interviews,news+live 1976-78 90mins TV/PRO EX
KISS Tv collection/commercials,interviews,news+live 1980 90mins TV/PRO EX
KISS Rio de Janero,Brazil(last makeup show)+various live footage 1983 100mins PRO/AUD VG+
KISS Montreal,Canada/Creatures Tour 1983 60mins AUD EX
KISS Quebec,Canada/Lick it up Tour 1984 100mins AUD EX
KISS Cleveland,Ohio 1985 95mins AUD VG
KISS Exposed 1987 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
KISS Tokyo,Japan 1988 90mins PRO EX
KISS Crazy Nights Tour private roadie tape/live+backstage at various venues across the U.S 1988 95mins AUD EX
KISS Crazy Nights/promo videos(Turn on the night,Reason to live,Crazy crazy nights)1988 15mins PRO EX+
KISS Biloxi,Missisippi 1990 100mins AUD VG
KISS X-treme Close Up 1992 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
KISS Allentown,Pa/Revenge Tour 1992 120mins AUD EX
KISS Konfidential/live,promos+interviews 1993 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
KISS Monsters of Rock/Rio de Janero,Brazil 1994 100mins PRO VG-
KISS Mtv Unplugged/Sony music studio,New York 1996 85mins MAS/PRO EX+
KISS Detroit,Michigan 1996 120mins AUD FR
KISS Miami,Florida 1996 120mins AUD EX

KISS Irvine,California(Halloween night)10/31/96 120mins AUD EX
KISS Madison Square Garden/New York City 7/28/96 120mins AUD EX
KISS special guest on tv show Millennium 1998 45mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS Mad Tv Halloween special+Psycho Circus Tour/Los angeles,Calf Halloween night(2 songs live)1998 40mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS Los Angeles,California/Psycho Circus Tour 10/31/98 120mins AUD VG
KISS Minneapolis,Minnesota/Psycho Circus Tour 12/15/98 120mins AUD EX
KISS Milwaukee,Wisconsin/Psycho Circus Tour 1998 120mins AUD EX
KISS Detroit Rock City premiere/Westwood,California 1999 20mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS WCW Monday Nitro/God of Thunder live 1999 5mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS Live In Las Vegas;The Unseen Concert DVD/MGM Grand,Las Vegas 10/29/99 100mins MAS/DVD EX+
KISS VH1 Farewell Tour special/Phoenix,Arizona 2000 20mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS Star Lake Ampitheater/Pittsburgh,Pa Farewell Tour 5/26/00 120mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
KISS The Gorge/George,Washington Farewell Tour 7/22/00 120mins AUD EX(3 cam mix)
KISS The Last Kiss PPV special/East Rutheford,New Jersey 6/27/00 85mins PRO EX
KISS The Last Kiss PPV special/East Rutheford,New Jersey+private backstage 6/27/00 150mins PRO VG(uncut version)
KISS VH1 Fan Club/live+interviews with fans 12/22/00 45mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS Castle Hall/Osaka,Japan(w Eric Singer)3/21/01 125mins AUD VG
KISS Rod Laver Arena/Melbourne,Australia(w Eric Singer)4/5/01 125mins AUD VG
KISS Carrara Stadium/Gold Coast,New Zealand(w Eric Singer)4/13/01 125mins AUD VG+
KISS Beyond The Makeup/history,live+interviews 7/1/01 90mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS After Hours w Carson Daily interview with Gene Simmons 6/28/02 15mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS VH1 That 70's Show promo video 2002 5mins MAS/TV EX+
KISS Kissology DVD/Ultimate Kiss Collection Vol I 1974-1977 2006 360mins MAS/DVD EX+
KISS Boston,Massachusetts 8/25/03 65mins AUD VG+
KIX Essex,Maryland 1982 30mins TV/PRO GD+
KIX Blow My Fuse/promo videos 1989 30mins PRO EX
KIX Pittsburgh,Pa 1989 30mins AUD EX
KIX Kix Are For Kids Japan tv special/promo videos+interviews 1990 40mins TVPRO EX
KIX Tokyo,Japan 1991 30mins TV/PRO VG
KIX Japan tv special/live+interviews 1991 15mins TV/PRO VG
KIX Boston,Massachusetts 3/3/92 60mins AUD VG+
KIX Danbury,Conneticut 1995 100mins AUD/2CAM EX
KREATOR Bayshore,New York 11/26/87 30mins AUD VG+
KREATOR Axiom/Houston,Texas 1989 60mins AUD VG+
KREATOR Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Mille Petrozza and Frank Gosdzik 1989 10mins TV EX+
KREATOR Hallucinative Comas 1990 45mins PRO EX+
KREATOR Extreme Agression/East Berlin,Germany 1990 80mins PRO GD+
KREATOR Frienz,Italy 1997 30mins AUD EX
KREATOR Detroit,Michigan 9/20/02 50mins AUD EX+
KRISIUN Lorain,Ohio 3/29/00 40mins AUD EX+
KRISIUN International Extreme Metal Fest/Pittsburgh,Pa 6/8/00 55mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
KROKUS Video Blitz/New York 1984 60mins PRO EX+
KROKUS Rock n Pop fest/Dortmund,Germany 1985 15mins PRO VG+
KROKUS Rockpalast/New York 1985 30mins PRO VG
KROKUS promo videos(Burning Up The Night,Our Love,Screaming In The Night,Schools Out)1986 20mins TV/PRO EX+
KROKUS Screaming in the Night 1986 30mins PRO EX+

LAAZ ROCKIT Aardschokdag,Karregat/Eindhoven,Holland 4/20/86 45mins AUD/DVD EX+
LAAZ ROCKIT Dynamo Open Air Festival/Eindhoven,Holland 1987 40mins AUD EX
LAAZ ROCKIT Holland Club Show 1987 70mins AUD VG
LAAZ ROCKIT Dynamo/Eindhoven,Holland 5/21/88 100mins AUD/DVD EX

LAAZ ROCKIT Hallendale,Florida 1990 45mins AUD EX
LAAZ ROCKIT promo videos(Leatherface,Fire in the hole)1990 10mins TV VG
LAAZ ROCKIT Powertools/Houston,Texas 1/22/90 50mins AUD EX
LAAZ ROCKIT Taste of Rebellion/Club Citta Tokyo,Japan 1992 60mins MAS/DVD EX+
L.A GUNS NHK Hall/Tokyo,Japan 1988 75mins PRO EX
L.A GUNS Detroit,Michigan 1988 45mins AUD GD
LA GUNS One More Reason/promo videos(One More Reason To Die,Sex Action,Electric Gypsy,Cry No More,The Bitch Is Back)1989 30mins MAS/VHS EX+
LA GUNS Love Peace And Geese/pormo videos(Rip And Tear,Never Enough,The Ballad Of Jayne,I Wanna Be Your Man,Malaria)1990 30mins MAS/VHS EX+
L.A GUNS L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 1992 50mins AUD EX
L.A GUNS San Diego,California 10/22/93 65mins AUD EX+
L.A GUNS Milwaukee,Wisconsin 1996 75mins AUD EX
L.A GUNS Crystal,Minnesota 1996 85mins AUD EX
L.A GUNS Columbus,Ohio/Wasted Tour 1997 60mins AUD VG
L.A GUNS Tampa Bay,Florida/Wasted Tour 1997 30mins AUD GD
L.A GUNS Waturbury,Conneticut 8/4/98 50mins AUD EX
L.A GUNS Hollywood,California 1999 65mins AUD EX-
L.A GUNS Club SS/Springfield,Illinois 1999 70mins AUD EX-
L.A GUNS Whiskey/Los Angeles,California 2/5/00 80mins PRO EX-
L.A GUNS Banana Joes/Pittsburgh,PA 6/21/00 80mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
L.A GUNS Hairy Mary's/Des Moines,Iowa 8/18/01 70mins AUD EX
L.A GUNS Checkered Flag/Appleton,Wisconsin Rock Fest Tour 7/5/02 35mins AUD EX+
L.A GUNS Waterstock/Des Moines,Iowa 6/19/04 70mins AUD EX+
LABYRINTH Milan,Italy 1999 35mins AUD EX
LABYRINTH Club Live/Trezzo D'adda,Italy 2/2/01 90mins AUD EX
LACUNA COIL Jimmy Kimmel Live/Our Truth+Enjoy The Silence live 5/9/06 10mins MAS/TV EX+
LAZY Young Plaza/Tokyo,Japan 1980 15mins PRO EX
LEATHERWOLF Power Hour/promo videos+interviews 1989 15mins TV EX
LEATHERWOLF Waken Open Air Fest/Germany 1999 45mins AUD VG+
LED ZEPPELIN Heavy Metal Heaven/Dutch tv special 1969 30mins TV VG
LED ZEPPELIN VH1 Legends/history,live+interviews 1997 50mins MAS/TV EX+
LEE AARON Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 1983 40mins AUD VG
LEE AARON Danger Zone/Dominion Theater,London 1985 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
LEE AARON promo videos/Metal Queen,Hot To Be Rocked,Only Human,Whatcha Do To My Body,Hands On,Sweet Talk,Under Your Spell 1984-1989 30mins TV/PRO EX
LEE AARON promo videos(Barely Holding On,Hot To Be Rocked)1988 10mins TV VG
LEGACY Pre-Testament/Thrash Of The Titans San Fransisco,California 8/11/01 45mins PRO VG+
LEGS DIAMOND Dallas,Texas 1991 90mins AUD VG
LIEGE LORD L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 1987 40mins AUD GD+
LEIGE LORD Wacken Open Air/Wacken,Germany 8/4/00 46mins AUD/DVD EX+
LIFE OF AGONY Wetlands/New York 1993 50mins AUD VG
LIFE OF AGONY Albany,New York 1994 70mins AUD VG
LIFE OF AGONY Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 1996 40mins AUD EX
LIFE OF AGONY River Runs Again Live 2003 DVD/Irving Plaza New York City 2003 2005 82mins MAS/DVD EX+
LILLIAN AXE Slidell,Louisiana 1985 20mins AUD EX
LILLIAN AXE Hard n Heavy interview+promo 1989 5mins PRO EX+
LILLIAN AXE Dallas,Texas 1990 80mins AUD GD
LILLIAN AXE Foundations Forum/live performance Body Double 1991 5mins PRO EX+
LILLIAN AXE Acoustic set w Steve Blaze and Ron Taylor 1992 25mins AUD EX
LILLIAN AXE Springfield,Missouri 4/11/92 80mins AUD GD
LILLIAN AXE Tampa Bay,Florida/acoustic+interview 1/5/93 25mins AUD EX
LILLIAN AXE Charlotte,North Carolina 1993 40mins AUD EX
LILLIAN AXE promo videos(Dream Of A Lifetime,Show A Little Love,No Matter What,Body Double)1988-93 TV/PRO EX
LILLIAN AXE Minneapolis,Minnesota 1994 90mins AUD VG+
LILLIAN AXE Chicago,Illinois 1995 90mins AUD VG-
LILLIAN AXE Galaxy Club/Dallas,Texas 1999(reunion show)65mins AUD VG
LILLIAN AXE 19th Hole Bar and Grille/Houston,Texas 9/17/01 120mins AUD EX
LILLIAN AXE New Haven,Indiana 11/4/02 120mins AUD EX
LION Pure Rock Japan tv special/interview+promo 1987 10mins TV EX-
LIONS PRIDE Shockwaves Home Video/live Lions Pride,Free Rider 1985 10mins PRO EX+
LITA FORD Rock Palace/Hollywood,California 1985 PRO 15mins EX
LITA FORD A Midnight Snack 1989 30mins PRO VG+
LITA FORD Wembley Stadium/England 1989 45mins PRO VG
LIVE AID JFK Stadium/Philadelphia,Pa(Judas Priest,Black Sabbath)1985 30mins TV/PRO VG+
LIVING DEATH The Dynamo/Eindhoven,Holland 11/5/85 68mins AUD/DVD EX+

LIZZY BORDEN Funky Tomato/Japan tv special 1986 15mins TV GD
LIZZY BORDEN Murderous Metal Roadshow/Country Club Los Angeles,California 1985 75mins MAS/PRO EX+
LIZZY BORDEN Lizzy Borden and Lipps of Anvil hosting Mtv Headbangers Ball 1987 10mins TV VG
LIZZY BORDEN Detroit,Michigan 1987 75mins AUD GD
LIZZY BORDEN St.louis,Missouri/Master of Disguise Tour 1989 35mins AUD EX+
LIZZY BORDEN promo videos(We Got The Power,Give Em The Axe,Love Is A Crime,Born To Be Wild)1989 20mins TV/PRO EX
LIZZY BORDEN Mtv Headbangers Ball interview+Born to be Wild promo 1989 10mins TV VG+
LIZZY BORDEN Much Music interview 1989 10mins TV GD+
LIZZY BORDEN Bensalem,Pennsylvania 6/5/92 60mins AUD GD
LIZZY BORDEN Marina Del Ray,California 1/23/99 75mins AUD EX
LIZZY BORDEN Wacken Open Air Fest/Wacken,Germany 8/5/00 20mins AUD EX-
LIZZY BORDEN Boyton Beach,Florida 3/20/01 15mins AUD EX
LIZZY BORDEN Beehive Theater/Pittsburgh,Pa Deal With The Devil Tour 4/4/01 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
LIZZY BORDEN Bowling Green,Ohio/Deal With The Devil Tour 4/9/01 65mins AUD EX
LONDON Hollywood Bootleg/Hollywood,California 1986 25mins PRO EX-
LONDON Hollywood,California 10/2/86 10mins AUD EX
LONDON QUIREBOYS Rick Dees Into the Night+Much Music acoustic 1991 15mins TV EX+
LORD BELIAL Trier,Germany 1998 25mins AUD VG
LORD TRACY Tampa Bay,Florida 12/19/89 70mins AUD EX+
LOUD AND FAST Much Music Inside Heavy Metal special/history of speed,thrash,glam,british metal 1987 25mins TV/PRO VG

LOUDNESS Raraties/various live performances 1983 30mins PRO VG
LOUDNESS Live,Loud,Alive/Tokyo,Japan 1983 60mins PRO EX+
LOUDNESS Law of the Devils Land 1983 20mins PRO EX+
LOUDNESS Eurobounds/European Tour 1984 60mins PRO VG+
LOUDNESS Compilation/live,promo videos+interviews 1984-89 30mins TV/PRO EX
LOUDNESS Ohio Legend Valley Jam 1986 15mins AUD VG
LOUDNESS Thunder in the East/Vol I 1986 50mins PRO EX-
LOUDNESS Thunder in the East/Vol II 1986 25mins PRO EX+
LOUDNESS Thunder In The East Vol I and II DVD 1986 70mins MAS/DVD EX+
LOUDNESS Tokyo,Japan/Lightning Strikes Tour 1986 70mins PRO EX
LOUDNESS Hiroshima Peace Fest/Tokyo,Japan 1988 40mins PRO GD
LOUDNESS Tokyo Dome/Tokyo,Japan 1989 25mins PRO EX
LOUDNESS Video Loudest/live+promo videos 1991 60mins PRO EX+
LOUDNESS Club Citta/Kawasaki,Japan 1992 35mins PRO EX
LOUDNESS Welcome to the Slaughterhouse/Toyko,Japan 1992 90mins PRO EX+
LOUDNESS Brussels,Belgium 1999 60mins AUD EX
LOVE HATE promo videos(Narm Vignette,Why Do You Think They Call It Dope,Blackout In The Red Room,MTV Angel Acoustic)1990 30mins PRO EX+
LUDICHRIST Swizzles/York,Pennsylvania 1986 40mins AUD VG
LYNCH MOB promo videos(River of Love,Tangled In The Web)1989 10mins TV EX
LYNCH MOB ABCs in concert 1991 15mins PRO VG
LYNCH MOB Bethlehem,Pa 1991 35mins AUD GD
LYNCH MOB Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w George Lynch 1992 10mins TV EX+
LYNCH MOB St.louis,Missouri 9/1/92 85mins AUD EX
LYNCH MOB Graffiti Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 1998 80mins AUD VG+
LYNCH MOB Atlanta,Georgia 5/3/01 95mins AUD EX
LYNCH MOB Leomaster,Massachusetts 2003 80mins AUD EX
LYNCH MOB Revolution Live DVD/The Key Club West Hollywood,California 3/12/03+studio interviews and backstage footage 2005 100mins MAS/DVD EX+