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MACABRE Lawrenceville Moose/Lawrenceville,Pennsylvania 4/20/07 50mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
MADAME X w Sebastian Bach/Much Music special 1987 10mins TV EX
MADAME X USA Hot Spots/Baltimore,Maryland 1987 15mins TV EX
MAD MAX German tv live 1988 55mins PRO VG
MAD SEASON Live at the Moore/Seattle,Washington 1995 55mins PRO EX+
MAGNUM Camden Palace/London,England 1985 60mins PRO EX
MALICE Sky Trax+Music Box interviews 1987 15mins TV/PRO EX

MARILYN MANSON w The Spooky Kids/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 1991 40mins AUD VG+
MARILYN MANSON w The Spooky Kids/Miami,Florida 1991 45mins AUD VG
MARILYN MANSON Rarities Vol I/videos+interviews 1996 80mins TV/PRO FR
MARILYN MANSON Ozzfest/Minneapolis,Minnesota 1997 60mins AUD VG
MARILYN MANSON Santiago,Chile+uncensored promos 1996 90mins PRO GD-
MARILYN MANSON Dead to the World 1997 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
MARILYN MANSON San Fransisco,California 1997 80mins AUD GD
MARILYN MANSON Mtv Awards 1997 10min MAS/TV EX+
MARILYN MANSON Mtv Manson tv/interview+Q/A w fans 1998 25mins MAS/TV EX+
MARILYN MANSON Driven/life story of Brian Warner 5/9/02 45mins MAS/TV EX+
MARILYN MANSON The New Tom Green Show/interview w Manson and girlfriend 6/24/03 30mins MAS/TV EX+
MARILYN MANSON Late Night with Conan O'Brien 8/13/03 10mins TV/PRO EX
MASI Hollywood,California 1988 30mins AUD GD
MASS Take Me Home/rare live performances,promo videos+interviews 1982-99 160mins PRO EX(not4trade)
MASS The Channel/Boston,Massachusetts 1990 PRO EX
MASSACRE Tampa Bay,Florida 5/25/86 50mins AUD EX
MASSACRE Fort Lauderdale,Florida 6/30/91 45mins AUD/DVD EX
MAXIMUM ROCK TOUR Pre-Show special w Anthrax,Megadeth,Motley Crue/backstage,interviews+live 2000 30mins TV/PRO EX
MAXX WARRIOR Myrtle Beach,South Carolina(Pre Firehouse)1985 55mins AUD VG
MAYHEM The Return/Live in the East Club,Germany 1997 40mins PRO EX
MCBRAIN NIKKO Rythms of the Beast 1991 95mins PRO EX
MCQUEEN STREET promo videos(My Religion,Money)1991 10mins TV EX

MELIAH RAGE Boston,Massachusetts 1988 60mins AUD VG
MELIAH RAGE promo videos(The witching,The beginning of the end)1989 10mins TV VG+
MELIAH RAGE Salisbury,Massachusetts 7/11/91 55mins AUD EX
MELIAH RAGE Bills Bar/Boston,Massachusetts 10/27/03 50mins AUD EX+
MELTDOWN Lawrenceville Moose/Lawrenceville,Pennsylvania 4/20/07 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
MERCILESS HATE Mercyful Fate tribute band/Arlington,Texas 1995 30mins AUD EX-(dark)
MERCYFUL FATE The Dynamo/Eindhoven,Holland 4/9/83 80mins AUD GD
MERCYFUL FATE Much Music interview w King Diamond + Gypsy live 1987 5mins TV GD
MERCYFUL FATE Studio One/Newark,New Jersey 9/10/93 35mins AUD EX+
MERCYFUL FATE Copenhagen,Denmark 1993 30mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE Academy/Manhatton,New York(Halloween night)10/31/93 90mins AUD GD+
MERCYFUL FATE Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 1993 90mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE The Omni/Oakland,California 10/7/93 85mins PRO VG(b/w efx mix)
MERCYFUL FATE The Omni/Oakland,California 10/7/93 85mins AUD EX+(color 1 cam)
MERCYFUL FATE Newark,New Jersey 1/20/95 85mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE Minneapolis,Minnesota 1/95 80mins AUD VG
MERCYFUL FATE ZTV interview w King Diamond+promo videos(in Danish)1995 50mins TV EX
MERCYFUL FATE Chilean MTV special/promo videos+interviews 50mins TV/PRO 1996 VG
MERCYFUL FATE Metalla tv special w Hank Sherman and King Diamond/promo videos+interviews 1996 25mins TV/PRO EX+
MERCYFUL FATE promo videos(Egypt,The Bell Witch,Nightmare Be Thy Name,Uninvited Guest,The Night)1996 25mins PRO EX+

MERCYFUL FATE Furia Mtv Brazil special/promo videos+interviews 1996 25mins TV/PRO EX
MERCYFUL FATE Halmstad,Sweden 1997 70mins AUD VG
MERCYFUL FATE Montreal,Canada 1997 80mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE Esberg,Denmark 1997 70mins AUD EX-
MERCYFUL FATE Minneapolis,Minnesota 7/25/98 90mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE Detroit,Michigan 8/22/98 80mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE Milwaukee Metal Fest/Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/24/98 50mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE Wacken Open Air Festival/Germany 8/6/99 55mins AUD EX-
MERCYFUL FATE Belfort,France 7/8/99 50mins AUD EX-
MERCYFUL FATE Santiago,Chile 8/6/99 90mins AUD VG
MERCYFUL FATE Philadelphia,Pa 10/9/99 85mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE Medleys/Montreal,Canada 10/4/99 85mins AUD EX+(balcony cam)
MERCYFUL FATE Medleys/Montreal,Canada 10/4/99 80mins AUD EX(floor cam)
MERCYFUL FATE Spain tv special/in studio+interviews 1999 15mins TV EX
MERCYFUL FATE Solvesburg,Sweden 6/11/99 50mins AUD EX
MERCYFUL FATE New Orleans,Louisiana 10/14/99 75mins AUD EX(very dark)
MERCYFUL FATE Paris,France 2/4/99 85mins AUD EX-
METAL CHURCH Seattle,Washington 1984 30mins AUD GD
METAL CHURCH Toronto,Canada 12/9/86 15mins AUD VG+
METAL CHURCH Mtv Headbangers Ball compilation/hosting,live,promo videos+interviews 1987-91 35mins TV/PRO EX
METAL CHURCH Orlando,Florida 1989 70mins AUD EX+
METAL CHURCH Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Mike Howe and Duke Erikson 1989 15mins TV EX+
METAL CHURCH Allentown,Pennsylvania 5/19/89 30mins AUD EX
METAL CHURCH Tower Theatre/Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 7/28/89 30mins AUD EX
METAL CHURCH St.Petersburg,Florida 4/29/89 50mins AUD EX+
METAL CHURCH Eindhoven,Holland 5/20/91 70mins AUD VG

METAL CHURCH Raleigh,North Carolina 1992 50mins AUD EX+
METAL CHURCH Cleveland,Ohio 1992 15mins AUD EX+
METAL CHURCH promo videos(Badlands,Watch The Children Pray,Date With Poverty)1989-94 15mins TV EX+
METAL CHURCH Wein,Austria 1994 70mins AUD VG-
METAL CHURCH Wacken Open Air Festival/Germany 8/7/99 50mins AUD VG+
METAL CHURCH Biella,Italy/reunion w Dave Wayne 11/3/99 75mins AUD VG+
METAL MANIA video compilations CLICK HERE
METAL VARIATIONS promo videos(Stryper,Sacred Reich,Hurricane,XYZ,Wrath,Laaz Rocket,Jailhouse,Motorhead,The Pandoras)1990 40mins PRO EX+
METALLICA w Dave Mustaine/San Fransisco,California 1983 55mins AUD VG
METALLICA French tv news report clips 1984 TV/PRO GD+
METALLICA w Cliff Burton/German Metal Hammer special 1985 15mins TV/PRO VG
METALLICA w Cliff Burton/Nassau,New York 1986 50mins AUD GD-
METALLICA Quebec,Canada 1986 70mins AUD GD
METALLICA Bang up Rock Japan tv interview 1987 10mins TV VG
METALLICA Rich Stadium/Orchard Park,New York 1988 35mins AUD EX-
METALLICA Hammersmith Odeon/London,England 10/10/88 35mins PRO VG+
METALLICA Miami,Florida 1988 40mins AUD/DVD EX+
METALLICA Cliff Em All/early band history 1983-86 w Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton 1988 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
METALLICA Justice On Wheels/live,behind the scenes+interviews 1989 50mins TV/PRO VG+
METALLICA Skedsmohallen/Lillestr,Norway 10/18/88 60mins AUD/DVD EX
METALLICA Hartford,Conneticut 1989 60mins AUD EX
METALLICA Lakeland,Florida 2/10/89 85mins AUD/DVD EX+
METALLICA Live Shit Binge & Purge/Seattle Coliseum Seattle,Washington 8/29/89 145mins MAS/PRO EX+
METALLICA Toronto,Canada 1991 120mins AUD VG
METALLICA San Diego,California/Binge and Purge Tour 1992 135mins PRO EX
METALLICA A Year & A Half In The Life Part I/recording of Black Album 1992 100mins MAS/PRO EX+

METALLICA A Year & A Half In The Life Part II/various live performances on Wherever I may Roam Tour 1992 140mins MAS/PRO EX+
METALLICA Grammy Awards/Enter Sandman live+accepting award for Best Metal Performance 1992 10mins TV EX+
METALLICA Mtv Rockumentary/history,live+interviews 1992 30mins TV EX+
METALLICA Metal Up Your Ass:The Interview sessions/rare and private footage from collectors worldwide 1996 45mins MAS/VHS EX+
METALLICA Cunning Stunts/Ft.Worth,Texas 1997 130mins MAS/PRO EX+
METALLICA Bridge School benefit/Mt.View,California(unplugged)1997 60mins AUD VG
METALLICA Mtv spring break 1998 60mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA Seoul,Korea 1998 120mins PRO EX
METALLICA VH1 Behind the music/history+interviews 1998 45mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA Covers Live/New York 1998 45mins PRO EX-
METALLICA Mtv Metallica tv/interviews+Q/A with fans 1998 20mins TV VG
METALLICA Woodstock/Rome,New York 1999 120mins PRO EX
METALLICA Berkley,California w San Fransisco Orchestra 1999 50mins TV/PRO EX
METALLICA Mtv Making the Video/making of I Disappear 2000 20mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA VH1 Rock Show special/interview w Lars Ulrich+Binge promo videos 2001 45mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA Mtv Icon/live performances of Metallica covers,history+interviews 5/6/03 75mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA Mtv Video Music Awards/Frantic live+interview 8/28/03 10mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA Late Night with Conan O'Brien/interview w Lars Ulrich about Some Kind Of Monster movie premiere 7/9/04 5mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA Mtv Headbangers Ball Some Kind Of Monster Special/interviews w band members in studio,promos+clips of movie 7/10/04 90mins MAS/TV EX+
METALLICA Some Kind Of Monster DVD/Original Motion Picture+additional scenes,trailer,music video and interviews 2004 140mins MAS/DVD EX+
METAL BLADE RECORDS Video Meltdown/promo videos(Fates Warning,Lizzy Borden,D.R.I,Candlemass,Armored Saint,Anvil,Trouble,Masi,Bitch)1990 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
MICHEAL SCHENKER GROUP Rock n Pop Fest/Dortmund,Germany 1983 20mins DVD/PRO EX+
MICHEAL SCHENKER GROUP Super Rock/Japan 1984 60mins PRO EX
MICHEAL SCHENKER GROUP Rock Will Never Die/Hammersmith,Odeon 1987 60mins PRO EX
MICHEAL SCHENKER GROUP promo videos(This Is My Heart,Anytime,Love Is Not A Game,Gimmie Your Love)1990 20mins TV EX
MICHEAL SCHENKER GROUP Odeon/Cleveland,Ohio 1999 85mins AUD EX
MICHEAL SCHENKER GROUP World Wide Live 2004/Metalmania Festival Spodek,Katowice 2004 105mins MAS/DVD EX+
MICHIGAN METAL FEST Kalamazoo,Michigan/interviews+live w Accept,Quiet Riot,Crue,Night Ranger,Triumph,Ozzy,Ratt 5/27/84 20mins TV/PRO EX
MI'GAUSS Millvalle Industrial Theater/Pittsburgh,Pa 5/7/00 50mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
MI'GAUSS Rock A Bye Cafe/Pittsburgh,Pa 9/2/00 60mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
MIKE TRAMP Houston,Texas 2001 90mins AUD EX-
MILWAUKEE DAY OF DEATH Newscast covers local death metal event 1990 3mins TV/PRO VG
MINISTRY promo videos(Jesus Built My Hotrod,N.W.O)1992 10mins TV EX
MINOTAUR Uppsala,Sweden 2/27/88 40mins AUD/DVD GD+
MISFITS WCW Nitro/Thunder compilation 1999 30mins TV/PRO EX
MISFITS F/X Show/live+interview 2000 10mins TV EX+
MISFITS Punk Rock Japan tv/live+interview 2/1/00 10mins TV EX+
MISFITS Garage Heads Japan tv/live+backstage interview 2/2/00 15mins TV EX+
MISFITS Megarmo Maniacs Japan tv/live,interview+Scream promo 2/2/00 20mins TV EX+
MISFITS Calgary,Alberta 10/1/00 70mins AUD EX+
MISFITS Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 25th Anniversary Tour 9/6/01 65mins AUD EX+
M.O.D Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Billy Milano and John Mante 1989 15mins TV EX+
M.O.D Liendlund Fest/Naksov,Denmark 1993 45mins AUD VG
M.O.D Berkley,California 1994 35mins AUD EX
M.O.D Creepy Crawl/St.louis,Missouri 8/16/01 65mins AUD EX-
MOORE GARY Stockholm,Sweden 1987 80mins PRO EX
MONSTERS OF METAL The Metal Compilation Double DVD 2004 240mins MAS/DVD EX+
MONSTERS OF ROCK Mtv special w Kingdom Come,Metallica,Dokken,Scorpions,Van Halen/live+interviews 1991 40mins TV EX+
MONSTOCITY Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 6/14/01 40mins AUD EX+
MORBID ANGEL Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 6/14/01 60mins AUD/2CAM EX+
MORBID ANGEL Mtv Headbangers Ball hosted by Trey Azagthoth 6/12/04 60mins MAS/TV EX+
MORDRED Hard n Heavy/promo video+interviews 1990 10mins TV/PRO EX+
MORTAL SIN Sydney,Australia 9/18/87 60mins AUD VG+
MORTAL SIN Out Of The Darkness Official DVD 2005 120mins PRO/DVD EX+
MORTICIAN San Diego,California 8/15/97 25mins AUD VG
MORTICIAN Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/29/00 30mins AUD EX+
MORTICIAN Middle East Club/Cambridge,Massachusetts 8/30/00 30mins AUD EX+
MORTICIAN Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 9/2/00 25mins AUD EX
MORTON DOWNEY JR SHOW Heavy metal groupie special w Ace Frehley,Barren Cross,Circus of Power and Cycle Sluts from Hell 1989 30mins TV EX+
MOSCOW MUSIC PEACE FESTIVAL Moscow,Russia Vol I/Skid Row,Cinderella,Bon Jovi 1989 125mins MAS/PRO EX+
MOSCOW MUSIC PEACE FESTIVAL Moscow,Russia Vol II/Motley crue,Gorky park,Ozzy Osbourne,Scorpions 1989 125mins PRO EX+

MOTORHEAD Toronto,Canada 1982 70mins PRO EX
MOTORHEAD Live Tracks from London 1983 50mins PRO EX
MOTORHEAD Deaf Not Blind 1984 45mins PRO EX
MOTORHEAD Saturday Starship 1984 20mins TV VG
MOTORHEAD The Birthday Party/Hammersmith Odeon,London England 6/26/85 60mins PRO EX+
MOTORHEAD Another Perfect Day 1985 25mins PRO EX
MOTORHEAD Live in Zuhl 1991 50mins PRO VG
MOTORHEAD Louder Than Everything Else 1991 65mins PRO EX
MOTORHEAD European tv special/live+interview on tour bus 1997 25mins PRO GD
MOTORHEAD Harpos/Detroit,Michigan 1999 90mins AUD EX+
MOTORHEAD Loud Much Music special w Lemmy/live,promo videos+interviews 1999 50mins TV EX+
MOTORHEAD Maratime Hall/San Fransisco,California(encores w James Hetfeld)5/25/00 90mins AUD EX+
MOTORHEAD VH1 Rock Show interview w band and WWF wrestler Triple H 4/13/01 15mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTORHEAD WWF Wrestlemania/Houston Astrodome,Texas 2001 5mins TV/PRO VG
MOTORHEAD Great American Music Hall/San Fransisco,California 9/30/01 90mins AUD EX+
MOTORHEAD Tv Total/interview + Brave New World live 2002 10mins TV/DVD EX
MOTORHEAD All Back To Mine/interview w Lemmy 2002 30mins TV/DVD EX
MOTORHEAD Montreal,Quebec 4/28/02 100mins AUD EX+
MOTORHEAD The Townsend/San Fransisco,California 5/17/02 95mins AUD EX+
MOTORHEAD Avalon Ballroom/San Fransisco,California 4/1/03 90mins AUD/DVD EX+
MOTORHEAD Ace Of Spades Classic Albums DVD/defenitive authorized story of the album 2004 106mins MAS/DVD EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Starwood Club/California 1981 40mins AUD GD
MOTLEY CRUE US Festival/San Bernadino,California(Pre Shout Tour)5/29/83 50mins PRO EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Quebec,Canada 1984 80mins AUD GD
MOTLEY CRUE Unsensored/promo videos+interviews 1986 45min PRO EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Buckeye Lake,Ohio 1987 90mins AUD GD+
MOTLEY CRUE Decade of Decadence 81-91 1992 115mins MAS/PRO EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Kansas City,KS 1989 100mins AUD VG
MOTLEY CRUE Moscow,Russia 1989 30min PRO VG
MOTLEY CRUE Albany,New York 1990 90mins AUD GD
MOTLEY CRUE Columbus,Ohio 1997(front row)115mins AUD EX
MOTLEY CRUE w Degeneration X on WWF Sunday Heat and Monday Raw 1998 20mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Mtv Rocks Off/Jessies b-day party 1998 20mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Mtv Biorhythm w Tommy Lee 1998 20mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTLEY CRUE VH1 Behind the Music/history+interviews 1998 45mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Fargo,North Dakota/Greatest Hits Tour 1998 90mins AUD EX
MOTLEY CRUE Houston,Texas/Greatest Hits Tour 1998 110mins AUD EX
MOTLEY CRUE Austin,Texas/Greatest Hits Tour 1998 100mins AUD EX
MOTLEY CRUE Blockbuster Sony Center/Camden,New Jersey 1999 90mins AUD EX
MOTLEY CRUE VH1 Hard Rock Live special 1999 45mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTLEY CRUE Maximum Rock Tour PPV special/Salt Lake City,Utah 7/5/00 80mins TV/PRO EX
MOTLEY CRUE Alpine Valley/East Troy,Wisconsin 8/18/00 Maximum Rock Tour 95mins AUD EX
MOTLEY CRUE Star Lake Ampitheater/Pittsburgh,PA Maximum Rock Tour 8/30/00 90mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
MOTLEY CRUE VH1 Fan Club/live+interviews with fans 2/2/01 45mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTLEY CRUE VH1 Driven/history+interviews 7/23/02 45mins MAS/TV EX+
MOTLEY CRUE VH1 Inside Out : Ressurecting Mötley Crüe/bands 05 reunion with Tommy Lee and Nick Mars 2005 45mins MAS/TV EX+
MR BUNGLE Bizzare Fest/Koln,Germany 8/20/00 40mins TV/PRO EX
M.S.O.D RPM's Rock Club/Bridgeville,Pennsylvania 9/28/07 75mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
MUDVAYNE Late Show With Craig Killborn/Not Falling live 1/31/03 6mins MAS/TV EX+
MUCH MUSIC video compilations CLICK HERE
MUCH MUSIC New Music Return of Rock 80's special/live+interviews w Poison,Dokken,Bach,Def Leppard,etc 2000 10mins TV/PRO EX
MUSHROOMHEAD Boyton Beach,Florida 8/22/01 35mins AUD EX+
MUTILATOR Thrash Fest/Brazil 1986 25mins AUD VG-
MY DYING BRIDE Torhout,Belgium 1993 75mins AUD EX
MY DYING BRIDE promo videos(I Am The Bloody Earth,The Cry For Mankind,Songless Bird)1995 15mins TV VG
MY SISTERS MACHINE promo videos(Im Sorry,I Hate You)1990 10mins TV EX
MYSTIC REIGN Jackson,Tennesee 1994 60mins AUD EX
NAPALM DEATH St.Petersburg,Florida 5/6/90 40mins AUD VG
NAPALM DEATH Live Corruption/Salisbury Arts Centre 1990 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
NAPALM DEATH Santiago,Chile 1997 30mins TV/PRO VG+
NAPALM DEATH Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/25/97 AUD EX
NASHVILLE PUSSY Columbia,South Carolina 1998 45mins AUD VG+
NASHVILLE PUSSY Baltimore,Maryland 1998 45mins AUD VG
NASTY SAVAGE Fitzgeralds/Houston,Texas 1990 45mins AUD EX
NASTY SAVAGE Tampa Bay,Florida 1994 80mins AUD EX
NECROPHAGIA w Phil Anselmo/Through The Eyes Of The Dead Home Video 1999 30mins PRO EX
NEFELIMS THRONE Kimo's/San Fransisco,California 9/14/01 30mins AUD EX+

NEVERMORE Seattle,Washington(rare w unreleased songs)8/28/92 60mins AUD EX
NEVERMORE Berman,Germany 5/20/95 25mins AUD VG
NEVERMORE Vosselar,Belgium 5/3/97 50mins AUD VG
NEVERMORE Boston,Massachusetts 10/8/97 45mins AUD EX
NEVERMORE New London,Conneticut 10/10/97 50mins AUD VG
NEVERMORE promo videos(What Tomorrow Knows,Next In Line)1997 10mins PRO EX+
NEVERMORE Viva tv special/live+interviews 1998 15mins TV GD-
NEVERMORE Seattle,Washington 6/23/99 60mins AUD EX
NEVERMORE Richmond,Virginia 6/25/99 70mins AUD EX-
NEVERMORE Area 51 Club/Salt Lake City,Utah 5/17/99 60mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE Foufounes/Montreal,Canada 1999 80mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE Northern Lights/Clifton,New York 6/26/99 40mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE Worchester,Massachusetts 1/22/00 80mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 5/12/01 85mins AUD EX+(1 cam,audio distortion)
NEVERMORE Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 5/13/01 85mins AUD/2CAM EX+(2 cam version) NEVERMORE The Pound/San Fransisco,California 5/19/01 90mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE Cactus Club/San Jose,California 5/20/01 90mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE The Pound/San Fransisco,California 9/6/01 50mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE The Roadhouse/Sacramento,California 9/8/01 45mins AUD EX+
NEVERMORE Mtv Headbangers Ball/interview+promo videos 12/13/03 20mins MAS/TV EX+
NEW YORK STEEL BENEFIT VH1 Rock Show special w Overkill,Sebastian Bach,Ace Frehley,Anthrax,Twisted Sister/live,promos+interviews 12/7/01 40mins MAS/TV EX+
NEWSTED JASON VH1 Rock Show/hosting+promo video 9/1/01 25mins MAS/TV EX+
NEWSTED JASON hosting VH1 Rock Show+Echobrain promo video 5/24/02 30mins MAS/TV EX+
NIGHTWISH Furia Mtv Brazil/Sao Paulo,Brazil 7/15/00 25mins TV/PRO VG+
NIGHT RANGER Tokyo,Japan 1983 60mins PRO EX+
NIGHT RANGER 7 Wishes Tour/Irvine meadows,Calf 1985 80mins PRO EX+
NIGHT RANGER promo videos(When You Close Your Eyes,You Can Still Rock In America,The Secret Of My Success)1989 15mins TV VG
NIGHT RANGER Chicago,Illinois 1998 75mins AUD EX+
NILE Lorian,Ohio 8/24/00 30mins AUD EX+
NITRO Detroit,Michigan 1989 60mins AUD VG
NITRO promo videos(Freight Train,Long Way From Home,Cat Scratch Fever)1989 10mins TV VG
NITRO Much Music Power Hour/Micheal Angelo shreds live in studio 1992 10mins TV/PRO EX
NITRONIC w Stephen Pearcy/Hollywood,California 5/24/00 65mins AUD EX
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Radiation Sickness Tour Hammersmith Odeon 1987 45mins PRO EX+
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Compilation/promo videos+interviews 1988-94 30mins TV VG
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Handle With Care European Tour Hammersmith Odeon1989 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Club 125/Bradford,Massachusetts 1/10/03 65mins AUD EX+
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Louder Harder Faster DVD/Louder Harder Faster Festival 6/5/05+vintage live footage,promo videos,in studio+interviews with Dan Lilker & Glenn Evans 2006 180mins MAS/DVD EX+
NUGENT TED Rockpalast/Germany 1976 45mins PRO EX
NUGENT TED Whiplash Bash/Detroit,Michigan 1988 80mins PRO EX
NUGENT TED VH1 Behind the Music special/history+interviews 1999 45mins MAS/TV EX+
NUGENT TED VH1 Rock Show/interview+promo video 6/22/01 20mins MAS/TV EX+
NUGENT TED VH1 Forever Wild/Ted goes outdoors w Sebastian Bach Part I 2/8/02 35mins MAS/TV EX+
NUGENT TED VH1 Forever Wild/Ted goes outdoors w Sebastian Bach Part II 2/15/02 40mins MAS/TV EX+
NUGENT TED Mtv Cribs/inside Teds home in Michigan 11/6/02 10mins MAS/TV EX+
NUM SKULL The Rink/Merriville,Wisconsin 12/9/89 25mins AUD EX
OBITUARY Flint,Michigan 1990 40mins AUD EX
OBITUARY L'amours/New York interview 8/19/90 15mins AUD GD+
OBITUARY EL Paso,Texas 1990(front row)45mins AUD VG+
OBITUARY Tampa Bay,Florida 9/1/91 45mins AUD EX+
OBITUARY Ft Lauderdale,Florida 1997 60mins AUD VG
OBITUARY St.Petersberg,Florida 3/7/04 45mins AUD/DVD EX+
OBLIVEON Official Canadien Soundboard 1989 30mins PRO EX
OBLIVEON GV Hotel/Timmins,Ontario 2/13/98 80mins MAS/DVD EX+
OCTOBER 31 Powermad Fest/Baltimore,Maryland 1999 40mins AUD EX+
ODIN Shinning Love promo 1986 5mins PRO VG
ODIN Troubadour/Hollywood,California(reunion w original lineup)2/8/03 60mins DVD/AUD EX+
OMEN Country Club/Los Angeles,California 1984 40mins PRO EX+

ONSLAUGHT Amsterdam,Holland 1986 50mins AUD GD
ONSLAUGHT Dynamo Open Air/Eindhoven,Holland 07/9/86 50mins AUD/DVD VG+
ONSLAUGHT Blood On The Ice promo 1987 5mins PRO GD
ONSLAUGHT w Steve Grimmett/Headbangers Ball interview+Let there be Rock promo 1989 6mins TV EX+
OPERATION ROCK N ROLL promo videos(Judas Priest,Alice Cooper,Motorhead,Dangerous Toys,Metal Church)1991 40mins PRO EX+
OPETH Cactus Club/San Jose,California 5/20/01 65mins AUD EX+
OTEP Mtv Headbangers Ball/Otep members special guest 8/7/04 90mins MAS/TV EX+


PANTERA w Terrence Lee/Dallas,Texas 1986 45mins AUD GD
PANTERA w Dave Peacock/Ft.Worth,Texas 1986 50mins AUD GD
PANTERA Hot n Heavy/original glam home video 1986 25mins PRO GD-
PANTERA w Phil Anselmo/various live clips,Drink and Destroy,etc 1987-88 20mins AUD VG
PANTERA Arcadia Theater/Dallas,Texas Power Metal Tour 7/2/88 80mins AUD GD+
PANTERA w Kerry King/Ft.Worth,Texas 5/20/89 55mins AUD GD+
PANTERA Moscow,Russia 1991 30mins PRO VG
PANTERA Cowboys From Hell/promo videos,interviews+home video footage of tour 1991 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
PANTERA Vulgar Video/live,promo videos+interviews 1993 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
PANTERA 3 Watch It Go/home video footage,live,interviews+promo videos 1997 122mins MAS/PRO EX+
PANTERA Mesa,California w Rob Halford 11/12/97 90mins AUD EX
PANTERA St.Paul,Minnesota 1997 80mins AUD EX
PANTERA San Jose Arena/San Jose,California 1997 80mins AUD VG+
PANTERA w Scott Ian/Worchester,Massachusetts 1/24/98 90mins AUD EX
PANTERA San Jose Arena/San Jose,California 1999 60mins AUD EX
PANTERA Sunrise Musical Theater/Sunrise,Florida 4/1/01 105mins AUD/2CAM EX
PANTERA Toledo,Ohio/Reinventing The Steel Tour 2/27/01 90mins AUD EX
PANTERA Poughkeespie,New York/Reinventing The Steel Tour 3/13/01 95mins AUD EX
PANTERA Uniondale,New York/Reinventing The Steel Tour 6/12/01 90mins AUD EX-
PANTERA CNN Headline News/Dimebag Darrell murder news reports from Alrosa Villa Columbus,Ohio 11/9/04 20mins MAS/TV EX+
PANTERA VH1 Behind The Music special/history+interviews 5/11/06 45mins MAS/TV EX+
PARADISE LOST promo videos(Pity The Sadness,Embers Fire,True Belief)1994 15mins PRO EX
PARADISE LOST Monsters of Rock/Sao Paolo,Brazil 1995 15mins PRO VG
PARADISE LOST Bizzare Fest/Koln,Germany 1997 60mins PRO EX
PARADOX Altes Kino,Mels,Switzerland 2/25/88 55mins AUD/DVD EX
PAUL STANLEY Toads Place/New Haven,Conneticut 1989 80mins AUD VG
PENANCE Lava Lounge/Pittsburgh,PA 4/11/01 60mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
PESTILENCE Oakland,California 10/8/90 30mins AUD EX
PESTILENCE Fitzgeralds/Houston,Texas 10/11/90 45mins AUD EX+
PHANTOM BLUE Eindhoven,Holland 1989 65mins AUD EX
PILEDRIVER Quebec City,Quebec 11/6/06 50mins AUD/DVD EX+
PILERDRIVER Montreal Metal Fest/Montreal,Quebec 2006 45mins PRO/DVD EX+
PINK CREAM 69 w Andi Deris/Tokyo,Japan 1992 60mins PRO VG
POISON Joan Rivers Show/interviews+live 1987 10mins TV GD-
POISON New York+Japan tv special 1987 40mins AUD/TV VG
POISON promo videos(Cry Tough,I Want Action,Talk Dirty to Me,I Won't Forget You,Nothin' But A Good Time,Fallen Angel,Every Rose Has It's Thorn,Your Mama Don't Dance,Unskinny Bop,Ride The Wind,Something to Believe In,Life Goes On)1987-1993 55mins PRO EX
POISON Sight for Sore Ears/live,promo videos+interviews 1989 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
POISON Arsenio Hall Show/live+interview 12/14/90 15mins TV/PRO EX
POISON Chattanooga,Tennesee 1990 80mins AUD VG
POISON Binghampton,New York 1990 90min AUD GD
POISON Mtv Unplugged/acoustic unplugged live 1990 30mins TV/PRO EX+
POISON Mtv Music Video Awards+ABCs in Concert 1991 30mins TV EX+
POISON Flesh,Blood and Videotape/promo videos+interviews 1991 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
POISON 7 Days Live/London,England 1993 85mins PRO EX
POISON Rock in Rio/Rio,Brazil 1994 60mins PRO GD
POISON VH1 Behind the Music special/history+interviews 1999 45mins MAS/TV EX+
POISON E-Center Ampitheatre/Camden,New Jersey 1999 70mins AUD VG
POISON Phoenix,Arizona 1999 65mins AUD VG
POISON Brett Michaels special guest on VH1 The List 1999 20mins MAS/TV EX+
POISON Toronto,Canada/Power to the People Tour 6/28/00 65mins AUD VG+
POISON Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio/Power to the People Tour 6/30/00 75mins AUD EX+
POISON Gilford,New Hampshire/Power to the People Tour 7/7/00 70mins AUD VG+
POISON All Sports Stadium/Oklahoma City,Oklahoma Power to the People Tour 7/26/00 75mins AUD VG+
POISON C.C Rock TV/Sacramento Valley Ampitheater/Sacramento,CA 8/10/00 30mins TV EX+
POISON Manrato,Minnesota 8/22/00 70mins AUD EX
POISON Mtv Cribs/inside Brett Michaels home 2001 10mins MAS/TV EX+
POISON West Palm Beach,Florida 6/2/01 75mins AUD/2CAM EX+
POISON Late Show with Craig Killborn/interview w Brett Michaels and C.C Deville+Squeeze Box live 5/9/02 20mins MAS/TV EX+
POISON Minneapolis,Minnesota 8/24/03 70mins AUD EX+
POISON VH1 You Rock With Poison/fan plays live in concert with band 3/24/04 30mins MAS/TV EX+

POSSESSED Long Beach,California 1986 35mins AUD VG+
POSSESSED Music Box interview w Mike Torrao and Jeff Becerra 1986 10mins TV EX
POSSESSED Channel One/Baltimore,Maryland 1987 60mins AUD EX
POSSESSED Live In California 5/21/93 60mins AUD/DVD EX+
POST MORTEM Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 7/25/87 20mins AUD VG+
POWER OF METAL Hamburg,Germany(Gamma Ray,Rage,Conception)1993 60mins PRO EX
POWERMAD Allentown,Pennsylvania 1989 30mins AUD VG+
POWERMAD promo videos(Terminator,Nice Dreams)1989 10mins TV EX
POWERMAD Minneapolis,Minnesota 1993 100mins AUD VG+
POWERMAN 5000 Jimmy Kimmel Live 7/17/03 5mins MAS/TV EX+
POWERSLAVE Pleasant Hills,Pennsylvania(Iron Maiden Tribute)10/21/06 65mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
POWERSLAVE RPM's Rock Club/Bridgeville,Pennsylvania(Iron Maiden Tribute)11/17/06 85mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
PRAYING MANTIS Captured Alive/Tokyo,Japan 1996 90mins PRO EX
PREMONITION Dallas,Texas 1993 30mins AUD EX
PREMONITION Compilation/various live performances 2000-01 35mins AUD EX+
PRETTY BOY FLOYD Roxy Theater/Hollywood,California 1989 35min AUD GD+
PRETTY BOY FLOYD promo videos(I Wanna Be With You,Set The Night On Fire)1989 10mins TV EX
PRETTY BOY FLOYD Tokyo,Japan 1990 60mins PRO VG
PRETTY BOY FLOYD Palatine,Illinois 7/24/90 45mins AUD VG
PRETTY BOY FLOYD Roxy Theater/Hollywood,California 1997 60mins AUD VG+
PRETTY BOY FLOYD Ozzie's Bar and Grill/Westview,Pennsylvania 6/30/03 50mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
PRETTY MAIDS Rock Hard Fest/Germany 1987 50mins AUD EX
PRETTY MAIDS Japan tv special/live+interviews 1992 30mins TV EX
PRETTY MAIDS Wacken Open Air Festival/Wacken,Germany 1995 70mins AUD VG
PRIMAL FEAR Mylos Club/Salonica,Greece 1998 60mins AUD VG+
PRIMAL FEAR Wacken Open Air Festival/Germany 7/8/99 40mins AUD EX
PRIME EVIL New York City,NY 1/31/88 35mins AUD/DVD EX+
PRINCESS PANG promo videos(Find My Heart A Home,Trouble In Paradise)1989 10mins PRO EX
PROTECTOR Aalst,Belgium 3/20/89 30mins AUD/DVD EX+
PURGATORY San Fransisco,California 1986 30mins AUD EX+
PURGATORY Apart 66/Tampa Bay,Florida 1986 80mins AUD EX+
PURGATORY Sunset Club/Miami,Florida 7/23/87 90mins AUD EX-
PURGATORY Cox Cable tv/live performance(Pre Iced Earth)1988 5mins TV/PRO VG