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EARTHSHAKER Tokyo,Japan/World Tour 1984 40mins PRO EX
EDGUY Verviers,Belgium 1998 40mins AUD EX
EMPEROR Bergen,Norway 1997 60mins AUD VG
EMPEROR Emperial Live Ceremony DVD/London,U.K 5/14/99+promo videos 2004 70mins MAS/DVD EX+
EMPEROR Wacken Open Air Fest/Schleswig-Holstein,Germany 8/4/06 25mins PRO/DVD EX
ENUFF Z NUFF Home video/Live,videos+interviews 1990 30mins PRO VG+
EUROPE Swedish tv special w John Norum 1984 20mins TV/PRO VG+
EUROPE The Final Countdown/Mtv Euro tv special 1986 70mins TV VG
EUROPE Final Countdown Tour 1987 60mins PRO EX+
EUROPE In America/live,behind the scenes+interviews 1988 60mins PRO EX+
EUROPE Trocadero/Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 4/3/05 90mins AUD/DVD EX+
EVERY MOTHERS NIGHTMARE promo videos(House Of Pain,Love Can Make You Blind)1990 10mins TV EX
EVERY MOTHERS NIGHTMARE Nashville,Tennesee 1990 15mins AUD EX
EVICCIUM Halftime Lounge/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 4/1/05 30mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
EVICTION Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 7/25/87 30mins AUD VG+
EVIL DEAD Hollywood,California 7/31/87 40mins AUD/DVD VG
EVIL DEAD Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/23/88 22mins AUD/DVD VG
EVIL DEAD Milwaukee,Wisconsin 2/12/89 37mins AUD/DVD VG
EVIL DEAD Metal Mania 6/Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/18/92 40mins AUD/DVD EX

EXCITER Montreal,Canada 1986 60mins AUD VG+
EXCITER New Music special/interviews+live 1987 10mins TV/PRO GD
EXCITER Ottawa,Ontario 10/8/96 75mins AUD VG
EXCITER Chicago,Illinois 10/31/97 20mins AUD VG-
EXCITER Biella,Italy 11/27/97 50mins AUD EX
EXCITER Chicago,Illinois/live+interview w John Ricci 1997 20mins AUD EX
EXCITER Metal Meltdown Festival/Convention Hall Asbury Park,New Jersey 4/6/01 40mins AUD EX
EXCITER Classic Metal Fest/Kalamazoo,Michigan 6/15/01 50mins AUD EX
EXCITER Jarod's/Attleboro,Massachusetts 9/14/01 60mins AUD EX+

EXHORDER Axiom/Houston,Texas 11/4/89 70mins AUD EX+
EXHORDER New Orleans,Louisiana 3/2/90 80mins AUD EX
EXHORDER Axiom/Houston,Texas 2/9/91 50mins AUD EX+
EXHORDER Death Notice interview 1991 25mins AUD EX+
EXHORDER Tampa Bay,Florida 12/21/91 45mins AUD VG
EXHORDER New Orleans,Louisiana 3/21/91 70mins AUD GD+
EXHORDER Coral Springs,Florida 4/26/92 30mins AUD VG+(dark)
EXHORDER Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/18/92 20mins AUD VG+
EXHORDER Zeppelin's/New Orleans,Louisiana 8/14/98 10mins AUD EX
EXHORDER Zeppelin's/New Orelans,Louisiana 3/23/01 85mins AUD EX(center floor cam)
EXHORDER Zeppelin's/New Orelans,Louisiana 3/24/01 85mins AUD EX(left stage cam)
EXUMER The Dynamo/Eindhoven,Holland 12/04/87 65mins AUD/DVD EX+
EXUMER Copenhagen,Denmark 1/29/88 60mins AUD/DVD VG
EXUMER Sao Paulo,Brazil 4/27/88 60mins AUD EX

EXODUS Beacon Theater/New York City 1986 45mins AUD VG+
EXODUS Compilation/live,promo videos+interviews 1988-94 40mins TV/PRO EX+
EXODUS Mosh Tv/Essen,Germany 1989 45mins AUD EX
EXODUS Cobo Hall/Detroit,Michigan 1989 45mins AUD VG+
EXODUS Cleveland,Ohio 4/30/89 30mins AUD EX+
EXODUS Cambridge,Massachusetts 8/10/97 70mins AUD EX
EXODUS The Chance/Poughkeespie,New York 8/8/97 70mins AUD EX+
EXODUS Metalla German tv special/live,promo videos+interviews 1997 30mins TV EX+
EXODUS CBGB's/New York City 8/21/97 70mins AUD EX+
EXODUS San Fransisco,California 11/12/01 90mins AUD VG
EXODUS Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 4/28/04 95mins AUD/DVD EX+
EXODUS Mtv Headbangers Ball/interview with Gary Holt and Dave Mustaine+promo videos 11/13/04 30mins MAS/TV EX+
EXTREME Copenhagen,Denmark 1991 30mins AUD EX
EZO Detroit,Michigan 1989 15mins AUD VG
EZO Jezabels/Anahiem,California 1989 75mins AUD VG
EZO Nashville,Tennesee 1989 50mins AUD VG+
EZO Japan special w Gene Simmons/Making of videos 1989 45mins PRO EX
EZO promo videos(Million Miles Away,Flashback,Here It Comes,Kiss Of Fire)1989 20mins TV EX
EZO Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Taro Takahashi and Masaki Yamada 1989 10mins TV EX+
FAITH NO MORE Detroit,Michigan 1990 80mins AUD EX
FAITH NO MORE Brixton Academy,London/You Fat Bastards 1990 60mins PRO EX
FAITH NO MORE Video Croissant/videos,live+interviews 1995 45mins PRO EX+
FAITH NO MORE Who Cares A Lot?The Greatest Videos 1996 120mins MAS/PRO EX+
FAITH OR FEAR Philadelphia,Pa 1989 60mins AUD EX

FASTER PUSSYCAT Roxy Theater/California 1986 50min AUD GD+
FASTER PUSSYCAT Cleveland,Ohio 11/14/87 40mins AUD VG
FASTER PUSSYCAT promo videos(Bathroom Wall,Dont Change That Song,House Of Pain,Poison Ivy,Youre So Vain,Non Stop To Nowhere)1988-92 30mins TV EX
FASTER PUSSYCAT Mtv Headbangers Ball compilation/live,hosting,promo videos+interviews 1987-1992 55mins TV/PRO EX
FASTER PUSSYCAT Detroit,Michigan 1988 45mins PRO VG
FASTER PUSSYCAT Mtv Headbangers Ball interview with Taime Downe,Brent Muscat and Greg Steele+Poison Ivy promo 1988 20mins TV EX+
FASTER PUSSYCAT Cleveland,Ohio 11/12/89 35mins AUD VG
FASTER PUSSYCAT Albany,New York 1990 15mins AUD EX
FASTER PUSSYCAT Montreal,Canada/Whipped Tour 1992 30mins AUD EX-
FASTER PUSSYCAT Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/Whipped Tour 10/10/92 35mins AUD VG
FASTER PUSSYCAT Denver,Colorado/Whipped Tour 9/4/93 75mins AUD EX
FASTER PUSSYCAT The Masquerade/Atlanta,Georgia 6/27/01 70mins AUD EX-
FASTER PUSSYCAT Hairy Mary's/Des Moines,Iowa 8/18/01 35mins AUD EX
FASTER PUSSYCAT Satyricon/Portland,Oregon w Tracii Guns 8/25/01 65mins AUD VG
FASTER PUSSYCAT The Loft/Shinijuku,Japan 9/7/01 65mins AUD EX
FASTWAY promo videos(All Fired Up,Tell Me,We Become One,Say What You Will,The World Waits For You,After Midnight)1987 30mins TV VG
FATES WARNING Blondies/Detroit,Michigan 1986 80mins AUD VG
FATES WARNING promos(Point Of View,Eye To Eye,Silent Cries)1991 15mins TV/PRO VG
FATES WARNING Limelight/New York 1992 55mins AUD VG+
FATES WARNING Pittsburgh,Pa 1994 77mins AUD VG
FATES WARNING A Pleasant Shade Of Grey 1998 55mins PRO EX+
FATES WARNING Dynamo/Eindhoven,Holland 5/30/98 60mins PRO EX
FATES WARNING Uptown Theater/Kansas City,Missouri 7/21/03 35mins AUD EX
FEMME FATALE Compilation/live,promo videos+interviews 1989 30mins TV/PRO EX
FIFTH ANGEL Time Will Tell promo 1989 5mins TV/PRO VG+
FIGHT Compilation/live,promo videos+interviews 1992-95 60mins TV/PRO EX
FIGHT Mtv Headbangers Ball special/live+interviews 1993 30mins TV GD+
FIGHT Limelight/New York City 11/20/93 70mins AUD VG
FIGHT Limelight/New York City w Sebastian Bach 1/16/94 90mins AUD EX
FIGHT Fillmore/San Fransisco,California 7/6/95 80mins AUD VG
FILTHY LUCRE w Phil Lewis/Toronto,Canada 1993 55mins AUD EX
FINAL COUNTDOWN New Years Eve/Tokyo,Japan(Bon Jovi,Quireboys,Skid Row,Cinderella)1990 65mins PRO VG+
FIREHOUSE Cajondome/Layfayette,Louisiana PPV special 1991 40mins PRO EX
FIREHOUSE Springfield,Illinois/Rock Never Stops Tour 1998 30mins AUD EX-
FIREHOUSE WAPL 105.7 X-Mas Party/Appleton,Wisconsin 12/15/01 60mins AUD VG+
FLOTSAM JETSAM Houston,Texas 1997 60mins AUD VG
FLOTSAM JETSAM Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 10/3/01 90mins AUD EX+
FORBIDDEN San Fransisco,California 12/12/87 40mins AUD VG+
FORBIDDEN Solid Rok special/interviews+promo videos 1990 10mins TV EX
FORBIDDEN Tijuana,Mexico 1992 40mins AUD EX
FORBIDDEN Petaluma,California 11/27/93 60mins AUD EX
FORBIDDEN Cactus Club/San Jose,California 5/15/93 95mins AUD/DVD EX+
FORCED ENTRY Compilation/live,promo videos+interviews 1989 20mins TV VG
FORCED ENTRY Victoria,British Columbia 1/13/89 30mins AUD EX
FORCED ENTRY Seattle,Washington 7/10/92 60mins AUD EX
FORCED ENTRY Seattle,Washington 4/29/95 30mins AUD EX-
FORCED ENTRY Seattle,Washington(last ever show)8/11/95 45mins AUD EX
FOREIGNER Feels Like The Very First Time/videos,live+intervews 1991 60mins PRO EX
FOUNDATIONS FORUM (Ugly Kid Joe,Asphalt Ballet,Prong,XYZ,The Almighty,Screaming Jets,Bang Tango,Lillian Axe,Soundgarden,Megadeth)1991 60mins PRO EX+
FOZZY Much Music Documentary/history,live+interviews 2000 35mins TV/PRO EX+
FREAK OF NATURE w Mike Tramp/Denmark 1993 90mins AUD VG
FREHLEY ACE Fractured Pieces/various live performances 1985-95 80mins AUD/PRO EX-
FREHLEY ACE Compilation/various live performances 1987-92 55mins AUD VG+
FREHLEY ACE Ace Vision/Vol I 1993 50mins PRO EX
FREHLEY ACE Just For Fun/Orlando,Fla 1993 100mins PRO FR
FREHLEY ACE Brooklyn,New York 1994 110mins AUD EX

FREHLEYS COMET Detroit,Michigan 9/5/87 50mins AUD VG+
FREHLEYS COMET Pine Knob,Michigan 9/6/87 70mins AUD EX-
FREHLEYS COMET Beacon Theater/New York City 9/10/87 70mins AUD EX
FREHLEYS COMET Ace Frehleys private London tape filmed by Ace himself+roadies/Hammersmith,Odeon 1988 100mins AUD EX
FREHLEYS COMET Live+4/Hammersmith,Odeon 1988 80mins PRO EX+
FREHLEYS COMET Kansas City,Missouri 1988 20mins PRO EX
FREHLEYS COMET promo videos(Rock Soldiers,Into The Night,Rip It Out,Do Ya,Insane,Its Over Now)1987-89 25mins TV VG/EX
FREHLEYS COMET Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Ace Frehley and Rich Scarlet 1989 15mins TV EX+
FU MANCHU Metropol Club/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 1/23/00 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
FUNNY MONEY w Steve Whiteman of Kix/RPM's Rock Club Bridgeville,Pennsylvania 4/14/07 60mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
GAMMA RAY Heading for the East/Tokyo,Japan 1990 90mins PRO VG
GAMMA RAY Lust For Live/Hamburg,Germany 9/25/93 60mins PRO EX+
GAMMA RAY Gods of Metal/Milan,Italy 6/6/98 40mins AUD EX
GAMMA RAY Wacken Open Air Fest Jam Session 8/5/00 5mins AUD EX
GAMMA RAY Bologna,Italy 9/10/00 20mins AUD EX
GAMMACIDE Joe's Garage/Ft.Worth,Texas 10/27/89 70mins AUD EX+
GAMMACIDE Axiom/Houston,Texas 5/5/90 40mins AUD EX
GEORGE LYNCH Kansas Guitar Clinic/Kansas City,Missouri 2/9/02 50mins AUD EX
GIRLSCHOOL Play Dirty Live/Camden Place,London England 1984 60mins PRO EX
GOAT HORN Pittsburgh Heavy Metal Harvest Fest/Carnegie,Pennsylvania 11/25/05 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
GRAVE DIGGER Munich,Germany 1985 15mins TV EX
GRAVE DIGGER Arnsberg,Germany 1994 90mins AUD VG+
GRAVE DIGGER Milan,Italy 7/6/97 37min AUD VG
GRAVE DIGGER Rock Machina Festival/Spain 7/28/01 60mins AUD EX
GRAVE DIGGER Tunes Of Wacken/Wacken Open Air Festival,Germany 2001 70mins PRO EX+
GREAT KAT Expo of the Extreme/Chicago,Illinois 1996 10mins PRO EX+
GREAT KAT Guitar Shredder From Hell/promo videos 2000 20mins PRO EX+
GREAT WHITE Buffalo,New York 1988 30mins AUD VG
GREAT WHITE Mosh German tv special 1988 40mins TV/PRO EX
GREAT WHITE Live at the Ritz/New York City 1988 45mins AUD EX
GREAT WHITE Osaka,Japan 1990 120mins AUD VG
GREAT WHITE Mtv Unplugged 1991 30mins TV VG
GREAT WHITE Toronto,Canada 1991 30mins AUD EX
GREAT WHITE San Antonio,Texas 1994 50mins AUD EX
GREAT WHITE Detroit,Michigan 1999 85mins AUD EX

GUNS N ROSES Mtv Live At The Ritz special/New York City,New York 1988 60mins TV/PRO EX
GUNS N ROSES A Night in the Jungle/uncensored backstage video 1988 30mins TV/PRO VG
GUNS N ROSES Mtv Music Awards/Axl Rose does duet with Tom Petty 1989 5mins TV EX+
GUNS N ROSES Rock In Rio II/Rio De Janeiro,Brazil 1/20/91 20mins PRO EX+
GUNS N ROSES Use your Illusion Part I/Toyko,Japan 1992 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
GUNS N ROSES Use your Illusion Part II/Tokyo,Japan 1992 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
GUNS N ROSES Use your Illusion/Paris,France 1992 150mins PRO EX
GUNS N ROSES Montreal,Canada 8/8/92(Riot show) 40mins AUD VG
GUNS N ROSES Mtv Past,Present and Future special/history,live+interviews 1992 25mins TV EX+
GUNS N ROSES Making F*cking Videos/Dont Cry Part I 1993 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
GUNS N ROSES VH1 Rock Show interview w Slash+promo video 1999 10mins TV EX+
GUNS N ROSES Rock in Rio III/Rio,Brazil 1/14/01 150mins TV/PRO EX+
GUNS N ROSES w Buckethead/London,Ontario 11/30/02 120mins AUD EX
GUNS N ROSES Camp Chaos Illustrated cartoon/Welcome To McDoogles w Axl and Buckethead 2004 2mins MAS/TV EX+
GUNS N ROSES VH1 Behind The Music/history,live+interviews 7/6/04 50mins MAS/TV EX+
GWAR Tour de Scum/Live from Antarctica 1991 120mins PRO EX+
GWAR Rendevous with Ragnarok 1996 55mins PRO EX+
GWAR Dawn of the day of the night of the Penguins 1998 60mins PRO EX+
HAGAR/ROTH Howard Stern Show/interview w Sammy Hagar and Dave Lee Roth about touring together 7/17/02 20mins MAS/TV EX+
HAGAR SAMMY Mtv Cribs/inside Sammy Hagar's home in Cabo 2002 10mins MAS/TV EX+
HADES China Club/New Jersey 7/7/87 40mins AUD GD+

HALFORD ROB special guest on VH1 The List 1999 20mins TV EX+
HALFORD Much Music Loud special/live,promo videos+interviews 2000 45mins TV EX+
HALFORD VH1 Rock Show Brave New World Tour special hosted by Rob Halford/live,promo videos+interviews w Iron Maiden,Queensryche and Halford 2000 45mins TV EX
HALFORD Air Canada Centre/Toronto,Canada 8/1/00 50mins AUD EX-
HALFORD Quebec City,Canada 8/3/00 45mins AUD EX
HALFORD Madison Square Garden/New York City 8/5/00 35mins AUD EX+
HALFORD Cumberland County Civic Center/Portland,Maine 8/9/00 40mins AUD EX+
HALFORD Roy Wilkins Auditorium/St.Paul,Minnesota 8/27/00 40mins AUD EX
HALFORD Red Rocks Ampitheater/Denver,Colorado 8/30/00 35mins PRO EX-
HALFORD Molson Centre/Montreal,Quebec 8/2/00 50mins AUD EX+
HALFORD Much West Canadien tv interview 2000 15mins TV/PRO EX+
HALFORD Bynon Canadien tv interview 2000 15mins TV EX-
HALFORD VH1 Rock Show/backstage interview w Scott Ian before Roseland Ball Room show+rare promos 11/13/00 15mins MAS/TV EX+
HALFORD Harpo's/Detroit,Michigan Resurrection Tour 10/14/00 70mins AUD EX
HALFORD Palladium/Worchester,Massachusetts Resurection Tour 10/17/00 65mins AUD EX+
HALFORD Northern Lights/Clifton Park,New York Resurrection Tour 10/25/00 50mins AUD EX+
HALFORD Milan,Italy/Resurrection Tour 11/23/00 85mins AUD EX
HALFORD LA 2 Club/London,England(encores w Dickinson/Tate)12/18/00 95mins AUD EX-
HALFORD Rock in Rio III/Rio,Brazil 1/19/01 60mins TV/PRO EX+
HALFORD Santiago,Chile 1/12/01 60mins TV/PRO EX-
HALFORD VH1 Rock Show hosted by Rob Halford/interviews+promo videos 4/20/01 25mins MAS/TV EX+
HALFORD Mtv 20 Live And Almost Legal/Hammerstein Ball Room,New York(interview+live w Sum 41 and Tommy Lee)8/1/01 10mins MAS/TV EX+
HALFORD promo videos(Made In Hell,Cyber World)2001 10mins TV/PRO EX+
HALFORD Rob Halford special guest on VH1 Forever Wild w Sebastian Bach 1/25/02 30mins MAS/TV EX+
HALFORD VH1 Rock Show hosted by Rob Halford 5/17/02 25mins MAS/TV EX+

HALLOWEEN Heavy Metal Horror Band/promo videos(Trick Or Treat,What A Nice Place)1987 10mins PRO VG+
HALLOWEEN Detroit,Michigan 6/10/88 30mins AUD EX
HALLOWEEN Harpos/Detroit,Michigan 1988 60mins PRO VG
HALLOWEEN Detroit,Michigan 1999 80mins AUD EX
HALLOWEEN Classic Metal Fest/Kalamazoo,Michigan 6/15/01 40mins AUD EX
HALLOWEEN Keep It True Festival/Lauda Königshofen,Germany 4/10/04 65mins AUD/DVD EX+
HALLOWS EVE Swizzles/York,Pennsylvaina 12/18/86 55mins AUD EX
HALLOWS EVE Middletown,New York 12/21/86 50mins AUD EX
HALLOWS EVE L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 12/19/86 30mins AUD EX
HALLOWS EVE Milwaukee Metal Fest/Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/25/87 25mins AUD GD
HALLOWS EVE Poughkeespie,New York 5/12/88 40mins AUD VG
HALLOWS EVE The Benchwarmer/Huntsville,Alabama 8/26/06 AUD/DVD EX+
HAMMERFALL Wacken Open Air Fest/Germany 8/9/97 25mins PRO VG-
HAMMERFALL Rotterdam,Holland 8/15/97 35mins AUD EX
HAMMERFALL Coney Island,New York 11/14/98 45mins AUD EX
HAMMERFALL Detroit,Michigan 11/20/98 45mins AUD EX
HAMMERFALL Chicago,Illinois 11/24/98 40mins AUD VG-
HAMMERFALL The First Crusade/live,promo videos+interviews 1999 80mins PRO EX+
HARD N HEAVY video magazine CLICK HERE
HARD N HEAVY Metal Masters VOL I/Axemen(Steve Tyler,Joe Perry,Steve Vai,Y.Malmsteen,Ted Nugent,Ace Frehley,etc)1995 55mins MAS/PRO EX+
HARD N HEAVY Metal Masters VOL II/Live Dangerous(Aerosmith,Whitesnake,Guns n Roses,Poison,London Quireboys)1995 55mins MAS/PRO EX+
HARD N HEAVY Metal Masters VOL III/Trick or Treat(Ozzy,Skid Row,Motorhead,Gene Simmons,Lita Ford,LA Guns,Judas Priest,etc)1995 55mins MAS/PRO EX+
HARDLINE Power Hour special/videos+interview 1992 15mins TV EX
HARDLINE St.louis,Missouri(daytime outdoor show)8/17/92 50mins AUD VG-
HAREM SCAREM Toronto,Canada 1991 30mins AUD/DVD EX+
HAREM SCAREM Live For Japan 1994 50mins PRO EX-
HAREM SCAREM Much Music Spotlight/promo videos+interviews 1994 30mins PRO/DVD EX+
HARVEST Halftime Lounge/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 4/1/05 30mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
HATEBREED Club Laga/Pittsburgh,Pa 5/2/00 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
HEADBANGERS BALL Iron Maiden,Dio and Motorhead special guests/promo videos+interviews from Give Me Ed Till Im Dead Tour 8/2/03 65mins MAS/TV EX+

HEADBANGERS BALL 2003 video compilations CLICK HERE
HEADBANGERS BALL UNCENSORED History of Mtv Headbangers Ball/various clips+interviews 1987-95 5/5/02 45mins MAS/TV EX+
HEADHUNTER Ruegerhoz,Switzerland 9/28/91 35mins AUD/DVD VG
HEAR N AID The Sessions(Dio,Dokken,Quiet Riot,Rough Cutt,Judas Priest,Motley Crue,Y.Malmsteen,Iron Maiden,Twisted Sister,etc)1986 30mins PRO EX+
HEATHEN Sacramento,California 8/26/88 40mins AUD VG+

HEATHEN Detroit,Michigan 2/7/88 65mins AUD EX+
HEATHEN Budapest,Hungary 6/17/91 35mins AUD/DVD EX+
HEATHEN Tidal Wave Music Festival,McLaren Park/San Fransisco,California 6/19/04 55mins AUD/DVD EX+
HEATHEN The Underworld/London,United Kingdom 6/27/05 45mins AUD/DVD EX+
HEATHEN Stuttgart,Germany 7/5/05 45mins AUD/DVD EX+
HEATHEN Brande-Hornerkirchen,Germany 7/8/05 100mins AUD/DVD EX
HEAVEN promo videos(Where Angels Fear To Tread,Rock School)1986 10mins TV/PRO EX+
HEAVEN AND HELL The Usual/San Jose,California(Sabbath Tribute Band)5/26/01 50mins AUD EX+
HEAVENS EDGE Trenton,New Jersey 7/22/88 70mins AUD GD
HEAVENS EDGE Italian Market benefit/Philadelphia,Pa 1988 35mins AUD EX
HEAVENS EDGE Allentown,Pennsylvania 3/10/90 55mins AUD EX
HEAVENS GATE Hamburg,Germany 1991(b&w)10mins AUD EX-
HEAVENS GATE promo videos(Living in hysteria,Underfire,Surrender)1993 20mins TV VG-
HEAVY:THE STORY OF METAL Part I Welcome to my Nightmare/traces metal's roots in the late-60's in the bombed-out industrial town of Birmingham England to the spectacular rise of Kiss and "glam metal" in the early 70's 5/22/06 45mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY:THE STORY OF METAL Part II British Steel/examines metal's growing pains during the 70's when both high-brow rock critics and punk rock threatened its very existence. By decade's end, bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Def Leppard gave birth to what became known as "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal" 5/23/06 45mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY:THE STORY OF METAL Part III Looks that Kill/metal thrives in sunny California.Van Halen, Poison, Motley Crue as the world of hair metal begins 5/24/06 45mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY:THE STORY OF METAL Part IV Seek and Destroy/metal takes a walk on the dark side. Guns N' Roses, Metallica, thrash, grunge, and how the music and images of Marilyn Manson became associated with the Columbine massacre 5/25/06 45mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY METAL Mtv Rockumentary/history of heavy metal 1992 20mins TV EX+
HEAVY METAL VH1 Presents the 80's:Heavy Metal/history+interviews 3/10/02 45mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY METAL VH1 Special When Metal Ruled The World/history of 80's metal on Sunset Strip 3/24/04 50mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY METAL VH1 Top 40 Hair Bands Of All Time/80s glam bands countdown hosted by Dee Snider 3/24/04 80mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY METAL VH1 100 Most Metal Moments/countdown hosted by Dee Snider 2004 240mins MAS/TV EX+
HEAVY METAL MANIA promo videos,interviews+news hosted by Dee Snider/Motley Crue,Queensryche,Kiss,Lita Ford,Ozzy,AC/DC,Helix.Iron Maiden,etc 1986 50mins TV EX+
HEAVY METAL MANIA promo videos,interviews+news hosted by Dee Snider/Kiss,AC/DC,Accept,Dio,Don Dokken,Judas Priest,Autograph,etc 1986 50mins TV EX+
HEAVY METAL MANIA with Dee Snider/Motley Crue,Queensryche,Kiss,Grim Reaper,Lita Ford,AC/DC,Helix,Scorpions,Ratt,Iron Maiden,etc 1986 60mins TV/PRO EX
HEAVY METAL MANIA with Paul Stanley/ Ratt,Yngwie Malmsteen,Def Leppard,Van Halen,Iron Maiden,Black N Blue,Kiss,Scorpions,Dio,Motley Crue,etc 1986 60mins TV/PRO EX
HEAVY METAL MANIA with Bruce Dickinson/Ratt,Judas Priest,Motley Crue,Grand Prix,Black Sabbath,W.A.S.P,Marillion,Raven,Coney Hatch,Saxon,Iron Maiden...special guest Raven 1986 60mins TV/PRO EX
HEAVY METAL MANIA with Dee Snider/Judas Priest,Saxon,Keel,Black Sabbath,Hear N Aid,Iron Maiden,special guest Ron Keel 1986 60mins TV/PRO EX
HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT Capital Centre/Washington,D.C Judas Priest Turbo Tour 5/31/86 15mins PRO EX
HEAVY METAL THUNDER AND MUD w Tuff,Grave Danger,Nuclear Assault,She Rock,Young Gunns 1990 90mins PRO VG+
HEAVY PETTIN Live Heart Attack Tour 1984 60mins PRO EX
HEAVY PETTIN promo videos(Rock Aint Dead,In And Out Of Love)1985 10mins TV/PRO EX+
HEAVY PETTIN Much Music Power Hour 3/87 25mins TV/PRO EX
HEAVY PETTIN Wogan,British TV 1987 (1st appearance) 5mins TV/PRO EX
HEAVY PETTIN Wogan, British TV 1987 (2nd appearance) 5mins TV/PRO EX
HELIX Edmonton Convention Centre/Edmonton,Alberta 1985 60mins PRO EX
HELIX promo videos 1985-87 20mins TV VG
HELIX Detroit,Michigan 1987 60mins AUD EX
HELIX Los Angeles,California 8/27/87 35mins AUD EX
HELIX Waltzing with Helix 1991 55mins PRO VG
HELIX Sex Rated DVD/promo videos 1991 2000 50mins MAS/DVD EX+
HELIX Toronto,Canada/21st century live 1993 5min AUD VG+
HELLION w Ann Boleyn/Nu Rock tv special 1987 15mins TV EX
HELLION w Ann Boleyn/Hollywood,California 1987 55mins AUD GD
HELLION w Ann Boleyn/Bad Attitude promo 1989 5mins TV VG+
HELLOWEEN Komm/Nurnberg,Germany 11/14/85 45mins AUD EX+
HELLOWEEN Markthalle/Hamberg,Germany 2/2/86 50mins AUD EX+
HELLOWEEN w Kai Hansen Aardschokdag/Eindhoven,Holland 4/20/86 60mins AUD/DVD EX+
HELLOWEEN Knopf's Music Hall/Hamburg,Germany 4/6/87 70mins AUD VG
HELLOWEEN Stadthalle/Tuttlingen,Germany 3/18/87 80mins AUD EX+
HELLOWEEN Dusseldorf,Germany 4/28/87 75mins AUD EX+
HELLOWEEN Barcelona,Spain 1/9/87 50mins AUD GD
HELLOWEEN Minneapolis,Minnesota/Hell on Wheels Tour 10/31/87 35mins TV/PRO EX
HELLOWEEN Barcelona,Spain 1988 45mins AUD VG
HELLOWEEN Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Michael Kiske and Ingo Scwichenberg 1989 10mins TV EX+
HELLOWEEN High Live/Milan,Italy+Spain 1990 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
HELLOWEEN Metal X's/interview,live+promo 1991 15mins TV/PRO EX
HELLOWEEN Koln,Germany 5/14/92 70mins AUD EX
HELLOWEEN Osaka,Japan 10/5/92 110mins AUD GD+
HELLOWEEN Bang up Rock Japan tv special w Andi Deris 1993 35mins TV VG+
HELLOWEEN Rocklife German tv special/live+interviews 1993 30mins TV GD+
HELLOWEEN Oslo,Norway 9/16/93 110mins AUD VG
HELLOWEEN Pumpkin Videos(Helloween,I Want Out,Kids Of The Century,When The Sinner,Mr Ego,Where The Rain Grows)1994 25min PRO EX+
HELLOWEEN Music Hall/Hannover,Germany 5/7/96 30mins TV/PRO VG
HELLOWEEN Monsters Of Rock/Sao Paulo,Brazil 8/24/96 20mins PRO EX+
HELLOWEEN Curitiba,Brazil 6/12/98 70mins TV/PRO EX
HELLOWEEN London,England 5/16/98 60mins AUD EX
HELLOWEEN Mexico City,Mexico 12/16/98 100mins AUD GD
HELLOWEEN Gods Of Metal/Milan,Italy 6/6/98 60mins AUD/2CAM VG+
HELLOWEEN Nancy,France 4/22/98 50mins AUD VG(low audio)
HELLOWEEN Brooklyn,New York/making of I can promo+interview 1998 20mins PRO EX
HELLOWEEN promo videos(I can,Hey Lord)1999 10mins TV EX+
HELLOWEEN Seoul,Korea/Dark Ride Tour 2/23/01 50mins TV/PRO EX
HELLOWEEN Live At MMS Festival/Jazine Hall Zadir,Croatia 7/6/04 105mins DVD/PRO EX+
HELLOWEEN Summer Day In Hell/Rome,Italy 7/30/04 30mins AUD EX+
HELLWITCH After Hours interview w Patrick Ranieri 1986 5mins TV EX
HELLWITCH TV 69 Gainesville,Florida/interview with band+Torture Chamber,Satans Wrath live 1986 15mins TV EX
HELLWITCH Axiom/Houston,Texas 2/9/91 50mins AUD EX+
HELSTAR Altemiltaerhalle,Switzerland 3/12/88 55mins AUD/DVD EX+
HEXX Live in California 1990 sound board 30mins AUD/DVD VG-
HEXX Axiom/Houston,Texas 5/5/90 30mins AUD EX+
HEXX Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/18/92 24mins AUD/DVD EX
HIRAX Long Beach,California 1986 50mins AUD GD
HIRAX Violent Assault Home Video/self produced compilation 9/02 45mins AUD EX+
HIT PARADER Heavy Metal Meltdown(Faster Pussycat,Winger,Kingdome Come,Helloween,Anthrax,Tony Iommi,Bullet Boys,LA Guns,Mr Big,Badlands,etc)1989 40mins PRO EX+
HITTMAN Limelight/New York 1988 30mins AUD EX
HITTMAN Limelight/New York 8/13/92 25mins AUD VG+
HOLLYWIERD TOUR 2002 Verizon Center/Manchester,New Hampshire w Faster Pussycat,Winger,Cinderella,Poison 7/2/02 85mins AUD EX
HOLY TERROR Hollywood,California 7/31/87 55mins AUD/DVD VG
HOUSE OF LORDS promo videos(I Wanna Be Loved,Remember My Name,Cant Find My Way Home,Love Dont Lie)1988-90 20mins TV/PRO EX
HOUSE OF LORDS Compilation/Rick Dees Into the Nite+Akron,Ohio/Miami,Fla 1989-91 100mins PRO/AUD VG+
HOW TO BREAK INTO HEAVY METAL WITHOUT GETTING SCREWED Instructional video w Lizzy Borden,Anthrax,Doro,Laaz Rockit,etc 1991 80mins MAS/PRO EX+
HURRICANE promo videos(Take What You Want,Hurricane,Im On To You,Over The Edge,Dance Little Sister)1990 25mins TV VG+/EX
HURRICANE Power Hour/promo videos+interviews 1990 15mins TV EX
HURRICANE Osaka,Japan 1990 90mins AUD VG-
HURRICANE JANE Memphis,Tennesse 1994 20mins AUD EX
HYDRA Metalworks/Texas 1987 15mins AUD VG
HYDRA Ft,Worth,Texas 1988 70mins AUD VG
HYDRA Joes Garage/Texas 1989 30mins AUD VG
HYDRA Tribal Studio/Texas 1992 25mins AUD VG