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220 VOLT Electric Messenger/Gothenburg,Sweden 5/31/85 55mins AUD EX
ABCs in Concert w Judas Priest/Alice Cooper 1991 45mins TV/PRO VG
ABCs in Concert w Bullet Boys/Poison and Slaughter 1991 45mins TV/PRO EX

ACCUSER Brunssum,Holland 2/17/88 60mins AUD/DVD EX
AC/DC Very Rare Bon/London,England 1976 40mins PRO EX
AC/DC Sydney,Australia 1978 30mins PRO GD
AC/DC Oakland,California 1979 45mins PRO GD
AC/DC Let there be Rock 1980 98mins PRO EX
AC/DC Fly on the Wall/live+promo videos 1989 25min PRO EX+
AC/DC No Bull/Plaza de Toros,Madrid 1996 120mins PRO EX+
AC/DC VH1 Rock Show special/promo videos+interviews 2000 20mins MAS/TV EX+
AC/DC Saturday Night Live 2000 10mins TV EX
AC/DC Toronto,Canada/Stiff Upper Lip Tour 8/11/00 120mins AUD EX
AEROSMITH Houston,Texas/The Summit 1977 90mins PRO VG
AEROSMITH Video Scrapbook/various live performances 1987 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
AEROSMITH Live at Woodstock/New York 8/13/94 120mins AUD VG
AEROSMITH Big Ones You Can Look At/promo videos 1994 100mins MAS/PRO EX+
AEROSMITH Panama City Beach,Florida 1997 20mins TV VG+
AFTERMATH Detroit,Michigan 4/30/88 35mins EX+
AGENT STEELE Hammersmith,Odeon 1987 43mins PRO VG-
AGRESSION Montreal,Canada 10/31/87 45mins AUD VG+
ALASKA Shockwaves Home Video/live Secrets,SOS 1985 10mins PRO EX+
ALCATRAZZ promo videos(Island In The Sun,Hiroshima Mon Amour,God Blessed Video)1984-85 15mins TV/PRO EX+
ALCATRAZZ Mtv Special/Rock Palace Los Angeles,California 1/28/84 15mins TV/PRO EX-
ALDO NOVA promo videos(Monkey On Your Back,Medicine Man,Blood On The Bricks)1988 15mins TV VG+
ALDO NOVA Mtv Headbangers Ball/making of Medicine Man video 1991 10mins TV EX+
ALICE IN CHAINS Miami,Florida 7/14/91 30mins PRO VG
ALICE IN CHAINS Lubbock,Texas/Clash Of The Titans Tour 5/17/91 30mins AUD EX+
ALICE IN CHAINS Live Facelift/Moore Theater Seattle,Washington 12/22/90 40mins MAS/PRO EX+
ALICE IN CHAINS Lancing,Michigan 8/30/91 70mins AUD VG

AMORPHIS Annies/Cincinatti,Ohio 5/11/00 40mins AUD EX
ANDREW W.K Saturday Night Live 2003 10mins TV/PRO EX
ANDREW W.K Tokyo,Japan 8/17/02 30mins PRO EX
ANGEL Casablanca promo video 1975 20mins PRO EX
ANGEL DUST Cactus Club/San Jose,California 5/20/01 45mins AUD EX+
ANGRA Brazil/Live Holy Land 1994 10min TV/PRO GD+
ANGRA Brazil/Monsters of Rock 8/27/94 20min PRO FR
ANGRA Rio de Janero,Brazil 9/23/94 90min PRO VG
ANGRA promo videos(Carry On,Time,Make Believe)1996 15mins TV GD+
ANKOR WAT Axiom/Houston,Texas 2/17/89 25mins AUD VG+

ANTHRAX Harpos/Detroit,Michigan 4/4/86 65mins AUD VG
ANTHRAX Oidivnikufesin/Hammersmith Odeon,London England 11/16/87 75mins MAS/PRO EX+
ANTHRAX Persistence of Videos/live,promo videos+interviews 1990 60mins PRO EX
ANTHRAX Attack of the Killer B's/live,promo videos+behind the scenes 1991 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
ANTHRAX Metropol/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania Sound Of White Noise Tour 4/24/94 70mins AUD EX+
ANTHRAX Much Music Power 30 special/history,live+interviews 1995 20mins TV/PRO EX
ANTHRAX The Academy/New York 11/29/95 80mins AUD VG
ANTHRAX Hard Rock Cafe/Chicago,Illinois 1995 30mins AUD EX
ANTHRAX Spin tv special/making of Inside Out 1999 10mins TV EX
ANTHRAX Metropol Club/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 1/23/00 85mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
ANTHRAX VH1 Rock Show special/interviews+promo videos 2000 15mins MAS/TV EX+
ANTHRAX Maximum Rock Tour PPV special/Salt Lake City,Utah 7/5/00 25mins TV/PRO EX
ANTHRAX VH1 Behind The Music/history,live+interviews 3/10/02 50mins MAS/TV EX+

ANVIL Japan tv special/interviews+live 1987 10mins TV/PRO VG
ANVIL Lipps w Lizzy Borden hosting Mtv Headbangers Ball 1987 10mins TV VG
ANVIL promo videos(Mad Dog,Metal On Metal,School Love,Doctor Kevorkian)1993 20mins TV EX
ANVIL Penny Arcade/Rochester,New York 1993 80mins AUD VG
ANVIL Roxy/Huntington,New York 1/13/95 50mins AUD EX-(jumpy pic)
ANVIL Uxbridge/Ontario,Canada 7/27/96 50mins AUD EX
ANVIL Chicago,Illinois/live+interview w Rob Reiner and Steve"Lips"Kudrow 1998 20mins AUD EX
ANVIL Wacken Open Air Festival/Wacken,Germany 8/7/98 50mins AUD VG-
ANVIL I-Rock/Detroit,Michigan 2/20/99 45mins AUD EX
ANVIL Columbus,Ohio 2/21/99 45mins AUD VG+
ANVIL Pennsauken,New Jersey 3/10/00 30mins AUD EX
ANVIL Metal Meltdown Festival/Convention Hall Asbury Park,New Jersey 4/6/01 35mins AUD EX
ANVIL Classic Metal Fest/Kalamazoo,Michigan 6/15/01 60mins AUD EX
ANVIL BITCH Omni/Cologne,Germany interview+live 1986 6mins TV/PRO EX
APRIL WINE Hammersmith,Odeon 1981 60mins PRO EX
APRIL WINE promo videos(Sons Of The Pioneers,This Could Be The Right One,Tell Me Why,Enough Is Enough)1984 15mins PRO EX
ARCADE Osaka,Japan 1993 100mins AUD VG+
ARCADE Minneapolis,Minnesota 1995 80mins AUD EX
ARCH ENEMY Worchester,Massachusetts 2000 40mins AUD EX
ARCH ENEMY Mtv Headbangers Ball/interview+Dead Eyes See No Future promo 11/6/04 15mins MAS/TV EX+
ARMAGEDDON OVER WACKEN Live 2003 DVD/live performances from Twisted Sister,Gamma Ray,Testament,Saxon,Running Wild,Rage,Sinner,etc 2004 228mins MAS/DVD EX+

ARMORED SAINT Los Angeles,California 1983 50mins PRO GD+
ARMORED SAINT Minneapolis,Minnesota/Hell on Wheels Tour 10/31/87 TV/PRO 30mins VG+
ARMORED SAINT Saratoga Winners/Latham,New York 2/17/88 70mins AUD GD
ARMORED SAINT Trip Thru Red Times/history,promo videos+interviews 1984-89 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
ARMORED SAINT Palatine,Illinois/Symbol of Salvation Tour 9/14/91 60mins AUD VG
ARMORED SAINT Headbangers Ball interview+promo videos 1991 15mins TV EX+
ARMORED SAINT Annies/Cincinatti,Ohio 5/11/00 75mins AUD EX+
ARMORED SAINT Harpos/Detroit,Michigan 5/13/00 75mins AUD EX+
ARMORED SAINT Peabodys/Cleveland,Ohio 5/16/00 10mins AUD EX+
ARMORED SAINT Palladium/Worchester,Massachusetts 5/20/00 85mins AUD EX+
ARMORED SAINT Wacken Open Air Festival/Wacken,Germany 8/4/00 20mins AUD EX-
ARMORED SAINT Thessaloniki,Greece 9/22/00 70mins AUD VG(tape flaws)
ARMORED SAINT Cedar Rapids,Iowa 2/22/01 25mins AUD EX
ARMOROUS OAP Hall/Victoria,B.C 10/23/87 40mins AUD EX
ARTCH Oslo,Norway 1988 55mins PRO VG

ARTILLERY Dynamo/Eindhoven,Holland 1985 70mins AUD VG
ARTILLERY Terror Squad promo 1987 6mins PRO GD
ARTILLERY Sfinks/Heerenveen,Holland 3/1/91 54mins AUD/DVD EX+
ARTILLERY Wacken Open Air Fest/Wacken,Germany 8/5/00 50mins AUD VG
ASHES TO ASHES Graffiti Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 1999 35mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
ASHES TO ASHES Graffiti Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 2000 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
ASHES TO ASHES Banana Joes/Pittsburgh,Pa 2000 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
ASPHALT BALLET Charlotte,N.Carolina 1993 90mins AUD VG+
ASPHALT BALLET Compilation/live,promo videos+interviews 1993 20mins TV GD
ASSASSIN Duseldorf,West Germany 9/26/86 30mins AUD VG+
ATTACKER Jersey City,New Jersey 1988 40mins AUD/DVD VG
ATTACKER Manifesto/Hoorn,Holland 10/30/04 85mins AUD/DVD EX
ATTACKER Keep It True Festival/Tauberfrankenhalle,Lauda/Konigshofen,Germany 4/10/04 55mins AUD/DVD EX+
ATTACKER Headbangers Ballroom/Hamburg,Germany 7/10/05 50mins AUD/DVD EX+
ATTACKER Thrash Till Death Festival/Wolfenbuttel-Wendessen,Germany 7/15/05 65mins AUD/DVD EX
ATTACKER Headbangers Open Air Festival/Brande-Hörnerkirchen,Germany 7/9/05 65mins AUD/DVD EX
ATTACKER Iron City Summer Metal Meltdown/RPM's Bridgeville,Pennsylvania 8/19/06 50mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
AT WAR Jefferson City,Missouri 1987 40mins AUD EX+
AT WAR Funtastics/St.louis.Missouri 1988 45mins AUD EX
AT WAR Toronto Metal Fest/Toronto,Canada 3/18/88 50mins AUD EX-
AT WAR Washington Metal Fest/Washington,D.C 5/13/88 40mins AUD EX
AT WAR Kenosha,Wisconsin 11/1/88 40mins AUD EX
ATHIEST Sunset Club/Tampa Bay,Florida 12/31/87 40mins AUD VG
ATHIEST Tampa Bay,Florida 11/17/91 70mins AUD/DVD EX
ATOMIC PUNKS FM Station/Hollywood,California(early Van Halen tribute band)1995 30mins AUD EX+
ATOMIC PUNKS The Whiskey/Hollywood,California 1999 5mins PRO EX+
ATROPHY Detroit,Michigan 1989 46mins AUD/DVD VG
ATROPHY Houston,Texas 1/2/89 30mins AUD VG
ATROPHY St.Petersburg,Florida 2/19/89 40mins AUD/DVD EX+
ATROPHY Copanhagen,Denmark 9/26/90 32mins AUD/DVD VG
AUTOGRAPH promo videos(Turn Up The Radio,Blondes In Black Cars,Send Her To Me)1983-85 15mins TV/PRO EX+
AVATAR Clearwater,Florida(pre-Savatage)1981 50mins AUD EX
AXEL RUDI PELL Knight Treasures & more DVD/Live Bochum,Germany 5/5/02+making of Shadow Zone,interviews,promo videos,etc 2003 220mins MAS/2DVD EX+
BABYLON A.D Much Music Power Hour special/promo videos+interviews 1989 15mins TV EX
BABYLON A.D promo videos(Bad Blood,Hammer Swings Down,Bang Go The Bells,Kid Goes Wild)1989-92 20mins TV VG
BABYLON A.D Brooklyn,New York/Nothing Sacred Tour 1992 75mins AUD VG+
BABYLON A.D. St.Louis,Missouri/Nothing Sacred Tour 7/25/92 45mins AUD VG+
BADLANDS Mountainview,California 1989 45mins AUD VG
BADLANDS New Haven,Connecticut 1989 60mins AUD VG
BADLANDS Compilation/live,videos+interviews 1990 15mins TV/PRO EX
BADLANDS Dag The Giblets/live,promo videos+interviews 1991 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
BAND OF DOOM Thunderfest/Troy,Michigan(w Nikko Mcbrain,Rudy Sarzo,Eddie Ojeda,Sebastian Bach)9/7/97 60mins AUD EX
BANG GANG Vancouver,Canada 1990 65mins AUD VG+
BANG TANGO Compilation/videos+interviews 1990 20mins TV/PRO EX
BANG TANGO Headbangers Ball interview w Joe Leste and Tigg Ketler 1991 10mins TV EX
BANG TANGO Philadelphia,Pa 1990 35min AUD GD+
BANG TANGO Sauget,Illinois 1996 30mins AUD VG
BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL Best Of Bang Your Head Festival DVD/Balingen,Germany 2001-05(Motorhead,Twisted Sister,Dio,Saxon,Doro,Sodom,Candlemass,U.D.O,Overkill,Annihilaotor,Death Angel,etc)2006 200mins MAS/DVD EX+
BARREN CROSS Chicago,Illinois 1988 35mins AUD VG+
BARREN CROSS promo videos(Imaginary Music,Cryin Over You)1989 10mins TV VG
BATHORY Stockholm,Sweden/signing records 1987 10mins AUD VG+
BATHORY One Road promo 1994 10mins PRO VG
BITCH Troubadour/Hollywood,California 6/26/87 40mins VG
BITCH promo videos(Youll never get out,Turn you inside out)1988 10mins TV/PRO VG/EX
BITCH Los Angeles,California 2/21/03 40mins AUD EX
BLACKLACE Shockwaves Home Video/live I Like To Rock,Speed Of Sound 1985 10mins PRO EX+

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Foufounes/Montreal,Quebec 9/28/00 95mins AUD EX
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Grafitti Club/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 9/30/99 90mins AUD EX
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Jacksonville,Florida 9/14/00 85mins AUD EX
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Club Quattro/Tokyo,Japan 4/18/03 15mins TV/PRO EX
BLACK N BLUE Los Angeles,California 1983 20mins PRO VG+
BLACK N BLUE Nakano,Japan 11/16/84 75mins PRO EX
BLACK N BLUE promo videos(Hold On To 18,Ill Be There For You,Miss Mystery)1986 15mins TV PRO GD+

BLACK SABBATH/BLUE OYSTER CULT Long Island,New York 10/17/80 80mins PRO EX+
BLACK SABBATH/HEAVEN & HELL W DIO Tsongas Arena/Lowell,Massachusetts 5/17/07 120mins AUD/DVD EX+
BLACK SABBATH/HEAVEN & HELL Live Radio City Music Hall DVD/New York City 3/30/07 90mins MAS/DVD EX+

BLACK SUNDAY The Warehouse/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania(Sabbath tribute band)1999 90mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
BLESSED DEATH Toronto Metal Fest/Toronto,Canada 3/18/88 35mins AUD EX-
BLESSED DEATH Detroit,Michigan 4/30/88 50mins AUD/DVD EX
BLIND GUARDIAN Germany 1993 20min AUD VG-
BLIND GUARDIAN Mtv Headbangers Ball on the road w Blind Guardian/live,promo videos+interviews 1994 30mins TV/PRO GD+
BLIND GUARDIAN Florence,Italy 12/11/95 80mins AUD VG
BLIND GUARDIAN Gods of Metal/Milan,Italy 6/6/98 45mins AUD EX
BLITZKREIG Tauberfrankenhalle,Lauda-Königshofen,Germany 4/10/04 70mins AUD/DVD EX+
BLOODFEAST Lamour's/Brooklyn,New York 5/17/85 5mins AUD VG
BLOODGOOD Shakin the World 1990 45mins PRO EX
BLOODGOOD Live in America 1990 60mins PRO EX
BLUE MURDER Osaka,Japan 1989 120mins AUD VG
BLUE MURDER Mirage/Minneapolis,Minnesota 5/15/94 65mins AUD VG
BLUE MURDER promo videos(Valley Of The Kings,Jelly Roll,We All Fall Down)1994 15mins TV VG
BLUE MURDER T.A Verns/Milwaukee,Wisconsin 5/14/94 85mins AUD EX
BLUE MURDER w John Sykes/Japan tv+Los Angeles,California 1995 90mins PRO EX
BOBNOXIOUS w Bob Reid ex-Razor/Gravity Club London,Ontario 9/6/03 60mins AUD EX+
BOBNOXIOUS London,Ontario 1/26/04 45mins AUD EX+
BOBNOXIOUS Toronto Show/live performance 2004 10mins TV/PRO EX+
BOLT THROWER Corona,California 1994 50mins AUD VG
BOLT THROWER Mind Melt interview 1994 15mins AUD VG
BONFIRE Muenchen,Germany 1987 20mins PRO VG+
BONFIRE promo videos(Sleeping All Alone,Sweet Obsession,Sword And Stone)1987-89 15mins TV/PRO EX+
BONFIRE Bonfire Home Video/live,promo videos+behind the scenes 1993 70mins PRO EX
BONFIRE Wacken Open Air Festival/Germany 1998 45mins AUD EX
BONHAM St.Petersburg,Florida 11/3/89 25mins AUD EX
BON JOVI Slippery When Wet/promo videos(You Give Love A Bad Name,Livin On A Prayer,Wanted Dead Or Alive,Never Say Goodbye,Wild In The Streets)1987 45mins MAS/PRO EX+
BON JOVI New Jersey/promo videos(Bad Medicine,Born To Be My Baby,Ill Be There For You,Lay Your Hands On Me,Living In Sin,Blood On Blood)1989 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
BON JOVI Mtv Music Awards/Livin On A Prayer,Wanted Dead Or Alive(unplugged acoustic)1989 10mins TV EX
BREAKIN METAL Camden Palace+Marquee Club live compilation/Thor,Rock Goddess,Wrathchild,Lords of the New Church,Sledgehammer,Lee Aaron,Nazareth,Dianno,Magnum 1985 60mins PRO EX+
BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION w Tracii Guns and Nikki Sixx/I Dont Care promo 2004 5mins MAS/TV EX+
BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION Late Show With Craig Killborn/I Dont Care live w Tracii Guns and Nikki Sixx 3/15/04 5mins MAS/TV EX+
BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION Thunderdome/Baltimore,Maryland Honeymoon From Hell Tour 5/3/04 80mins AUD EX+
BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION Starland Ballroom/Sayreville,NJ Honeymoon From Hell Tour 5/8/04 80mins AUD EX+
BRITISH STEEL Home Video/Mt.Tabor Theater Portland,Oregon(special appearance by Ripper Owens)1998 45mins PRO EX
BRITNY FOX Empire Rock Club/Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 7/3/88 75mins AUD GD
BRITNY FOX Palumbo Center/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 40mins 3/30/89 AUD EX
BRITNY FOX Year Of The Fox/videos+interviews 1989 25mins PRO EX+
BRITNY FOX The Trocadero/Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 3/11/90 75mins AUD GD
BRITNY FOX St.Louis,Missouri/Bite Down Hard Tour w Tommy Paris 1991 70mins AUD EX
BRITNY FOX Pittston,Pennsylvania 4/9/00 80mins AUD VG
BRUTALLY BEATEN Halftime Lounge/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 4/1/05 30mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
BUCKCHERRY Hard Rock Live/New York 2000 20mins MAS/TV EX+
BUCKCHERRY VH1 The List/Alone+Lit up live 2000 10mins MAS/TV EX+
BUCKETHEAD Transmission Theater/San Fransisco,California 12/12/97 75mins AUD VG+
BUCKETHEAD Hotel Utah/San Fransisco,California 1998 60mins AUD VG+
BUCKETHEAD Los Angeles,California 1998 60mins AUD VG+
BUCKETHEAD Live Home Video 1998 60mins PRO EX
BUCKETHEAD Binge VI Home Video/various live performances 1998 60mins PRO EX
BULLDOZER Cinisella,Italy 1989 53mins AUD/DVD VG-
BULLET BOYS Philadelphia,Pa 6/9/89 45mins AUD GD
BULLET BOYS Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 3/28/89 30mins AUD EX-
BULLET BOYS Pigs in Mud/live+interviews 1991 40mins PRO EX+
BULLET BOYS San Diego,California 10/24/92 50mins AUD EX+
BULLET BOYS San Diego,California 10/23/93 50mins AUD EX+
BULLET BOYS Clearwater,Florida/Zaza tour 1993 30mins AUD GD+
BULLET BOYS Grafitti Club/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 5/5/95 75mins AUD EX
BULLET BOYS Lamour's/Brooklyn,New York 3/19/00 60mins AUD EX
BURNT OFFERING Chicago,Illinois 11/24/87 45mins AUD/DVD EX
CACOPHONY w Marty Friedman+Jason Becker/Los Angeles,California 1988(1st ever show)40mins AUD VG
CACOPHONY w Marty Friedman+Jason Becker/Japan tv special 1989 25mins TV/PRO VG+
CAGE Powermad Fest/Baltimore,Maryland 1999 55mins AUD EX+
CANADIEN SPEED METAL Solid Rok special w DBC,The Affected,Soothsayer,Groovy Aardvark/live+interviews 1985 5mins TV/PRO VG+

CANDLEMASS/D.A.M/DEATH ANGEL Hammersmith Odeon/London,England 10/4/89 90mins MAS/PRO EX+
CANDLEMASS Dynamo Club/Eindhoven,Holland 10/17/89 100mins AUD/DVD EX+
CANDLEMASS Top Gear/live+interview 1990 15mins TV/PRO EX
CANDLEMASS Long Island,New York 1/12/91 60mins AUD VG+
CANDLEMASS Stockholm,Sweden 4/23/93 60mins AUD VG+
CANDLEMASS Documents Of Doom DVD/Fryshuset 1990 concert,rare live footage+interviews spanning the bands career 1987-2002 2003 160mins MAS/2DVD EX+
CANDLEMASS The Curse Of Candlemass Live In Stockholm 2003 DVD/Stockholm,Sweden 11/03 2005 90mins MAS/DVD EX+
CANNIBAL CORPSE Live Cannibalism/Rave Milwaukee,Wisconsin 2/16/00 65mins MAS/PRO EX+
CARNIVORE w Peter Steele L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 12/19/86 30mins AUD VG
CARNIVORE w Peter Steele/Brooklyn,New York 1990 70mins AUD EX
CARNIVORE w Peter Steele/Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/26/96 40mins AUD VG-
CARR ERIC Tale of the Fox/rare live Kiss performances + interviews 1999 85mins PRO EX
CATS IN BOOTS promo videos(Her Monkey,Shotgun Sally)1990 10mins TV EX
CELESTIAL SEASON promo videos(Decamerone,Solar Child) 10min TV VG+
CELTIC FROST Grabenhalle/St.Gallen,Switzerland 5/17/85(1st ever show)60mins AUD GD
CELTIC FROST San Antonio,Texas 6/20/86 50mins AUD VG+
CELTIC FROST Detroit,Michigan 12/6/86 35mins AUD GD
CELTIC FROST Hammersmith,Odeon 3/3/89 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
CELTIC FROST Wacken Open Air Fest/Schleswig-Holstein,Germany 8/4/06 50mins PRO/DVD EX+
CELTIC FROST Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 10/24/06 85mins AUD/DVD EX
CHARIOT Sky Trac interview+promo video 1986 10mins TV EX
CHILDREN OF BODOM Mtv Headbangers Ball/interview w Alexi Laiho and Janne Warman+promo 10/16/04 10mins MAS/TV EX+
CHROMING ROSE Bang Up Rock/Japan tv special 1995 20mins TV EX

CINDERELLA Empire Rock Club/Philadelphia,Pa 1986 70mins AUD GD+
CINDERELLA Montreal,Canada 1986 45mins AUD VG+
CINDERELLA Hilton/Ames,Iowa 1986 40mins AUD EX
CINDERELLA Shakes Japan/Tokyo,Japan 1987 70mins PRO VG
CINDERELLA Night Songs/promo videos+live(Somebody Save Me,Shake Me,Nobody's Fool,Once Around The Ride,Night Songs,Push Push)1987 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
CINDERELLA Mtv Headbangers Ball compilation/hosting,promo videos+interviews 1987-1991 60mins TV/PRO VG
CINDERELLA Spectrum/Philadelphia,Pa + jam w Bullet Boys and Winger 4/26/89 110mins AUD GD-
CINDERELLA Moscow,Russia 1989 30mins PRO VG+
CINDERELLA Tales from the gypsy road/videos,live+interviews 1990 60mins PRO EX
CINDERELLA Heartbreak Station/promo videos,interviews+making of the video 1991 25mins PRO EX
CINDERELLA Tampa Bay,Florida 6/13/91 80mins AUD EX
CINDERELLA Palace/Auburn Hills,Michigan 5/3/91 65mins AUD EX
CINDERELLA Much Music special/live,promo videos+interviews 1995 20mins TV EX+
CINDERELLA Ziggys/Winston Salem,North Carolina 12/4/98 90mins AUD EX+
CINDERELLA Sauget,Illinois 1998 90mins AUD EX
CINDERELLA Gilford,New Hampshire/Power to the People Tour 7/7/00 65mins AUD VG+
CINDERELLA Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio/Power to the People Tour 6/30/00 65mins AUD EX+
CINDERELLA Greensboro,North Carolina 9/1/00 65mins AUD EX
CIRCUS CIRCUS Pre W.A.S.P/Los Angeles,California 1982 45mins AUD VG(jumpy picture)
CLASH OF TITANS Hard n Heavy special w Slayer,Megadeth and Anthrax/interviews+live 1990 10mins PRO EX
CLIFF BURTON Pre Metallica/Agents Of Misfortune in battle of the bands/interview+live 1982 15mins AUD VG
CLOVEN HOOF Keep It True Festival/Lauda Königshofen,Ger many 4/10/04 61mins AUD/DVD EX+
COAL CHAMBER Minneapolis,Minnesota 9/29/97 40mins AUD VG+
COAL CHAMBER Astoria Theater/London,England 12/15/97 60min AUD VG+
COFFIN TEXTS Palladium/Worchester,Massachusetts 4/16/00 40mins AUD EX+
COMBAT TOUR Studio 54/New York City(Venom,Slayer,Exodus)4/3/85 60mins PRO EX-
CONCEPTION Kopervik,Norway 4/26/97 110mins AUD VG+
CONEY HATCH promo videos(Fantasy,First Time For Everything,Shake It,Devils Deck)1985 20mins PRO EX
CONTRABAND promo videos(Loud Guitars,All The Way To Memphis)1991 10mins TV EX
CORONER No More Color Tour/East Berlin,Germany 1989 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Norwalk,Conneticut 1987 45mins AUD VG
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Wichita,Kansas 1/27/97 70mins AUD VG+
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Moline,Illinois 1997 40mins AUD EX
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Chicago,Illinois 1997 40mins AUD EX
CRADLE OF FILTH Milwaukee Metal Fest/Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/26/97 50mins AUD VG
CRADLE OF FILTH Rotterdam,Holland 1998 85mins AUD VG
CRADLE OF FILTH PanDaemonAeon/uncensored promo videos+live footage from London Astoria 6/5/98 65mins MAS/VHS EX+
CRADLE OF FILTH Mtv Headbangers Ball/interview+Nymphetamine promo 11/6/04 20mins MAS/TV EX+
CRIME OF VISUAL SHOCK Taboo Rock n Roll bands of Japan(Sisters No Future,Gargoyle,X-Japan)1992 90mins PRO EX
CRIMSON GLORY Compilation(promo videos,interviews+awards)1989 20mins PRO/AUD GD
CRIMSON GLORY The Nova Club/Holland 1989 75mins AUD VG+
CRISIS CBGB's/New York City 8/21/97 45mins AUD EX+
CRISS PETER Phil Donahue Show/celebrity imposter Star tabloid lawsuit 1991 35mins TV EX
CROSSFIRE Shockwaves Home Video/Video Second Attack 1985 10mins PRO EX+
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Long Beach,California 9/8/86 25mins AUD GD+
THE CULT Pure Cult/For Rockers,Ravers,Lovers and Sinners,The Videos 100mins PRO EX
THE CULT Argentina+Italy 1991 100mins PRO GD/GD+
THE CULT VH1 Rock Show/interview+promo video 7/8/01 10mins MAS/TV EX+
THE CULT VH1 Rock Show/interviews+promo videos 7/20/01 25mins MAS/TV EX+
THE CULT VH1 Behind The Music/history,live+interviews 1/20/02 45mins MAS/TV EX+
CYANIDE Geneve,Switzerland 5/30/87 40mins AUD VG+
CYCLONE Rotterdam,Holland 11/28/87 15mins AUD VG