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UDO Germany 1987 25mins PRO GD
UDO Dortmund,Germany 1988 50mins AUD EX-
UDO Giants Of Rock/Anvenisto Hameenlinna,Finland 7/6/91 TV/PRO EX+
UDO Giants of Rock/Helsinki,Finland 1994 60mins PRO VG+
UDO Webster Center/Hartford,Conneticut 6/3/00 70mins AUD EX
UDO Jaxx/Springfield,Virginia 6/17/00 75mins AUD EX+
UDO Jaxx/Springfield,Virginia 10/26/00 75mins AUD EX+
UDO L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 10/27/00 85mins AUD EX+
UDO Village Pub/Port Jefferson,New York 6/2/00 35mins AUD EX+
U.F.O Misdemeanor Tour/London,England 1985 2000 60mins MAS/DVD EX+
U.F.O Chicago,Illinois/reunion tour with Schenker 1995 95mins AUD GD+
U.F.O Too Hot to Handle/live,promos+rare interviews 98mins PRO EX+
U.F.O Misdemeanor Tour/London,England 1985 2000 60mins MAS/DVD EX+
UGLY KID JOE Much Music Power 30/promos+interview 1992 20mins TV/PRO EX-
ULTIMATE REVENGE II (Forbidden,Faith or Fear,Death,Dark Angel,Raven)1989 95mins PRO EX+
UNION w Bruce Kulick and John Corabi/Banana Joes,Pittsburgh Pa 2000 70mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
US FESTIVAL 1983(Quiet Riot,Ozzy,Judas Priest,Triumph,Scorpions,Van Halen) 100mins PRO VG
USURPER Bat Cave/New York City 11/14/97 35mins AUD VG+
VACANT GRAVE St.louis,Missouri 1991 50mins AUD VG+
VAI STEVE Sunrise,Florida 7/21/01 60mins AUD EX+
VAIN San Fransisco,California 1988 70mins AUD GD
VAIN Mtv Headbangers Ball interview 1989 10mins TV FR
VAIN Jezebels/Anahiem,California 1989 30mins AUD VG
VAIN Hammersmith,England+backstage and jam w Motorhead/Skid Row 1989 60mins AUD EX
VAIN New Castle,England+backstage and soundcheck 1989 60mins AUD EX
VAIN Osaka,Japan 1990 95mins AUD VG
VAIN promo videos(Whos Watching You,Beat The Bullet)1990 10mins TV EX+
VAIN Peneoople Japan tv/Davy Vain and Danny West interview+Hollow and Spun,Voyerism live 1995 20mins TV EX+
VALENTINE SALOON promo videos(Smothered In Daisy,Mrs Jones)1992 10mins PRO EX+
VAN HALEN Fresno,California 1978(8mm) 30mins AUD/8MM FR
VAN HALEN Raraties/various live performances+promo videos 1979-84 80mins PRO VG/EX-
VAN HALEN US Festival/California 1983 120mins PRO VG
VAN HALEN Buenos Aires,Argentina 1983 90mins PRO VG-
VAN HALEN Montreal,Canada 1984 120mins AUD EX
VAN HALEN Dallas,Texas 1991 60mins AUD GD-
VAN HALEN Mtv Rockumentary/history,live+interviews 1991 30mins TV EX+
VAN HALEN Right here,Right now 1993 120mins PRO EX+
VAN HALEN Pensicola,Florida/Mtv Springbreak 1995 40mins TV/PRO GD
VANDENBERG Heading for a Storm/Tokyo,Japan 1986 90mins PRO EX+
VELVET REVOLVER Late Night with Conan O'Brien/Fall to Pieces live 12/2/04 7mins MAS/TV EX+
VENEFICUM Millvalle Industrial Theater/Pittsburgh,Pa 2000 35mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
VENGEANCE Live Konzert/German tv special 1987 25mins PRO EX
VENGEANCE Alabamahalle/Munich,Germany 1987 20mins PRO EX
VENGEANCE Live on the Pinkpop Festival 1989 15mins PRO EX

VENOM 7 Dates in Hell/Hammersmith,Odeon 1984 60mins PRO EX+
VENOM Live 84/Hammersmith Odeon London,England 6/1/84 60mins DVD/PRO EX
VENOM Video Nightmare/promo videos 1985 15mins PRO EX
VENOM Shockwaves Home Video/live Witching Hour,Blood Lust 1985 10mins PRO EX+
VENOM Metal Hammer Festival/Bochum,West Germany 9/18/85 10mins PRO VG
VENOM Live In London/Hammersmith Odeon London,England 10/8/85 60mins DVD/PRO EX+
VENOM promo videos(Bloodlust,Witching Hour,Die Hard,Welcome To Hell,7 Gates of Hell)1985-1990 25mins TV/PRO EX
VENOM Pasadena,California 1986 25mins AUD VG+
VENOM Osnabruk,Germany 9/24/90 45mins AUD EX
VENOM Second Comming/Dynamo Fest,Holland 1996 60mins PRO EX+
VICIOUS CYCLE Ozzie's Bar and Grill/Westview,Pennsylvania 6/30/03 60mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
VICIOUS RUMORS Mexico City,Mexico 9/25/83 65mins AUD EX
VICIOUS RUMORS The Marquee/London+backstage w King Diamond 1988 50mins AUD EX
VICIOUS RUMORS The First Ten Years 1995 75mins PRO VG+
VICIOUS RUMORS The Pound/San Fransisco,California 9/6/01 75mins AUD EX+
VICTORY promo videos(Cyberia,Deep Inside The World,Never Satisfied)1989 15mins TV/PRO EX
VINNIE MOORE Chicago,Illinois 1996 30mins AUD EX
VINCE NEIL Chicago,Illinois 1993 80mins AUD FR
VINCE NEIL Milwaukee,Wisconsin 1993 15mins AUD EX
VINCE NEIL Minneapolis,Minnesota/Carved in Stone Tour 1996 70mins AUD EX
VINCE NEIL Chicago,Illinois/Carved in Stone Tour 1996 80mins AUD EX
VINCE NEIL Louisville,Kentucky 4/30/01 60mins AUD EX
VINCE NEIL Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 5/11/01 60mins AUD EX
VINCE NEIL Frame Park/Waukesha,Wisconsin 7/26/01 55mins AUD EX+
VINCE NEIL The Unbutton/Hallendale,Florida(private show at Strip Club)12/10/01 45mins AUD EX+
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 11/22/86 65mins AUD GD-
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Lakeland,Florida Public tv/taking phone calls from fans 1986 15mins TV/PRO GD+
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Making Of Boyz Gonna Rock Video/interviews+behind the scenes 1986 70mins PRO VG
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Tv compilation/promo videos+interviews 1986-88 90mins TV/PRO GD-/GD
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Record store appearance/signing California 1987 6mins AUD EX
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION promo videos(Boyz Gonna Rock,That Time Of Year,Love Kills)1988 10mins TV VG+/EX
VINNIE VINCENT Rare promo clip 1974 PRO VG
VINNIE VINCENT Metal Tech/guitar instructional video 1988 60mins PRO EX+
VINNIE VINCENT Kiss Convention/Vinnie Vincent takes Q&A before Hotter then Hell show 1995 25mins AUD VG
VINNIE VINCENT Kiss Expo/Stockholm,Sweden 1995 20mins AUD VG+
VIO-LENCE Empire Rock Club/Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 7/20/88 45mins AUD VG
VIO-LENCE Axiom/Houston,Texas 1988 20mins AUD VG+
VIO-LENCE Thrash Of The Titans/Maritime Hall San Fransisco,California 8/11/01 65mins PRO/3CAM VG+
VIO-LENCE Thrash Of The Titans/Maritime Hall San Fransisco,California 8/11/01 60mins PRO VG-(2nd version)
VIO-LENCE Milwaukee,Wisconsin 7/27/02 mins AUD EX
VIO-LENCE San Fransisco,California 4/19/02(final show) 65mins PRO/DVD EX+ VIRGIN STEELE New York City,New York 3/24/84 50mins AUD EX-
VIRGIN STEELE Tale of the Snakeskin Voodoo Man/promo videos+interviews 1993 25mins PRO EX+
VIRGIN STEELE Manhiem,Germany 1995 20mins AUD VG
VIRGIN STEELE Biella,Italy 1998 110mins AUD EX
VIRTUAL DREAM Quebec City,Canada(King Diamond/Fate tribute band)1/97 122mins AUD EX-
VIXEN Funky Tomato Japan tv special/live+interviews 1988 20mins TV/PRO EX
VIXEN Buffalo,New York 1988 30mins AUD VG
VIXEN Daytona Beach,Florida 1989 15mins PRO EX
VIXEN Rev It Up/promo videos+interviews 1990 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
VIXEN Music Hall/Koln,Germany 1991 60mins PRO EX
VIXEN VH1 Bands Reunited/original lineup gets back together for one time gig in California 2005 45mins MAS/TV EX+
VOIVOD Fenders/Long Beach,California 1986 30mins AUD EX
VOIVOD promo videos(Ravenous Medicine,Astronomy Domine,Clouds In My House)1989 10mins TV EX
VOIVOD Headbangers Ball interview with Dennis Belanger and Michel Langevin 1989 10mins TV EX
VOIVOD DVOD1 DVD/rare live and studio performances+promo videos 1983-91 2005 80mins MAS/DVD EX+
VULCANO Thrash Fest/Brazil 1986 40mins AUD VG-
WAR BABIES promo videos(Hang Me Up,Blue Tomorrow)1992 10mins TV VG
WAR BABIES Much Music Power 30/promos+interview w Tom McMullen and Brad Sinsel 1992 10mins TV/PRO EX

WARLOCK Frankfurt,Germany 12/19/85 80mins AUD EX
WARLOCK Miami,Florida 1988 10mins AUD VG+
WARLOCK Brooklyn,New York 1988 35mins AUD VG+
WARLOCK promo videos(Hell Bound,Evil)1986 10mins PRO EX+
WARLOCK promo videos(All We Are,Fur Immur,Fight For Rock)1988 15mins TV EX
WARLOCK Camden Palace/London,England 1990 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
WARLORD The Cannons of Destruction 1984 40min PRO VG
WARLORD w members of Hammerfall/Itzehoe,Germany 7/31/02 65mins AUD/DVD EX
WARNING PARENTAL ADVISORY VH1 Movie starring Dee Snider/story of P.M.R.C vs record industry censorship 4/24/02 90mins MAS/TV EX+
WARRANT(GER) Headbangers Open Air/Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany 9/7/05 55mins AUD/DVD EX+
WARRANT Gazzaris/Los Angeles,California 1987 50mins AUD GD
WARRANT Dirty Rotten,Filthy Stinking Rich Live 1990 50mins PRO EX+
WARRANT Cherry Pie Quality You Can Taste/live,promo videos+interviews 1991 45mins PRO EX+
WARRANT Cajondome/Layfayette,Louisiana PPV special 1991 100mins TV/PRO EX
WARRANT Tokyo,Japan 1991 60mins PRO GD
WARRANT Monsters of Rock/Italy 1992 30mins PRO VG
WARRANT Family Picnic rare promo/video promoting help against child abuse 1996 5mins PRO EX+
WARRANT Crystal,Minnesota 1996 75mins AUD VG
WARRANT San Antonio,Texas 1997 40mins AUD EX
WARRANT Springfield,Illinois/Rock Never Stops Tour 1998 30mins AUD EX
WARRANT Medina,Minnesota 1999 65mins AUD EX
WARRANT Slices/various rare live performances+interviews 1987-99 35mins PRO/AUD EX
WARRANT WAPL 105.7 X-Mas Party/Appleton,Wisconsin 12/15/01 20mins AUD VG+
WARRIOR Live UK-TV+Fighting for the earth promo 1985 15mins TV/PRO EX
WARRIOR SOUL 3 Ungoverned Videos(The Wasteland,The Losers,Downtown)1991 20mins PRO EX+
WARRIOR SOUL Much Music Power 30/live,promos+interview w Kory Clarke 1993 15mins TV/PRO EX

W.A.S.P Dorbadall,Germany 1984 15mins PRO VG+
W.A.S.P Los Angeles,California 1984 20mins PRO GD
W.A.S.P Indianapolis,Indiana 1985 50mins AUD EX
W.A.S.P Live At The Lyceum/London,England 10/24/84 30mins MAS/VHS EX+
W.A.S.P London/Live at the Lycieum(uncut version)1985 60mins PRO EX
W.A.S.P Montreal,Canada 1986 50mins AUD VG
W.A.S.P Town and Country/London 1986 40mins PRO VG
W.A.S.P Toronto,Canada 1987 80mins AUD VG
W.A.S.P Dungeon Master out-takes+Mtv interviews 1988 20mins TV/PRO EX+
W.A.S.P Mtv Headbangers Ball interview w Blackie Lawless 1989 15mins TV EX+
W.A.S.P Concert Hall/Toronto,Canada Headless Children Tour 7/24/89 80mins AUD EX
W.A.S.P Tower Theatre/Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 7/28/89 60mins AUD EX
W.A.S.P Videos in the Raw/promo videos+history 1985-90 60mins PRO EX+
W.A.S.P Milan,Italy/Crimson Idol Tour 1992 80mins AUD EX-
W.A.S.P Columbus,Ohio/Crimson Idol Tour 1992 80mins AUD VG
W.A.S.P Compilation/unplugged,promo videos+interviews 1989-92 90mins PRO VG+/VG-
W.A.S.P Montreal,Quebec/Crimson Idol Tour 9/6/92 70mins AUD EX
W.A.S.P La Brique/Montreal,Quebec Crimson Idol Tour 9/7/92 75mins AUD EX+
W.A.S.P Monsters of Rock Mtv Special/Donnington,England+interviews w Blackie Lawless 1992 25mins PRO EX+
W.A.S.P Monsters Of Rock/Donnington,England 8/22/92 50mins TV/PRO VG+
W.A.S.P Much Music special/videos+interviews 1993 20mins TV EX+
W.A.S.P Milan,Italy+German tv/K.F.D Tour 1997 110mins AUD/TV EX/EX-
W.A.S.P Secaucus,New Jersey 1997 60mins AUD VG-
W.A.S.P Viva tv special/live+interviews 1998 25mins TV VG
W.A.S.P Scranton,Pennsylvania 3/2/00 65mins AUD EX+
W.A.S.P Canyon Club/Dallas,Texas 3/31/00 65mins AUD VG
W.A.S.P Columbus,Ohio 3/12/00 70mins AUD VG
W.A.S.P VH1 Indecent Exposure/brief history+interview 2000 2mins MAS/TV EX+
W.A.S.P Pops/Sauget,Illinois 3/18/00 10mins AUD EX 10mins PRO EX+
W.A.S.P Gods Of Metal/Milano,Italy 6/9/01 60mins AUD/DVD EX
W.A.S.P Club Orbit/Boynton Beach,Florida Unholy Terror Tour 8/22/01 55mins AUD EX
W.A.S.P Charlotte,North Carolina/Unholy Terror Tour 08/28/01 60mins AUD EX
WATCHTOWER Corpus Christi,Texas 1988 50mins AUD VG+
WATCHTOWER Axiom/Houston,Texas 1989 45mins AUD VG+
WATCHTOWER L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 12/22/89 AUD VG+
WATCHTOWER Jason McMaster interview/Brooklyn,New York 1996 20mins AUD EX+
WAYSTED E.C.T 1985 10mins TV/PRO EX
WENDY O WILLIAMS Camden Palace/London,England 1985 60mins PRO EX
WENDY O WILLIAMS VH1 Indecent Exposure/brief history+interviews 2000 5mins MAS/TV EX+
WHITE HEAT Kannapolis,North Carolina(Pre Firehouse)1989 80mins AUD EX
WHITE LION Live at the Ritz/New York City 1988 60mins TV/PRO VG
WHITE LION promo video(Tell Me,Wait,Radar Love)1988-90 15mins TV EX
WHITE LION Escape From New York/live,interviews+behind the scenes 1991 80mins PRO EX
WHITESNAKE Fourplay 1983 50mins PRO EX+
WHITESNAKE Trilogy(Still Of The Night,Here I go Again,Is This Love)1987 22mins PRO EX+
WHITESNAKE Buffalo,New York 1987 90mins AUD EX
WHITESNAKE Tokyo,Japan 1997(acoustic unplugged)40mins PRO EX
WHITESNAKE Montreal,Quebec 2003 65mins AUD/DVD EX+
WHITE WITCH Hard Rock Cafe/Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 5/19/06 60mins MAS/HI-8 EX+

WHITE ZOMBIE Cincinatti,Ohio+interview 1992 35mins PRO/2CAM VG+
WHITE ZOMBIE The Palace/San Fransisco,California 6/29/93 30mins AUD VG+
WHITE ZOMBIE Mtv Haunted House Party w Primus/live+interviews 1993 25mins TV/PRO EX
WHITE ZOMBIE Norwalk,CT 1993 60mins AUD EX
WHITE ZOMBIE Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 1993 60mins AUD VG-
WHITE ZOMBIE Bizzare Fest/Koln,Germany 8/19/95 25mins TV/PRO EX+
WHITE ZOMBIE Peoria,Illinois 5/16/95 75mins AUD EX
WHITE ZOMBIE David Letterman Show/More Human Than Human live 1995 5mins TV/PRO VG+
WHITE ZOMBIE Much Music Canadien tv special/interview w Rob Zombe and Jay Noel Yuenger 1995 10mins TV/PRO EX-
WHITE ZOMBIE San Jose,California 1995 70mins AUD GD
WHITE ZOMBIE Rio de Janero,Brazil 1996 60mins PRO VG
WHITE ZOMBIE Much Music Spotlight/promo videos,interviews+live tv appearances 1992-2000 50mins TV/PRO EX
WHITE ZOMBIE Compilation/live,interviews+promo videos 1992-2000 100mins TV/PRO VG/EX
WICKED MARAYA Limelight/New York 1992 30mins AUD GD+
WIDOW Pittsburgh Heavy Metal Harvest Fest/Carnegie,Pennsylvania 11/25/05 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
WIDOWMAKER w Dee Snider/Levitown,New York 1993 70mins AUD GD+
WIDOWMAKER Mtv Headbangers Ball interview 1994 10mins TV EX
WILDSIDE Columbus,Ohio 1993 60mins AUD VG-
WILDSIDE Milwaukee,Wisconsin 1993 80mins AUD GD+
WINGER Mtv Basement/live+interview 1989 10mins TV EX
WINGER Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 3/28/89 45mins AUD EX-
WINGER In the Heart of the Young Vol I/live,promo videos+interviews 1990 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
WINGER In the Heart of the Young Vol II/live,promo videos+interviews 1990 30mins MAS/PRO EX+
WINGER Tokyo,Japan 1991 30mins PRO GD
WINGER Mtv unplugged w Slaughter 1991 25mins TV EX+
WINGER Toronto,Canada 10/9/93 80mins AUD EX
WINGER Making of Pull/live,studio+promo videos 1993 45mins PRO EX+
WINGER VH1 The List Hair Band special/Kip Winger special guest 2000 20mins TV EX+
WINGER PCNC Night Talk interview w Reb Beach 9/25/02 25mins TV/PRO EX+
WITCHERY Montreal,Canada 1999 25mins AUD EX+
WITCHERY Worchester,Massachusetts 1999 35mins AUD EX+
WOLFSBANE promo videos(I Like It Hot,Manhunt)1989 10mins TV/PRO EX+
WRATH promo videos(Insane Society,Test Of Faith)1992 10mins TV EX
WRATHCHILD Camden Palace/London 1984 60mins PRO EX
WRATHCHILD AMERICA Rockin D.C special 1988 25mins TV/PRO VG
WRATHCHILD AMERICA promo videos(Surrounded By Idiots,Spy,Climbin The Walls)1990 15mins TV VG
WYYKED WYTCH Culture Room/Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 6/14/01 35mins AUD EX+
X JAPAN Tokyo Dome/Tokyo,Japan 1992 120mins PRO EX
XCITER w George Lynch and Mick Brown(Pre-Dokken)1980 65mins AUD VG+
XENTRIX For Who's Advantage promo 1990 5mins PRO EX
XYZ Playboy Hot Rocks/videos+interview 1990 10mins PRO VG+
XYZ Compilation/Mtv Headbangers Ball,Much Music Power Hour+Los Angeles,CA 1991-92 35mins TV/PRO EX
XYZ promo videos(Inside Out,What Keeps Me Loving You,Face Down In The Gutter)1992 15mins TV EX
Y & T San Francisco,California 1985 60mins PRO EX+
Y & T Kansas City,Missouri/Contagious Tour 1987 60mins PRO VG
Y&T Summertime Girls and All American Boys/promo videos+rare interview footage 1987 30mins MAS/VHS EX+
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Tokyo,Japan 1985 85mins PRO EX+
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN The Collection/live+promo videos 1984-90 70mins PRO EX+
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Much Music Power 30/promos+interview w Yngwie Malmsteen 1990 15mins TV/PRO EX
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Much Music Power Hour/live,promos+interview w Yngwie Malmsteen 1992 10mins TV/PRO EX
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN A Tribute To Leo Fender/Japan tv special 1993 30mins TV/PRO EX
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Live at Budokan/Japan 1994 110mins PRO EX+
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Minneapolis,Minnesota 1994 120mins AUD EX
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Miami news clips/Yngwie arrested in hostage standoff 1995 10mins TV EX+
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN MTV Rocks/Japan tv special 1996 40mins TV/PRO EX
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Rio de Janero,Brazil 1998 80mins PRO EX+
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Home Video/at home,in studio,with wife,interviews,etc 1998 120mins AUD EX
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Harpo's/Detroit,Michigan 12/2/00 50mins AUD EX
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Boynton Beach,Florida 3/20/01 80mins AUD EX-(obstructions)
ZAKK WYLDE Novi,Michigan/outdoor concert + Q/A with fans 1993 90mins AUD EX
ZAKK WYLDE Milan,Italy 1994 30mins PRO GD
ZAKK WYLDE Compilation/live,promo videos+interviews 1994-96 30mins TV/PRO VG
ZAKK WYLDE Milwaukee,Wisconsin/Book of Shadows Tour 1996 30mins AUD EX
ZAKK WYLDE Japan tv special 1997 30mins TV VG
ZAKK WYLDE Best Damn Sports Show Period 11/28/02 5mins MAS/TV EX+
ZAKK WYLDE ESPN NHL 2Night hosting Plays of the Week 12/15/02 5mins MAS/TV EX+
ZEBRA Rock n Roll Tonight special/New York 1983 30mins PRO VG+
ZEBRA The Summit/Houston,Texas 1983+promo videos 75mins PRO EX+
ZEBRA Club Cabaret/Brooklyn,New York 1984 70mins AUD VG
ZEBRA promo videos(Tell Me What You Want,Wait Until The Summers Gone)1986 10mins TV VG
ZNOWHITE Blondie's/Detroit,Michigan 5/15/88 45mins AUD GD+
ZNO WHITE Norwalk,Connecticut 1988 20mins AUD EX
ZODIAC MINDWARP promo videos(Prime Mover,Backseat Education)1989 10mins TV EX