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QUEEN Wembley Stadium/England 1986 75mins PRO EX+
QUEENSRYCHE Tokyo,Japan 1985 50mins PRO EX
QUEENSRYCHE Detroit,Michigan 1986 45mins AUD VG+
QUEENSRYCHE Syracuse,New York 1991 120mins AUD EX
QUEENSRYCHE Video Mindcrime/promo videos 1989 45mins MAS/VHS EX+
QUEENSRYCHE Building Empires/promo videos,live performances+interviews 1992 100mins MAS/VHS EX+
QUEENSRYCHE Much Music Power 30 special/interview+promos 1995 20mins TV/PRO EX-
QUEENSRYCHE Brown County Arena/Green Bay,Wisconsin 1995 135mins AUD EX
QUEENSRYCHE Beacon Theater,New York/Q2K Tour 1999 110mins AUD EX
QUEENSRYCHE VH1 Rock Show interview w Geoff Tate 2000 15mins MAS/TV EX+
QUEENSRYCHE VH1 Rock Show Brave New World Tour special hosted by Rob Halford/live,promo videos+interviews w Queensryche,Iron Maiden and Halford 2000 45mins TV EX
QUEENSRYCHE Madison Square Garden/New York City 8/5/00 45mins AUD EX+
QUEENSRYCHE Cumberland County Civic Center/Portland,Maine 8/9/00 50mins AUD EX+

QUIET RIOT w Randy Rhodes/California 1978 15mins AUD VG-
QUIET RIOT Rock Pop Fest/Dortmund,Germany 1983 30mins PRO/DVD EX+
QUIET RIOT Bang thy Head/promo videos+interviews 1986 25mins PRO EX+
QUIET RIOT w Paul Shortino/Tokyo,Japan 1989 50mins PRO VG+
QUIET RIOT Rick Dee's Into the Night 1991 10mins TV EX
QUIET RIOT Metal Masters interview w Debrow and Cavaso 1993 10mins TV EX
QUIET RIOT Houston,Texas/Down to the Bone Tour 3/11/95 75mins AUD VG
QUIET RIOT Silverwood,Michigan 1997 90mins AUD EX
QUIET RIOT The Gallery/Glen Carbon,Illinois 9/13/97 90mins AUD EX
QUIET RIOT Detroit,Michigan 1998 60mins AUD EX
QUIET RIOT Springfield,Illinois/Rock Never Stops Tour 1998 50mins AUD EX
QUIET RIOT VH1 Behind the Music special/history+interviews 1999 50mins MAS/TV EX+
QUIET RIOT Sunrise,Florida/Rock Never Stops Tour 1999 30mins AUD EX+
QUIET RIOT Minneapolis,Minnesota/Rock Never Stops Tour 1999 40mins AUD EX+
QUIET RIOT Daytime Show/Vancouver,B.C(unplugged acoustic)1999 20mins TV EX+
QUIET RIOT Visalia,California 9/4/99 35mins AUD EX
QUIET RIOT Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 3/2/00 75mins AUD EX+
QUIET RIOT Detroit,Michigan 4/1/00 85mins AUD EX+
QUIET RIOT Banana Joe's/Pittsburgh,PA 5/10/00 75mins AUD EX+
RACER X The Country Club/Los Angeles,California 1986 40mins AUD VG
RACER X The Troubadour/Los Angeles,California 1986 50mins AUD GD
RACER X The Omni/San Fransisco,California 1988 65mins PRO VG+
RACER X Japan tv special/live+interviews 1988 15mins TV/PRO GD
RAGE The Video Link 1995 60mins PRO EX-
RAGE Rockpalast/Koln,Germany w Lingua Mortis Orchestra 5/7/98 110mins PRO VG+
RAINBOW w Dio/Munich,Germany 1977 100mins PRO VG
RANDY RHODES Compilation(w Ozzy The Palladium,N.Y 1981/The Rosemont,Chicago 1982/After Hours+various live performances with Quiet Riot)1978-82 120mins PRO/AUD/8MM GD/VG
RATT Pasadena,California 6/17/83 45mins AUD/DVD VG+
RATT Tokyo,Japan/Pre-Invasion Tour 1984 45mins AUD GD
RATT Rock Palace/Hollywood,California 1984 15mins PRO EX
RATT The Video(Round And Round,Back For More,Wanted Man,You Think Youre Tough,Lay It Down)1985 40mins PRO EX+
RATT Tokyo,Japan 1989 90mins AUD VG-
RATT Tampa Bay,Florida 12/18/90 65mins AUD EX+
RATT Detonator/promo videos,interviews+behind the scenes 1991 35mins PRO EX+
RATT Osaka,Japan 1991 80mins AUD EX
RATT Mtv unplugged w Vixen 1991 20mins TV EX
RATT Las Vegas,Nevada/Detonator Tour(encores w Michael Schenker and Traci Guns)9/3/91 75mins AUD VG
RATT Whiskey/Hollywood,California 1991 65mins AUD/DVD EX
RATT The Vogue/Indianapolis,Indiana 1997 90mins AUD EX
RATT E-Center Ampitheatre/Camden,New Jersey 1999 60mins AUD VG
RATT Steven Pearcy special guest on VH1 The List 1999 20mins TV EX+
RATT Metropol Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 1999 85mins AUD EX
RATT w Jizzy Pearl/Phoenix,Arizona 7/23/00 60mins AUD EX
RATT VH1 Behind The Music special/history+interviews 5/11/06 45mins MAS/TV EX+
RATT N ROLL Club Mancini's/California w special guests Blotzer and D'martini(early Ratt tribute band)1998 65mins AUD EX

RAVEN London,England 1982 55mins AUD FR
RAVEN German tv/Chainsaw+Hard Ride live 1985 15mins TV/PRO GD+
RAVEN Philadelphia,Pa 1988 20mins PRO VG
RAVEN Electro Shock Therapy/European Tour 1991 70mins PRO GD
RAVEN Bang Up Rock/Japan tv special 1995 10mins TV VG
RAVEN Roxy Theater/Hollywood,California 1995 50mins AUD EX-
RAVEN Webster Center/Hartford,Conneticut 6/3/00 70mins AUD EX+
RAVEN Village Pub/Port Jefferson,New York 6/2/00 50mins AUD EX+
RAVEN Jaxx/Springfield,Virginia 6/17/00 AUD EX-
RAVEN Powermad Festival/Baltimore,Maryland 8/18/00 60mins AUD EX+
RAWHEAD Seattle,Washington 8/28/92 45mins AUD EX

RAZORWHITE Baton Rouge,Louisiana 1986 30mins AUD EX
RAZORWHITE New Orleans,Louisiana 7/13/89 95mins AUD EX
RE ANIMATOR Sheffield,England 7/1/89 40mins AUD/DVD VG+
REPULSION Flint,Michigan 1988 25mins AUD VG
REVEREND w Dave Wayne/promo video+interview 1990 10mins TV VG
RIGOR MORTIS St.Louis,Missouri 9/21/88 40mins AUD EX
RIOT My Fathers Place/Long Island,New York 1981 60mins AUD FR
RIOT Kobe International Hall/Kobe,Japan 1990 105mins AUD VG+
RIOT promo videos(Bloodstreets,Turn Your Head Around,Restless Breed,Born In America)1990 20mins TV VG/EX+
RIOT Mylos Club/Salonica,Greece 1998 75mins AUD VG
RIOT Club Citta/Kawasaki,Japan 1998 30mins PRO EX
RIP MAGAZINE PARTY w members of Metallica,Guns N Roses,Skid Row covering each others songs/Los Angeles,California 11/9/90 30mins AUD VG-
RIPPER Sherlock's/Erie,Pennsylvania 1998(Ripper Owens' cover band)35mins AUD VG

ROCKBITCH Bitch O'clock News/live+interviews 1993 45mins PRO EX
ROCKBITCH Bitchcraft/Amsterdam,Netherlands(x-rated)1997 85mins PRO EX
ROCKBITCH promo videos(Evelyn,Sex And The Devil)1998 15mins PRO EX
ROCK STAR Movie based on true life story of Tim"Ripper"Owens w Zakk Wylde,Jeff Pilson,Jason Bonham,etc 2001 110mins MAS/DVD EX+
ROSE TATTOO Musik Laden German tv special 1981 25mins TV/PRO EX
ROTH/HAGAR Howard Stern Show/interview w Sammy Hagar and Dave Lee Roth about touring together 7/17/02 20mins MAS/TV EX+
ROTH DAVE LEE Fast Forward interview 1982 20mins PRO VG+
ROTH DAVE LEE Cobo Hall/Detroit,Michigan 1986 110mins AUD EX-
ROTH DAVE LEE Video compilation/promo videos+interviews 1986 25mins PRO EX
ROTH DAVE LEE Washington,D.C 1999 60mins AUD EX
ROTH DAVE LEE MTV Euro special/Finland 1999 65mins TV/PRO GD
ROUGH CUTT Rock Palace/Hollywood,California 1984 20mins PRO VG
ROUGH CUTT Super Rock/Japan 1985 20mins PRO EX
ROUGH CUTT Mtv Metal Music interview 1986 10mins TV EX
ROUGH CUTT promo videos(Piece Of My Heart,Never Gonna Die)1987 10mins TV VG+
ROYAL HUNT Bang Up Rock/Japan tv special 1996 30mins TV EX
ROYAL HUNT Tokyo,Japan/Moving Target Tour 1996 120mins PRO EX+
ROYAL HUNT Paradox/Closing the Chapter 1998 65mins PRO EX+
ROXX GANG Hard n Heavy/promo video+interview 1990 10mins PRO EX
ROXX GANG Home Video/promo videos 1989 25mins PRO EX
ROXX GANG Philadelphia,Pa 5/7/89 65mins AUD VG
ROXX GANG Tampa Bay,Florida 1/6/89 50mins AUD EX+
ROXX GANG Tampa Bay,Florida 4/1/89 45mins AUD EX+
ROXX GANG promo videos(Time Bomb,Scratch My Back,No Easy Way Out,Hot For Love)1989-1993 25mins TV VG
ROXX GANG Tampa Bay,Florida 1996 90mins AUD EX-
ROXY BLUE Japan tv special/live,videos+interviews 1992 35mins TV VG+
ROXY BLUE St.louis,Missouri/Want Some Tour 1992 60mins AUD EX-
ROXY BLUE Memphis,Tennesee 1994 85mins AUD EX
RUNAWAYS w Joan Jett and Lita Ford/TV collection 1977-79 70mins PRO/TV VG
RUNNING WILD Death and Glory Tour/England 1989 45mins PRO EX
RUNNING WILD Prague,Czech Republic 1991(b&w)20mins AUD GD
RUNNING WILD Stuttgart/Germany 1998 15mins AUD EX
RUSH Toronto,Canada/Grace under Pressure Tour 1984 60mins PRO EX
RUSH Chronicles/The Video Collection 1990 65mins PRO EX+
SABBAT Heavy Sound Festival II/Germany 1988 15mins PRO/TV GD
SABBAT The End Of The Beginning/East Berlin,Germany 1989 60mins MAS/PRO EX+
SACRED BLADE Live in Canada 1986 20mins AUD GD

SACRED REICH Detroit,Michigan 8/8/89 55mins AUD EX
SACRED REICH St.Petersburg,Florida 1989 45mins AUD EX
SACRED REICH Compilation/promos+interview(Low,Crawling,Iendependent,The American Way)1989-93 TV/PRO EX
SACRED REICH Compilation/promo videos+interviews 1992-96 30mins TV VG
SACRED WARRIOR promo videos(He Died,Born To Die)1988 10mins PRO VG
SACRIFICE Compilation/promos+interview(Soldiers Of Misfortune,Re-Animation,As The World Burns,Flesh)1988-92 20mins TV/PRO EX
SACRIFICE Toronto,Canada 1989 70mins AUD EX
SACRIFICE Tampa Bay,Florida 11/29/91 30mins AUD VG+
SACRIFICE Backstreet/Montreal,Canada 10/31/92 70mins AUD/DVD EX+
SACRIFICE St.Ours,Quebec 6/13/93 50mins AUD EX+
SADUS Official Home Video/in studio+various live performances 1988 45mins AUD/PRO FR
SAIGON KICK Copenhagen,Denmark 1991 30mins AUD EX
SAIGON KICK L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 1992 90mins AUD VG
SAIGON KICK promo videos(Hostile Youth,Love Is On The Way)1994 10mins TV VG
SAIGON KICK Myrtle Beach,South Carolina 10/12/94 40mins AUD EX
SAINT VITUS Tallahassee,Florida 1993 100mins AUD EX
SAINT VITUS Landover,Maryland 1993 45mins AUD EX
SAMHAIN w Glenn Danzig/Chicago,Illinois 1985 55mins AUD FR
SAMSON w Bruce Dickinson/Biceps of Steel promo film 1979 15mins PRO EX+
SAMSON w Bruce Dickinson/Birmingham,England 1980 55mins PRO GD

SANCTUARY Mosh Tv/Essen,Germany 1988 25mins AUD EX-
SANCTUARY Detroit,Michigan 1990 30mins AUD EX-
SANCTUARY Philadelphia,Pa 1990 50mins AUD VG+
SANCTUARY Future Tense promo video 1990 TV/PRO EX
SARAYA promo videos(Back To The Bullet,Love Has Taken Its Toll)1990 10mins TV EX
SARAYA Poughkeespie,New York 1991 60mins AUD EX
SATAN Dynamo Open Air Festival/Eindhoven,Holland 9/7/86 35mins AUD/DVD EX
SATHANAS Lawrenceville Moose/Lawrenceville,Pennsylvania 4/20/07 40mins MAS/HI-8 EX+
SAVATAGE Lamour's/Brooklyn,New York 1985 45mins AUD VG+
SAVATAGE Extra Live/Tampa Bay PBS special 1986 20mins TV VG+
SAVATAGE hosting Mtv Headbangers Ball 1987 10mins TV GD+
SAVATAGE Harpo's/Detroit,Michigan 10/16/87 75mins AUD EX
SAVATAGE Munich,Germany 1990 20mins PRO FR
SAVATAGE Philadelphia,Pa 1990 90mins AUD EX
SAVATAGE Flint,Michigan 1990 40mins AUD GD
SAVATAGE Club Citta/Kawasaki,Japan 1994 95mins PRO VG
SAVATAGE Tampa Bay,Florida 1996 82mins AUD VG

SAVATAGE promo videos(Hall Of The Mountain King,Gutter Ballet,24 Hours Ago,Edge Of Thorns,Jesus Saves,Handful Of Rain,One Child) 30mins TV/PRO EX
SAVATAGE Mtv Headbangers Ball on the Road German tv special/live+interviews 1993 15mins TV EX
SAVATAGE Viva tv special 1997 30mins PRO EX
SAVATAGE Marietta,Georgia 1998 100mins AUD EX
SAVATAGE Cincinatti,Ohio 1998 110mins AUD EX
SAVATAGE Biella,Babylonia 11/6/98 115mins AUD/2CAM EX-
SAVATAGE Chicago,Illinois/live+interview w Jeff Plate and Jon Oliva 1998 20mins AUD EX
SAVATAGE Tinks/Scranton,Pennsylvania Poets and Madmen Tour 5/1/01 110mins AUD EX-
SAVATAGE Gods Of Metal/Milan,Italy Poets and Madmen Tour 6/9/01 60mins AUD EX
SAXON Strong Arm Of The Law/Denim And Leather promos 1980-81 30mins PRO VG
SAXON Beat Club/Germany 1981 25mins PRO EX
SAXON Nottingham,England 1983 55mins PRO GD-
SAXON Live Innocence/Madrid,Spain 1985 60mins PRO FR
SAXON Town and Country/London,England 1988 30mins PRO VG-
SAXON Power and the Glory Video Anthology 1983-88 60mins PRO EX
SAXON Greatest Hits Live/Nottingham,England 1990 100mins PRO VG
SAXON Brooklyn,New York/live+interview w Biff Byford and Paul Quinn 1996 25mins AUD EX+
SAXON Wacken Open Air Festival/Germany 8/8/99 90mins AUD VG+
SAXON L'amours/Brooklyn,New York 10/28/00 50mins AUD EX
SCATTERBRAIN promo videos(Big Fun,Fine Line,Dont Call Me Dude)1991 15mins TV EX
SCORPIONS Taken by Force/promo videos 1978 15mins PRO EX
SCORPIONS Rock Pop Fest/Dortmund,Germany 1983 30mins PRO/DVD EX+
SCORPIONS World Wide Live/Tokyo,Japan 1985 60mins PRO EX
SCORPIONS Rock in Rio/Rio,Brazil 1985 30mins PRO VG-
SCORPIONS First Sting(Rock You Like A Hurricane,No One Like You,Im Leaving You,Still Loving You)1985 18mins PRO EX+
SCORPIONS To Russia with Love 1988 45mins PRO EX
SCORPIONS West Palm Beach,Florida/Maximum Rock Tour 1999 90mins AUD EX
SCORPIONS Rushmore Plaza/Rapid City,San Diego 1999 90mins AUD VG-
SCORPIONS Concord,California/Maximum Rock Tour 8/4/99 85mins AUD EX
SCORPIONS C.C Rock TV/Cow Palace/San Fransisco,CA 9/30/00 30mins TV EX+
SCORPIONS Late Show With Dave Killborn/Rock You Like A Hurricane remix live 2000 5mins TV/PRO VG
SEBASTIAN BACH Mtv Music Awards interview+brawl with fans in Springfield,MO 1991 10mins TV EX+
SEBASTIAN BACH Pops/Sauget,Illinois 1998 120mins AUD VG
SEBASTIAN BACH Eide's Records/Pittsburgh,Pa(in-store autograph signing)2/8/00 30mins MAS/HI-8 EX+(not 4 trade)
SEBASTIAN BACH Grafitti Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 2/8/00 35mins MAS/HI-8 EX+(right balcony)
SEBASTIAN BACH Grafitti Club/Pittsburgh,Pa 2/8/00 85mins AUD EX+(left balcony)
SEBASTIAN BACH Ft.Lauderdale,Florida 4/25/00 100mins AUD EX+
SEBASTIAN BACH Conan O'brien Show/interview about starring in Jeckyl/Hyde on Broadway 10/23/00 10mins MAS/TV EX+
SEBASTIAN BACH Mtv All Stars/history,interviews+Jeckyl/Hyde show 10/24/00 10mins MAS/TV EX+
SEBASTIAN BACH Regis and Cathie Lee Show/live+interview 2000 10mins TV/PRO EX
SEBASTIAN BACH Mtv Cribs/inside Sebastian Bach's home in New Jersey 3/1/01 10mins MAS/TV EX+
SEBASTIAN BACH Webster Theater/Hartford,Connecticut 5/17/02 80mins AUD EX+
SEDUCE Ann Arbour,Michigan 9/28/88 45mins AUD VG+
SEDUCE Crash Landing promo 1988 5mins TV VG+
SEDUCE Reunion 2002 DVD/Emerald Ballroom Detroit,Michigan 9/5/02 80mins MAS/DVD EX+
SEPULTURA Germany 1991 90mins AUD EX
SEPULTURA Budapest,Hungary 6/17/91 25mins AUD/DVD EX+
SEVENDUST St.louis,Missouri 1997 50mins PRO VG+
SEVEN WITCHES Years Of The Witch DVD/various live performances & interviews+story of the witch 2006 120mins MAS/DVD EX+
SEVENTH ALLEY Tampa Bay,Florida(rare sleaze metal band)8/14/88 30mins AUD EX
SEX PISTOLS Jimmy Kimmel Live/interview w Johnny Rotten+EMI,Anarchy in U.K live 9/4/03 20mins MAS/TV EX+
S.F.H Full Moon Boogie Bash 1986 40mins AUD EX
S.F.H London,Ontario/Outdoor Bash 1987 35mins AUD EX
S.F.H Electric Banana/London,Ontario 6/93 60mins AUD EX
S.F.H Electric Banana/London,Ontario 7/93 60mins AUD EX
S.F.H Much Music Power 30/promo videos+interviews w ex Razor vocalist 1993 10mins TV EX+
S.F.H Princess Theater/Sault Ste Marie,Ontario 9/30/94 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Uncut Promo Reel/Wicked Man,Dancin Dead Bones,Morning Suicide,I Like To Rest,live+interviews 1994 30mins PRO EX
S.F.H Too Much For Too Much/interview+Q/A w Bob Reid over controversial Morning Suicide promo 1994 20mins TV/PRO VG+
S.F.H Bob Reid and Rich Ousterbosch interview 1994 15mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario 2/94 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario 4/94 20mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Gasworks/Toronto,Ontario 6/94 80mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Inside The Princess/Princess Theater,Sault Ste Marie 5/13/95 75mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario 6/95 30mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy Hotel/London,Ontario 1995 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Western Fairgounds/London,Ontario 10/95 25mins AUD EX+
S.F.H The Vault/London,Ontario(Canada Day)1995 45mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Live in Lambeth 1996 120mins AUD EX+
S.F.H London,Ontario 1996 80mins AUD EX
S.F.H Embassy Hotel/London,Ontario 9/3/96 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario FM96 Got Ya Covered CD Release Party 1996 110mins AUD EX+