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Last update: 02/17/01 09:26



4/29/00 Added Update Log section; sidebar graphics.  Redesigned banner.
4/30/00 Added four Links pages; sample Who's Who listing; banner manager for Featured Websites; four Elite Troops pages.
5/02/00 Added four maps to Map Room; photos to Religion and Logistics sections; free WebCounter hit counter; image-map on the Deployment page.
5/03/00 Added thumbnails to provincial cutouts of map on Deployment subpage.
10/03/00 Added weights and measures data on Logistics page; updated Praetorian Guard text.
10/15/00 Added Legio I Italica under Legion Histories; added Re-enactor image links.
10/18/00 Started work on Legiones I Germanica and I Augusta under Legion Lineages; added emperor images to Imperial Biographies page.
01/22/01 Hid pages which are not yet under construction; added link to Roman Army Talk discussion board, new banner logo; eliminated distracting left-hand border; tested and updated Re-Enactor Links.
01/31/01 Welcomed new Legions Editor, Sander van Dorst.  Restructured Legion Histories; now all legions of same series (I, II, etc.) will be listed on same page.  Un-hid Legion Evolution subsection.  Created new section, Roman Army Travelogue.  Moved the Deployment section for discussion of the distribution of Roman forces.  Improved the banner logo.
02/03/01 Created new section, Staff & Credits.  Made layout corrections to the Praetorians subpage.  Added Guestbook for visitor feedback.
02/08/01 Created new Sitemap.
02/09/01 Subdivided Bibliography section into By Author page, By Subject page (hidden), Abstracts of Articles (hidden), and Reviews of Books (hidden).
02/10/01 Added entries for A-B to By-Author Bibliography; created new Corona Award for outstanding websites.  For Spring season, Corona Award presented to 3 deserving websites.
02/11/01 Created Partner Websites page in place of our former Featured Websites; created News & Events section for current month's news, a calendar of events, and past months' news archive.
02/14/01 Went live at; Angelfire site will remain but not be updated.  The inactive address will be set to redirect to the .com site.
02/16/01 Added entries for C-D to the By-Author Bibliography.  New Abbreviations page created for Bibliography section.
02/17/01 Corona Awards Program expanded to include four categories of awards: Corona Graminea, Corona Civica, and Corona Aurea.  The Meritorious Website Award is created for websites which are excellent but ineligible for the Corona Awards.

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