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About Us

Jenny Cline

Webmaster / Editor-in-Chief
U.S. Army Captain, Heidelberg, Germany
     "I have many hobbies, but I am most passionate about Roman army studies.  Besides managing, I serve the Society of Ancient Military Historians as Editor of the Society's biennial newsletter, Res Militares.  I am a member of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies as well as the Institute of Classical Studies (University of London) and the Joint Association of Classical Teachers.  After I complete my Army service in Germany, I will leave the military to begin graduate school in the U.K."


[no photo available]

Sander Van Dorst

Co-Editor, The Legions
Computer Programmer, Leiden, The Netherlands
"From 1991 to 1998 I have studied ancient history at the University of Leiden, doing my thesis on the development of the use of weapons specialists within the legions in the Republican and Early Imperial armies.  Though I am currently employed as a programmer, my spare time is devoted to further study of the Roman army."


Credits & Thanks

The Roman Army Talk (RAT) Staff

Shiro (New York, USA) who moderates Off-Topic
Dave Mitchell (California, USA) who moderates Re-enactment and Reconstruction


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